Junior Schedule Family Fun - Bribbaree Show Society Inc. Schedule Family Fun 90th Annual Show ... 6. Plasticine/play dough 7. ... 46. Edible necklace Primary 47.

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  • Junior Schedule

    Family Fun 90th Annual Show BRIBBAREE SHOWGROUNDS

    Saturday, 1 October 2016 8.30 am to 6pm


    FAMILY PASS $30.00 2 adults & children, 16 yrs & under

    Adults $10.00 Senior pensioners (proof required) $8.00 Children 8-16 yrs $5.00 Children 7 years & under Free



  • SPECIAL FAMILY ATTRACTIONS STEWARDS; Matthew Hunter & Chris Schiller

    Free Entry for all childrens sporting events below These events will be held on the main arena track at 1pm All entrants in the events below MUST sign an Indemnity & Waiver Form

    Judging of Bribbaree Show little people Sponsored by : Bribbaree CWL & Bribbaree Fire Brigade

    Lolly Scramble for children 5 years and under Sponsored by: Bribbaree Show Society

    Childrens Running Races (Girls and Boys) All competitors receive a prize Sponsored by: GBAS Spreading Services & Contract Harvesting 0427096341

    Prize Money: 1st Prize: $5.00.

    1 year old to 3 year old Preschool & Kindergarten

    Years 1 & 2 Years 3 & 4 Years 5 & 6 Years 7 & 8 Years 9 & 10 Years 11 & 12

    Farmers Challenge Prize Money: 1st Prize: $30.00; 2nd Prize: $20.00; 3rd Prize: $10.00 A team of 2, 1 male and 1 female required. A number of set tasks will be required to be undertaken.. The winner will be the team that complete all tasks in the quickest time.

    Tug O War Challenge Sponsored by: Bribbaree Hotel Get your team together to Challenge the current Champions Douglas/Potbury Family. A trophy and prize money is on offer.

    Names to be lodged at the Bar before 4pm on Show Day

  • JUNIOR SCHEDULE STEWARD: Mrs Vicky Coddington Junior Steward: John Arthur Coltman

    Free Entry: There is no entry fee for any exhibits shown in the junior classes Parents must sign the indemnity form (if exhibitor is under 18 years) on the back of your child/childrens entry form. For any enquiries please contact the secretary Reece Hanigan on 63832211 or Vicky Coddington on 63832290. Entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form, exhibitors name, year and school on the back of each

    exhibit. If entry is through your school please attach your entry card to each exhibit. Schools are to contact the Secretary of Bribbaree Show Society prior to Wednesday 16

    th September if they require

    entries to be collected from their schools or entries are to be delivered to the Bribbaree Showground Pavilion by 12 noon on Friday30 September

    All cooking entries are to be delivered to the Bribbaree Showground pavilion by 12 noon Friday 2nd

    October No Exhibit can be removed before 4.00pm on Show Day

    Note: Groups may be combined if insufficient entries are received

    Classes are categorised Preschool and Kindergarten Years 1 & 2 Years 7 & 8 Years 3 & 4 Years 9 & 10 Years 5 & 6 Years 11 & 12

    Computer Work 1. A Poster - Life on a farm 2. A short story (may include illustrations) 3 An invitation to your party 4. A cartoon or humorous page 5. Any computer work you have designed yourself


    Preschool & Kindy 6. Plasticine/play dough 7. Decorated paper plate 8. Article made from an egg carton 9. Any item of handiwork 10. Work of art any subject

    Primary 11. Woodwork 12. Sewing/Knitting 13. Beadwork 14 Any other item of handiwork 15. Work of art (any subject) 16. Item (useful or decorative) from Recycled materials

    17. Cartoon or humorous drawing

    Secondary 18. Woodwork 19. Metal work 20. Sewing/Knitting 21 Any other item of handiwork 22. Work of art (any subject) 23. Beadwork/Jewellery 24 Item (useful or decorative) from Recycled materials

  • JUNIOR SCHEDULE - FUN FOR EVERYONE 25 Biggest chook eggs x 3 26. Collection of dozen eggs 27. Collection of vegetables you have grown in your garden 28 Exhibit made from fruit and/or vegetables 29. Best Crystal

    (Over 5 years)

    30. Flowers arranged in a favourite container 31. Succulent garden (no bigger than 30cm x 30cm in diameter 32. Arrangement of feathers 33. Farm yard diorama (maximum size 30cm x 30cm) 34. Christmas decoration 35. Face painted on a hard boiled egg 36. Painted/decorated small rock friend

    37. Model made from paddle pop sticks

    38. Homemade card 39. Old boot painted or decorated 40. Terrarium plants growing in a bottle or jar 41. Lego construction 42. Biggest gum leaf

    JUNIOR SCHEDULE COOKING Note: There is no school pick up for the Cooking Section. Entries must be made with the Secretary and delivered to the Bribbaree Show ground Main Pavilion on Friday 2nd October before 12 noon. Entries must include name, school and class year on every entry.

    Preschool & Kindy 43. 4 x Chocolate crackles 44. 3 x Decorated arrowroot biscuits 45. Packet cake not iced 46. Edible necklace


    47. 4 x Anzac Biscuits 48. 4 x Patty cakes (Not iced) 49. Packet cake (iced) 50. 2 x decorated gingerbread people 51. Chocolate cake (iced on top) 52 4 x packet muffins 53. 4 x plain scones


    54. 4 x Anzac Biscuits 55. 4 x Patty cakes (Not iced) 56. Packet cake (iced) 57. 2 x decorated gingerbread people 58. Chocolate cake (iced on top) 59 4 x packet muffins 60. 4 x plain scones 61. Any other cake (not packet cake) iced on top 62. 4 x biscuits (one variety)