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  • for Connectivity | Data Center | Applications & Content

    SALES GUIDEYour JUNIPER NETWORKS dedicated Sales Team

    tel. 07824

    Security Solutions

  • Juniper Networks: Connectivity


    Security for Connectivity

    - Use the same enterprise network infrastructure to securely connect remote and local users and devices- Enable BYOD initiatives- Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

    n Wire and Wirelessn User and Devicen Local and Remoten C orporate and Personal

    MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways Deliver SSL VPN connectivity and/or network access control (UAC) through a single converged gateway.

    Industrys only unified remote and local access security solution Available as virtual appliance to add flexibility Dynamic policy-driven security enforcement across entire network Enforce device security posture to ensure policy compliance Broad coverage to support enterprise BYOD initiatives

    MAG Series are replacing SA and IC Series

    Products :

    ) Compare Family Model

    MAG2600For small to medium sized business customers

    MAG4610Application acceleration for SMBs through medium to large sized enterprises

    MAG4611 For SMBs through medium to large sized enterprises

    MAG6610 Modular chassis for enterprise customers

    MAG6611 Modular chassis for the complex needs of large enterprise customers and govern-ment agencies

    ) More on UAC

  • Juniper Networks: Connectivity Juniper Networks: Connectivity


    Network security firewall designed to deliver scalable network and application access control and network security for large enterprise, carrier and data center networks.

    Predictable performance: ASIC-based architecture provides linear performance for all packet sizes at multi-gigabit speeds System and network resiliency: Hardware component redundancy, multiple high availability options and route based VPNs offer reliability and resiliency Network security: embedded web filtering, anti-spam, IPS, ICAP antivirus redirect and optional integrated IDP. Network segmentation: Security zones, virtual systems, virtual LANS and virtual routers allow administrators to deploy security policies to isolate guests and regional servers or databases. Certifications: FIPS, ICSA, Robust IPv6

    ISG Series Integrated Security Gateways

    ) Compare Family Model

    ISG1000Multi-gigabit performance firewall

    ISG2000Multi-gigabit performance firewall which also enables IDP integration

  • Juniper Networks: Connectivity


    Security gateways that provide essential Firewall, IDP and reach Routing capabilitiesSRX Series

    SRX100For securing small distributed enterprise locations SRX110For securing small branch departments

    SRX210 For small distributed enterprise locations

    SRX220 For small to medium distributed enterprise locations

    SRX240 For branch distributed enterprise locations

    SRX550 For medium and large branch locations

    SRX650 For securing regional distributed enter-prise locations

    ) Compare Family Model

    Scalable performance enables additional services without degradation System and network resiliency ensures carrier-class reliability Network segmentation allows administrators to tailor security and policies

    Interface flexibility meets the needs of any network Comprehensive threat protection

    SRX1400 For securing small- to mid-size data centers

    SRX3400For securing small and midsize server farms and hosting sites

    SRX3600For securing medium to large enterprise data cen-ters and hosted or co-located data centers

    SRX5600For securing large enterprise data centers or service provider infrastructures

    SRX5800 For security large enterprise data centers, hosted or co-located data centers, and service provider infrastructures

    SRX Series for the Branch SRX Series for the Data Center

    M Watch the demo

    ) Compare Family Model

  • Juniper Networks: Connectivity Juniper Networks: Connectivity


    Interface flexibility meets the needs of any network Comprehensive threat protection

    A standards-based, scalable, granular access control solution that creates and propagates dynamic policies based on user identity and role, device type and integrity, and location.UAC is comprised of Junos Pulse, Junos Pulse Access Control Service, MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways and IC Series.

    Unified Access Control (UAC)

    Junos Pulse is an integrated, multiservice endpoint solution for mobile and non-mobile devices that serves as an enabling Data Center for security, connectivity, access control, collaboration and acceleration services.

    Enables mobile and remote network access, network security, and application acceleration, increasing visibility and manageability while enabling secure access to network resources based on user identity and role Reduces the cost and time associated with deployment Uses industry and open standards Serves as a Data Center for integration of select third-party, best-in-class security, access and connectivity applications Delivers a value-added services Data Center for service providers

    Junos Pulse

    Junos Pulse Mobile Security SuiteProtects smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices from viruses, malware, loss or theft, physical compromise and other threats. It also delivers robust remote device monitoring, control and management.

    Junos Pulse Secure Access ServiceEnables organizations to easily and securely federate user identity with third-party web applications, delivering seamless user authentication and access to cloud-based applications.

    Junos Pulse Application Acceleration ServiceEnables dynamically provisioned, pervasive, location-agnostic application acceleration. It also provides an easy, affordable solution for small offices where a dedicated application acceleration appliance is not economically feasible.

    Services currently supported and delivered through Junos Pulse include:

    Vendor-agnostic access control Simple guest user access control Application-specific policy rules can be granularly enforced for network, cloud, application and data

    Session federation UAC and SSL/VPN for session transparency Dynamically addresses unmanageable endpoint devices (printers )

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  • Juniper Networks: Data Center


    Security for Data Center

    - Guarantee consistent security and policy applications across the entire data center - Enable better business agility without affecting performance.

    n Traditional Data Centern Virtualized Data Centern Hostingn Cloud

    Products :

    SRX Series for the DataCenter) See page 4

    Unified Access Control (UAC)) See page 5

    vGW Virtual Gateway Security A solution for virtualized data centers and clouds monitors and protects them while maintaining maximum capacity and performance. Its hypervisor-based stateful firewall integrates intrusion detection (IDS), virtualization-specific antivirus (AV) protection and compliance tools, with management scale.

    Visibility : a complete view of network traffic flowing between VMs and a complete VM and VM group inventory. Protection: stateful firewall provides layers of defenses and automated security through access control over all traffic using policies that define which ports, protocols, destination and VMs, should be blocked.Compliance: monitors for and enforces corporate and regulatory policies, including segregation of duties, business-warranted access, and ideal/desired images and configurations

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  • Juniper Networks: Data CenterJuniper Networks: Data Center


    Combines network performance and security management into a single solution for enterprise and service provider customers, in addition to integrated log, threat and compliance management for both Juniper and non-Juniper products.

    Integrated log management, security information and event management (SIEM) Network, security, application and identity awareness Advanced threat and security incident detection Scalable distributed log collection and archive Compliance-driven reporting capabilities

    STRM Series

    ) Compare Family Model

    STRM500Security Threat Response Manager is a plug-in network security management solution ideal for small, medium-size and large enterprises. This network security management solution can also be deployed for collection of network flows

    STRM2500Security Threat Response Manager is an enterprise appliance, delivering scalable network security management. This network s