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  • 8/17/2019 Jurisdiction Labor




    Requisites of Valid Assumption: o Both parties should request DOLE to assume. o  There must be a conference and the DOLE shall determine the

    propriety of assumin.

    DOLE may assume in its discretion.

    !TR"#E BA$ %&R%O!E  To determine the imprimatur of the ma'ority in the stri(e )ote

    Both parties request for the certi*cation of national interest cases+ then the

    !ecretary of DOLE shall call for the preliminary conference to determine the propriety of assumption of ris(

    !TR"#E VOTE , LO-#O&T

    PERSONAL NOTES BY: LABOR LA REV"E / -0AR"$A 1LOR A. -A-0O Atty Voltaire Duano

    AB- &$"O$ 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 AB!



    LA must

    ha)e a

    prima facie

    *ndin of



    !tri(e on




    5R then

    %etition for





    position as


    order 3hich

    must be )alid

    $otice of the stri(e

    )ote+ the purpose to

    settle durin the 6

    day stri(e ban

     The purpose of the notice of stri(e,

    loc(out is to ma(e earnest e7ort to

    mediate and reconcile 3ithin the /8 , 9

    coolin o7 period.


  • 8/17/2019 Jurisdiction Labor


    LA!T D"T-0 E11ORT o  Third day of stri(e o 5andatory conference+ motu propio or not

    Once 'urisdiction is assumed+ the 3or(ers ha)e ;< hours to return to 3or(. "f

    they refuse+ they may be dismissed.

    PERSONAL NOTES BY: LABOR LA REV"E ; -0AR"$A 1LOR A. -A-0O Atty Voltaire Duano

  • 8/17/2019 Jurisdiction Labor



     The %resident shall e=ercise 'urisdiction o)er issues or contro)ersies 3hich+

    accordin to its determination+ are indispensable to the $AT"O$AL "$TERE!T. "t

    shall inter)ene at an time and A!!&5E >&R"!D"-T"O$ o)er A$? such labor dispute @causin or li(ely to cause stri(e or loc(out in order to settle or terminate the same.

     Art 263(g): The foregoing notwithstanding the President of the

    Phi!i""ines sha!! not #e "re$!%ded fro& deter&ining the ind%stries that

    in his o"inion are indis"ensa#!e to the nationa! interest and fro&

    inter'ening at an ti&e and ass%&ing %risdi$tion o'er an s%$h !a#or 

    dis"%te in order to sett!e or ter&inate the sa&e*

    +,ndeed the -o%rt has $onsistent! r%!ed that the

    se$retar.s ass%&"tion of /%risdi$tion is intended not to

    interfere with or i&"ede wor0ers. rights #%t to o#tain

    s"eed sett!e&ent of !a#or dis"%tes and on! if s wi!! #e

    a1e$ted* Ad&itted! the -o%rt has a!!owed the

    se$retar.s ass%&"tion of %risdi$tion in &an $ases

    so&e of whi$h are worth &entioning to show the $are

    with whi$h s%$h "!enar "ower sho%!d #e %sed* P4,5-O

    's Bri!!antes

    +The -o%rt has de$!ared that the ad&inistration of a

    s$hoo! is of nationa! interest #e$a%se 777 8it9 is engaged

    in the "ro&otion of the "hsi$a! inte!!e$t%a! and

    e&otiona! we!!#eing of the $o%ntr.s o%th* ;or0 

    sto""age at a s$hoo! %nd%! "re%di$es the st%dents and

    entai!s great !oss to a!! $on$erned in ter&s of ti&e e1ort 

    and &one*  Phi!i""ine S$hoo! of B%siness

     Ad&inistration '* Norie!

    +An enter"rise e7"orting ?2 &i!!ion do!!ars "er ear was

    de$!ared to #e of nationa! interest* An disr%"tion of 

    o"erations wo%!d ha'e $a%sed the de!a of shi"&ents of 

    e7"ort $onsisting of @nished "rod%$ts "re'io%s! 

    $o&&itted to $%sto&ers a#road a de!a that wo%!d ha'e

    ha&"ered the e$ono&i$ re$o'er "rogra& "%rs%ed # 

    the go'ern&ent*

    The &an%fa$t%re of dr%gs and "har&a$e%ti$a!s has a!so

    #een de$!ared to #e!ong to the sa&e [email protected]$ations*Li0ewise the o"eration of an air!ine that ser'i$es

    do&esti$ ro%tes has #een dee&ed to #e i%ed with

    nationa! interest* ,n one $ase a $o&"an was $onsidered

    PERSONAL NOTES BY: LABOR LA REV"E 9 -0AR"$A 1LOR A. -A-0O Atty Voltaire Duano

  • 8/17/2019 Jurisdiction Labor


    to #e indis"ensa#!e to nationa! interest as it was

    res"onsi#!e for 22 "er$ent of the tire "rod%$tion in the

    Phi!i""ines and wor0 disr%"tion wo%!d ha'e not on! 

