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KaBOOM! Re-opening Playground Grants .KaBOOM! Re-opening Playground Grants What is A Playground Re-opening page 2
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KaBOOM! Re-opening Playground Grants .KaBOOM! Re-opening Playground Grants What is A Playground Re-opening

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  • KaBOOM! Re-opening Playground Grants

    What is A Playground Re-opening Grant?

    The Playground Re-opening Grant is designed to help communities impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and

    Irma to bring their playgrounds back to a state where they are fully functional and safe for kids in the

    community. The Playground Re-opening Grants intend to accelerate recovery efforts for hurricane-

    impacted communities and restore play for kids as quickly as possible.

    The Playground Re-opening Grant will provide up to $4,500 for labor and material costs associated with

    re-opening the playground. The Grant will also extend KaBOOM! discounts from our preferred vendors for

    engineered wood fiber to the applicant, reducing the total expense for replacing the safety surfacing. Most

    applicants will find it helpful to first have the playground inspected by a Certified Playground Safety

    Inspector or their playground distributor who can provide a complete safety inspection and an estimate of

    the cost required to restore the playground. This grant may not cover all of the costs associated with re-

    opening the playground; applicants should be prepared to seek funds from other sources (insurance,

    fundraising, donations, etc). Organizations receiving funds under this grant program must have their

    playground re-opened no later than six months of receiving the grant or by August 31, 2018, whichever

    comes first.

    There will be ten (10) Playground Re-opening Grants awarded on a rolling basis.

    How Can A Playground Re-opening Grant Be Used?

    The Playground Re-opening Grant can be used to cover expenses associated with restoring your

    playground to a functional, safe state. Eligible expenses could include labor and material costs associated

    with playground inspections, repair and replacement of playground equipment and parts, replacement of

    safety surfacing, or removal of debris from the playground. The Playground Re-opening Grant is intended

    to be flexible and allow the community to identify and prioritize what is needed to restore play for the kids

    in the community.

    When asking for an Engineered Wood Fiber (playground safety surfacing) quote from one of our

    preferred vendors, please let the vendor know that you are applying for the Playground Re-opening Grant

    and request KaBOOM! pricing. Here is the contact Information for the KaBOOM! Preferred Engineered

    Wood Fiber Vendors:


    Joy Dunn



    Zeager Brothers

    Glenn Davis

    800-346-8524 ext 261



    Charolette Anderson



  • What Must I Do To Be Eligible For A Grant?

    We have made the grant easy and accessible. Below please find our eligibility Criteria:

    The organization must be a child-serving 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, government or municipality.

    Satisfactorily complete the KaBOOM! application.

    Provide evidence of playground damage (narrative statement and pictures).

    Provide a reasonable quote from a licensed vendor for playground equipment and/or safety

    surfacing inspection, repair, and replacement, or other work required to restore the playground to

    a safe, functional state.

    Demonstrate the ability to raise any necessary funds required beyond the $4,500 offered through

    this grant for work to be completed.

    Demonstrate the capacity to complete all work required to reopen the playground no later than six

    months after receiving the grant or by August 31, 2018, whichever comes first.

    Ability to sign the KaBOOM! grant agreement.

    How do I apply? Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting on October 20, 2017. The final deadline for the

    application is January 31, 2018. The final deadline is subject to change based on when grant awards are

    made during the application period.

    The application is located at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/playground-reopening

    Click here for a pdf of the application questions.

    Please make sure to gather all of the information and documents you need prior to filling out the

    application. You will need to complete the application in its entirety. You will not be able to save

    and return to the application.

    o Organization Name and Address o Contact Information o Number of kids served annually o % receiving Free or Reduced Price Lunch and median income of kids served o What was the Impact of the Hurricane on your community and playground o Describe the playground damage that needs to be repaired (replenish surfacing,

    playground equipment damage, tree removal, etc) o What is the estimated costs for repairs? o Upload quotes for the necessary repairs. o Do you have funds raised to offset the repair costs not covered by the grant? If not, what

    is your plan to raise the additional funds and by when? o By what date do you estimate you will have the repairs completed and the playground re-

    opened? o Provide two pictures of the playground prior to the storm and two pictures showing

    damage to the playground after the storm. o Is the playground open to the public? o Will you be able to submit a final report showing how funds were used and pictures of the

    re-opened playground? o Confirm the Letter of Agreement can be signed if awarded the grant.

    How are Grants Awarded? Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis. All awards will be made by February 28, 2018. Awarded

    grantees must sign a Letter of Agreement (contract) before the grant funds are disbursed. The repairs

    must be completed within 6 months of receiving the grant or by August 31, 2018, whichever comes first.


  • What if I Have Questions About Using the Grant? Grantees will have the opportunity to receive support from a KaBOOM! Grant Manager. The Grant

    Manager will check in with grantees two months after receiving the grant to assess progress and to

    answer any questions. Questions can also be asked at any time during the grant period.

    What are the Grant Reporting Requirements? Once the grant funds are used and the playground is re-opened, grantees will need to report on the


    When was the playground re-opened?

    Brief description of how the funds were used

    Rate the level of active play based on your observation of kids playing on the re-opened

    playground. (No Increase, Some Increase, Significantly Increase)

    Were any staff, parents, or community members involved in the application for, promotion or

    execution of this grant? If so, how many people were involved and what did they do?

    What impact has the re-opened playground had in your community (changes in behavior among

    kids served, cohesiveness of community, etc)

    Provide pictures of the repairs of the re-opened playground