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    Adventures in Literacy & Leadership through the Study of 13 Nobel Peace Laureates Ages 5-11

  • Adventures in Literacy & Leadership through the Study of 13 Nobel Peace Laureates Ages 5-11

    11200 Ralston RoadArvada, CO 80004303-445-2099www.peacejam.org

  • 11200 Ralston Road Arvada CO 80004 tel (303) 455-2099 fax (303) 455-3921 info@peacejam.org peacejam.org

    Dear Educator: The PeaceJam Foundation is proud to bring you the PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum that is designed for youth ages 5-11. This is an exciting curriculum that introduces young students to the lives and work of Nobel Peace Prize winners in an age-appropriate, standards-based format that fosters 21st century skills, character development, conflict resolution, service-learning, citizenship, and diversity education. It is designed to stand alone as a curricular unit or as a complement to existing curricula or programs. PeaceJam Juniors is a program of the PeaceJam Foundation, an international education organization founded in Denver, Colorado in 1996 and with offices across the globe. Among other honors, the PeaceJam Foundation was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize multiple times and awarded the Man of Peace Award for its efforts to promote peace through education. In addition, PeaceJam received the Outstanding Service-Learning Award for this innovative approach to engage youth in service. PeaceJam Juniors is a literacy-based curriculum that explores the childhood stories of 13 Nobel Peace Prize winners and the strategies they used to overcome problems in their communities. Students then engage in service-learning activities that address local needs and are inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize winners. As a result of participating in PeaceJam Juniors, students gain academic skills in the areas of history, civics, geography, reading, and writing. They also gain personal and social skills including problem-solving, civic responsibility, and leadership. The PeaceJam Foundation and its local affiliate offices are available to support you in the implementation of this exciting curriculum (see www.peacejam.org for listing of offices). Sincerely, PeaceJam Foundation


    The Dalai Lama Betty Williams Rigoberta Mench Tum President Oscar Arias Archbishop Desmond Tutu Aung San Suu Kyi Jody Williams Sir Joseph Rotblat, Emeritus

    Adolfo Prez Esquivel Jos Ramos-Horta Miread Corrigan Maguire Shirin Ebadi Leymah Gbowee


  • PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum

    The PeaceJam Foundation 10/3/2016 Introduction Chapter 2

    With 20 years of experience around the world, the PeaceJam Foundation is a leader in developing engaged, informed, and compassionate young leaders who are addressing the root cause of issues in their local and global communities - including bullying, ignorance, and injustice.

    Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to Change the World

    PeaceJam students working to address school violence with Nobel Peace

    Laureate Desmond Tutu

    The Mission of the PeaceJam Foundation is to create young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates who pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody.

  • PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum

    The PeaceJam Foundation 10/3/2016 Introduction Chapter 3

    Our Impact PPoossiittiivvee CChhaannggee.. PPoowweerrffuull IImmppaacctt.. More than 1.2 million young people worldwide have participated in

    PeaceJam programming. PeaceJam Curriculum has been implemented in over 20,000 schools

    in 39 countries. Hundreds of Youth Leadership Conferences have been held,

    connecting youth directly with Nobel Peace Laureates. Over two million new service projects have been developed by

    PeaceJam youth activists addressing issues of violence and injustice. PeaceJam has created thousands of new leadership and volunteer

    opportunities for youth and adults in their local communities.

    IImmppaaccttss ooff oouurr pprrooggrraammss iinncclluuddee:: Evaluations have shown that incidents of violence decrease in schools

    and community-based organizations where PeaceJam programs are implemented.