    aggra'ated the a!read worsening %ne&"!o&ent 

    sit%ation #%t a!so dis$o%raged foreign and do&esti$

    entre"rene%rs fro& f%rther in'esting in the $o%ntr*  Sar&iento '* T%i$o

    +;herein the -o%rt de$!ared the se$retar to #e witho%t 

     /%risdi$tion to ta0e o'er a !a#or dis"%te in'o!'ing a

    $o&"an that "rod%$ed te!e"hone dire$tories 'i*:

    The "rod%$tion and "%#!i$ation of te!e"hone dire$tories

    whi$h is the "rin$i"a! a$ti'it of TE $an s$ar$e! #e

    des$ri#ed as an ind%str a1e$ting the nationa! interest*TE is a "%#!ishing @r& $hieC de"endent on the

    &ar0eting and sa!e of ad'ertising s"a$e for its not 

    in$onsidera#!e re'en%es* ,ts ser'i$es whi!e of 'a!%e

    $annot #e dee&ed to #e in the sa&e $ategor of s%$h

    essentia! a$ti'ities as .the generation or distri#%tion of 

    energ. or those %nderta0en # .#an0s hos"ita!s and

    e7"ortoriented ind%stries*. ,t $annot #e regarded as

     "!aing as 'ita! a ro!e in $o&&%ni$ation as other &ass

    &edia* The s&a!! n%er of e&"!oees in'o!'ed in the

    dis"%te the e&"!oer.s "a&ent of .P!= &i!!ion in in$o&e

    ta7 a!one to the Phi!i""ine o'ern&ent. and the fa$t that  the .to" oD$ers of the %nion were dis&issed d%ring the

    $on$i!iation "ro$ess. o#'io%s! do not s%D$e to &a0e the

    dis"%te in the $ase at #ar one .ad'erse! a1e$ting the

    nationa! interest*  TE ire$tories -or"oration '*


    Appeal to the -ourt of Appeals under Art

  • 8/17/2019 Jurisdiction Labor


    -erti*cation Order on cases in)ol)in $AT"O$AL "$TERE!T @in)ol)in !tri(e or

    Loc(out Remedy: 5otion for Reconsideration

    APPELLATE 'URIS$ICTION o O)er orders issued by the REC"O$AL D"RE-TOR @or his authoried

    representati)e under the Visitorial and Enforcement %o3er

    o Decision of B&REA& O1 LABOR RELAT"O$! rendered in its oriinal

     'urisdiction on &nion Reistration Denial of Application for Reistration or -ancellation thereof 

    o Decisions of the 5ED2ARB"TER in -erti*cation Election cases


    Or(g(na# ')r(*+(ct(on

    /. "n'unction in ordinary labor disputes to en'oin or restrain any actual or

    threatened commission of any or all prohibited or unla3ful acts or to

    require the performance of a particular act in any labor dispute 3hich+ if

    not restrained or performed forth3ith+ may cause ra)e or irreparable

    damae to any party4

    ;. "n'unction in stri(es or loc(outs under Article ;< of the Labor -ode4

    9. -erti*ed labor disputes causin or li(ely to cause a stri(e or loc(out in an

    industry indispensable to the national interest+ certi*ed to it by the !ecretary of Labor and Employment for compulsory arbitration4

  • 8/17/2019 Jurisdiction Labor


    GENERAL RULE: -ases arisin out of employer2employee relationship

    +The %risdi$tion of !a#or ar#iters and the NLR- %nder Arti$!e 2?F of the La#or 

    -ode is !i&ited to dis"%tes arising fro& an e&"!oere&"!oee re!ationshi"

    whi$h $an #e reso!'ed # referen$e to the La#or -ode or other !a#or stat%tes

    or their $o!!e$ti'e #argaining agree&ents* 5ani!a 4ote! 's NLR- 2===

    +,f no s%$h re!ationshi" e7ists #etween the "arties to a s%it then the

     %risdi$tion o'er the sa&e "ro"er! !ies with the reg%!ar $o%rts* Tong0o 's

    5an%!ife 2==G

    +This reH%ire&ent of e&"!oere&"!oer re!ationshi" is %risdi$tiona! for the

     "ro'isions of the La#or -ode s"[email protected]$a!! Boo0 I, thereof on Post

    E&"!o&ent to a""!* J 's B%eno 2==6

    +As $orre$t! $ontended # the OD$e of the So!i$itor enera! there is a

    $o&"!ete want of e'iden$e that the inde#tedness asserted # the "ri'ate

    res"ondent against Andres Pondo$ arose o%t of or was in$%rred in $onne$tion

    with the e&"!oere&"!oee re!ationshi" #etween the&* The La#or Ar#iter 

    did not then ha'e %risdi$tion o'er the $!ai& as %nder "aragra"h (a) of Arti$!e

    2?F of the La#or -ode  Pondo$ 's NLR- ?

  • 8/17/2019 Jurisdiction Labor


    5ore speci*cally+ e)en if there is employer2employee relationship+ the

    cause of action is one 3hich arises out of OT0ER OBL"CAT"O$! such as

    •  Torts

    • 5alicious %rosecution4 or

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