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News and Events of First Presbyterian Church of Naples, FL.


  • T h e F i r s t P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h o f N a p l e s

    June/July 2014


    From Dr. Weller 2

    Christian Education 3

    Presbyterian Women 3

    Nominating Committee 4

    Preschool 5

    Children and Youth 6

    Calendars 8

    Congregational Care 10

    Missions 12

    Finance 13

    News and Events 14

    Serving FPC 15


  • 2 Rev. Dr. Kathleen Weller, Temporary Head of Staff kathleenw@fpcnaples.org

    Susan Stafford, Worship and Music Committee Chair, wcssas@aol.com Dr. Brice Gerlach, Director of Music Ministries , briceg@fpcnaples.org Worship & Music

    Hospitality is the act

    of the recklessly

    generous heart. JOAN CHITTISTER

    I have a lot of experience being welcomed into congregations having served in seven temporary positions since 2009. While all congregations tell you they are friendly, that often means that they are friendly with one anothernot necessarily friendly to a stranger in their midst. When I entered one congregation, a colleague there had alerted the Session and all the staff of my arrival and suggested that they call or send an email. On that first day, I received eighteen different gestures of welcome and encouragement. Ive never forgotten it! But beyond welcoming me well, this was a congregation who practiced a recklessly generous heart in many different ways. There really were no strangers on a Sunday morning; on any given Sunday I could walk through the fellowship space and hear new people being greeted as if they were old friends. I bring this up because it is so important to the atmosphere and ultimately to the growth of First Presbyterian Church of Naples. How many members do you think greet a new person on a Sunday morning? If there is someone standing alone at coffee hour, do you leave your friends to make the stranger feel welcome? Do you notice on a Sunday morning if someone looks as if they dont quite know where to go? Would you stop and ask if you can help?

    Though we learned that the PNC is still hard at workIm wondering how well youre preparing to greet your new pastor when he or she arrives. And what about their family, should they have one? How your pastor and their family experience your reckless generosity will set the tone for their season of ministry with you. I love the quote from author Joan Chittister because those congregations I served in which Ive found such generosity of heart, moved well into their new pastorate and were quickly on the path to a bright future.

    Generosity breeds success! But Im also reminded that holy recklessness is a sign of something elsea sign of the love of God amongst them. Congregations who exemplify that kind of holy recklessness are living examples of the transformation that comes from being in a relationship with Christthe Ultimate Recklessly Generous One. How might you demonstrate the depth of your Christ-likeness recklessly? What act of hospitality might you practice intentionally next Sunday and all the Sundays that follow? Are you a part of a small group here at the Church that might brainstorm about how to be recklessly generous together? Take a few moments to ponder the open door above. The future of First Presbyterian Church of Naples may well be seen through its invitation. Rev. Dr. Kathleen Weller

  • 3 Christian Education Joe Patton, Christian Education Committee Chair, joenbert@comcast.net

    Ann Goodnight, PW Moderator, flgoodnight@aol.com Presbyterian Women

    Beloved Disciple The Life

    and Ministry of John

    Join leader Jeanie Weigel for this summer Bible Study by Beth Moore on the life and ministry of John.

    We meet on Thursday mornings through July 17, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Room 204. We will not meet on July 10.

    Books are available between the services in Spencer Hall or at the Bible Study.

    For more information or questions please call Jeanie at 239.963.5318.

    HUDDLE A Mens Bible

    Study Each Thursday the mens HUDDLE group meets in Spencer Hall at noon for lunch and Bible Study. Bring your own lunch and join in the study.

    Mens Breakfast Bible Study

    Tuesday mornings, 7 a.m. at Skillets

    (4170 Tamiami Trail N. behind Wendys).

    Safe travels to all that are away and we wish you a quick return to join us.

    During our May meeting, our study of the French Confession was concluded by Rev. Jonathan Evans as he reviewed the

    Presbyterian Church Book of Confessions and compared the need and historical times each was created to address.