    Evaluations have shown that youth who participate in PeaceJam programs show statistically significant gains in:

    o Academic skills & knowledge o Moral development o Understanding of social justice o Life purpose o Compassion & empathy o Acceptance of diversity o Increased school & community engagement o Social emotional skills such as self-awareness, social

    awareness, and responsible decision-making

  • PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum

    The PeaceJam Foundation 10/3/2016 Introduction Chapter 4

    Our Nobels RRoollee MMooddeell ffoorr PPeeaaccee

  • PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum

    The PeaceJam Foundation 10/3/2016 Introduction Chapter 5

    33 Our Formula PPiillllaarrss ooff PPeeaacceeJJaamm''ss AAwwaarrdd--WWiinnnniinngg PPrrooggrraammss EEDDUUCCAATTIIOONN:: Curriculum for young people ages 5-25 that fosters new 21st century skills and knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of how to work with others to creatively find solutions to community and global issues. Extensive resources in each chapter allow students to participate in an in-depth exploration of topics such as kindness, courage, responsibility, collaboration and how each of us can make a difference.

    IINNSSPPIIRRAATTIIOONN:: Nobel Peace Laureates whose wisdom and experience inspire young leaders to create positive change. Each Laureates choice to stand up against injustice and oppression in their own communities inspires students to respect each other and work together to address the issues they are most passionate about.

    AACCTTIIOONN:: Engaging students as change agents in their schools and communities, giving them the tools they need to address the roots of violence and intolerance in their schools and communities. Students contribute to PeaceJam's One Billion Acts of Peace -- an international citizens campaign led by 13 Nobel Peace Laureates and designed to tackle the most

    important issues facing our planet.

  • PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum

    The PeaceJam Foundation 10/3/2016 Introduction Chapter 6

    PeaceJam Programs Each PeaceJam program includes curricular activities that enhance both the academic and social-emotional skills of participating students, fostering the essential skills necessary to create positive change in the world. PeaceJam Juniors: Easy to use literacy-based curriculum that explores the lands, lives, and lessons of 13 heroes of peace with a step-by-step guide for engaging youth ages 5-11 in service. PeaceJam Leaders: For youth ages 11-14, this program explores the adolescent stories of 13 Nobel Peace Laureates and engages youth in activities that explore positive identity development and decision-making. Compassion in Action: A Multicultural Approach to Bullying Prevention: For young people ages 12-18, this program builds empathy and understanding, and the tools to addressing bullying through insights and lessons from amazing heroes of peace from around the world. Compassion in Action: Creating Inclusive Communities: PeaceJams newest program for students ages 12-18 provides an antidote to fear, discrimination and hate facing our communities by helping students value diversity and create inclusive communities within their schools and neighborhoods through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Prize winners. PeaceJam Ambassadors: For youth ages 14-19, this program explores issues related to peace, violence, and social justice along with the study of the work of 13 Nobel Peace Laureates. It includes an annual Youth Conference with a Nobel Peace Laureate, giving youth an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and be inspired by a world peace leader. PeaceJam Juvenile Justice: This curriculum is for youth who are in the juvenile justice system. It addresses issues of gangs, drugs and alcohol, and other risky behaviors. Participants develop skills in the areas of civic responsibility, reconciliation, and leadership while being challenged to rewrite their life stories and learn the power of peace. PeaceJam Scholars: This program is for youth ages 18-25 who serve as mentors for participants at PeaceJam Youth Conferences, support local PeaceJam groups, and study international issues connected to the work of the Nobel Peace Laureates. They have opportunities to engage in service and research that extends that work into the community as well as to participate in internships and international service trips. Nobel Legacy Film Series Working closely with our inspiring Nobel Peace Laureates, PeaceJam has developed award-winning documentary films as part of the Nobel Legacy Film Series which highlights the cutting edge work being done by these incredible leaders as they fight to create a better future for all of humanity. (Watch at: https://peacejamfilms.org/)


  • PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum

    The PeaceJam Foundation 10/3/2016 Introduction Chapter 7

    PeaceJams Framework for Service Our Nobel Peace Laureates have issued a Global Call to Action challenging the youth of the world to join them in addressing the ten most pressing issues facing our planet. The PeaceJam Curriculum guides students through the process of developing service-learning projects that address one of these issues.

    Children As Leaders Children have a special role to play as leaders. They can help solve problems, start projects, and