Jyotsna Kumar Mandal Somnath Mukhopadhyay Editors and information science, ICT, economics, business,

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Text of Jyotsna Kumar Mandal Somnath Mukhopadhyay Editors and information science, ICT, economics, business,

  • Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1112

    Jyotsna Kumar Mandal Somnath Mukhopadhyay   Editors

    Proceedings of the Global AI Congress 2019

  • Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

    Volume 1112

    Series Editor

    Janusz Kacprzyk, Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

    Advisory Editors

    Nikhil R. Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India Rafael Bello Perez, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computing, Universidad Central de Las Villas, Santa Clara, Cuba Emilio S. Corchado, University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain Hani Hagras, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, Colchester, UK László T. Kóczy, Department of Automation, Széchenyi István University, Gyor, Hungary Vladik Kreinovich, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, USA Chin-Teng Lin, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan Jie Lu, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia Patricia Melin, Graduate Program of Computer Science, Tijuana Institute of Technology, Tijuana, Mexico Nadia Nedjah, Department of Electronics Engineering, University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ngoc Thanh Nguyen , Faculty of Computer Science and Management, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland Jun Wang, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong


  • The series “Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing” contains publications on theory, applications, and design methods of Intelligent Systems and Intelligent Computing. Virtually all disciplines such as engineering, natural sciences, computer and information science, ICT, economics, business, e-commerce, environment, healthcare, life science are covered. The list of topics spans all the areas of modern intelligent systems and computing such as: computational intelligence, soft comput- ing including neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computing and the fusion of these paradigms, social intelligence, ambient intelligence, computational neuro- science, artificial life, virtual worlds and society, cognitive science and systems, Perception and Vision, DNA and immune based systems, self-organizing and adaptive systems, e-Learning and teaching, human-centered and human-centric computing, recommender systems, intelligent control, robotics and mechatronics including human-machine teaming, knowledge-based paradigms, learning para- digms, machine ethics, intelligent data analysis, knowledge management, intelligent agents, intelligent decision making and support, intelligent network security, trust management, interactive entertainment, Web intelligence and multimedia.

    The publications within “Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing” are primarily proceedings of important conferences, symposia and congresses. They cover significant recent developments in the field, both of a foundational and applicable character. An important characteristic feature of the series is the short publication time and world-wide distribution. This permits a rapid and broad dissemination of research results.

    ** Indexing: The books of this series are submitted to ISI Proceedings, EI-Compendex, DBLP, SCOPUS, Google Scholar and Springerlink **

    More information about this series at http://www.springer.com/series/11156


  • Jyotsna Kumar Mandal • Somnath Mukhopadhyay Editors

    Proceedings of the Global AI Congress 2019


  • Editors Jyotsna Kumar Mandal Department of Computer Science and Engineering Kalyani University Nadia, West Bengal, India

    Somnath Mukhopadhyay Department of Computer Science and Engineering Assam University Silchar, Assam, India

    ISSN 2194-5357 ISSN 2194-5365 (electronic) Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing ISBN 978-981-15-2187-4 ISBN 978-981-15-2188-1 (eBook) https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-2188-1

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  • Preface

    Institute of Engineering and Management Kolkata organized the First International Conference on “Global AI Congress” (GAIC 2019), during 12–14 September 2019 at IEM Gurukul Campus. This mega event covered all aspects of artificial intelli- gence, data science, computer vision, and internet of things, where the scope was not only limited to various engineering disciplines such as computer science, electronics, and biomedical engineering researchers but also included researchers from allied communities like data analytics and management science, etc. The subtracks of the conference were signal processing, intelligent forensics (privacy and security), and intelligent devices and networks.

    The volume is a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed research papers received from all over the world. GAIC 2019 could attract a good number of submissions from the different areas spanning over four tracks in various cutting-edge technologies of specialized focus which were organized and chaired by eminent professors. Based on rigorous peer-review process by the technical program committee members along with external experts as reviewers (inland as well as abroad), best quality papers were identified for presentation and publication. The review process was extremely stringent with minimum three reviews for each submission and occasionally up to six reviews. Checking of similarities and overlaps are also done based on the international norms and standards. Out of the submission pool of received papers, only 30% were able to have got berth in this final proceedings.

    The organizing committee of GAIC 2019 was constituted with a strong inter- national academic and industrial luminaries and the technical program committee comprising more than two hundred domain experts. The proceedings of the con- ference were published in Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC), Springer. We, in the capacity of the volume editors, convey our sincere gratitude to Springer Nature for providing the opportunity to publish the proceedings of GAIC 2019 in AISC series.


  • The conference included distinguished speakers such as Dr. Mike Hinchey, President IFIP, Professor, University Of Limerick; Dr. L M Patnaik, Professor, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore; Prof. Goutam Chakraborty, Head, Intelligent Informatics Lab; Dr. Basabi Chakraborty, Iwate Prefectural University, Japan; Dr. Niloy Ganguly, Professor, IIT Kharagpur; Dr. K.K. Shukla, Professor, Department Of Computer Science And Engineering, IIT BHU, India; Dr. Amlan Chakraborty, Dean Of Engg., University of Calcutta, (ACM Distinguished Speaker); Dr. Debasish De, Professor and Director, Department Of Computer Science And Engineering, MAKAUT (WBUT); Dr. Arpan Pal, Principal Scientist and Head of Embedded Systems And Robotics, TCS; Mr. Joy Mustafi, Director and Principal Researcher, Salesforce; and Dr. Koyel Mukherjee, Researcher, IBM Research Lab.

    Sincerest thanks are due to Dr. Aninda Bose, Senior Publishing Editor with Springer Nature and Prof. P.K. Roy, APIIT, India, for their valuable suggestions regarding enhancing editorial review process. The editors also thank the other members of the award committee of GAIC 2019 for taking all the trouble to make a very contentious assignment of selecting the best papers from a pool of so many formidable acceptances of the conference.

    Special mention of words of appreciation is due to Prof. Debika Bhattacharyya and Prof. Nilanjan Dutta Roy of IEM, Kolkata, for coming forward to host to the conference which incidentally was the second in the series. It was indeed heartening to note the enthusiasm of all faculty, staff, and students of IEM to organize the conference in a professional manner. The involvement of faculty coordinators and student volunteers are particularly praiseworthy in this regard. The editors leave no stone unturned to thank the technical partners and sponsors for providing all the support and financial assistance.

    It is needless to mention the role of the contributors. But for their active