    We will again collect school supplies in July for the needy children at Grace Place. These supplies will

    be packaged at our Summer Gathering on August 6 during our Bring a Piece of Salad luncheon. We hope to have another hands on mission project at that time. Please watch the bulletins for more details.

    Summertime and the living is easy.

  • 4 Nominating Committee Patty Rutzler, Nominating Committee Chair, pattyw33@aol.com

    As we worship together as year round attendees, we invite you to think of a pew mate, friend, family member or even yourself, to be considered for Deacon, Elder or member of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will hold its first meeting the last week of August and hope to have several names to review.

    Service as an officer is vital to the work of the church and is also personally rewarding. In the case of the deacons, it can never be said the deacons are all work and no play! Even in the midst of work, the laughter and camaraderie of being together is a real joy. Would you like to be a part of such a fun group of people that are an integral part of our church life?

    If you have any questions, please contact Patty Rutzler, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at 239.793.4331. You may use the form below for your nomination. Please remember to talk to those you nominate to be sure of their willingness to serve. Your form may be submitted to the committee in care of Sharman Pfaus in the church office (see address on form below).

    Nominating Committee members are: Patty Rutzler, Chair

    Pat Barton, at large

    Jeanie Weigel, at large

    Jerry Perkins, at large

    Janie Brown Cassasa, elder elect

    Janet Root, deacon elect

    Mark Owens, member elect

    Nominating Form

    Name of Nominee_______________________________________________________________ I hereby nominate the individual listed above for the office of:

    Elder _______ Deacon _______ Nominating Committee _______

    I have confirmed their willingness to serve _____ (check if yes)

    Name of person who is nominating the above referenced individual: _____________________________________________ Member of FPC _____ (check if yes) Please return this form to the Nominating Committee c/o Sharman Pfaus via mail to: First Presbyterian Church of Naples, 250 Sixth Street South, Naples, FL 34102 or place it in the offering plate on Sunday to the attention of Sharman Pfaus.

  • Ashley Houk, Preschool Director, ashleyh@fpcnaples.org Preschool 5

    As another year comes to a close, I find myself in awe of my staff and their accomplishments. This year, the Preschool served almost 100 students ranging in age from two to five years old. We were fortunate to have 14 staff members return this year, and we

    were fortunate to add Liz Psota to our office team. While some of our staff has been in the Early Education field for a number of years, some are new to the field. Im proud to

    work with so many wonderful people that have a love of teaching and a sense of dedication. Many of the staff here have children that are currently in our program or have graduated from our program. Every year, the Preschool Parent Committee plans activities for Teacher Appreciation Week that provide opportunities for the families to

    express their gratitude to the staff. This year, to wrap up our week, we were treated to a luncheon at Osteria Tulia. During this

    luncheon, we were able to socialize with one another and each staff member was presented with a binder filled with pictures, art projects, and handprints created by the children. These memory books will provide us with opportunities to look back for years to come and remember the special children and moments that made up our 2013-2014 school year. I look forward to working with this amazing staff again next year! We wish you all a very happy and safe summer.


    Preschool Summer Office Hours June 5 through June 13 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    Closed June 16 through August 3

    Ashley Houk, Preschool Director, can be reached by leaving a

    voicemail at 239.262.8315 or by e-mail at ashleyh@fpcnaples.org

    2014-2015 Preschool Enrollment

    Still in need of a fantastic Preschool program for next year?

    Spaces are filling up quickly so act fast!

    Contact us today for a tour or find our registration

    packet on our website at


  • 6

    Summer Children & Youth Children and Youth

    Shana Dublan, Director of Children and Family Ministries shanad@fpcnaples.org

    Montreat is HERE!! On Saturday, June 7 we begin our trip. Seven students, Mike Calyore and I will begin our first day of driving, leaving the church parking lot at 7 a.m. We will be staying and worshiping with Roswell Presbyterian Church in Georgia on our way. After service Sunday morning, we will finish the drive to Black Mountain, North Carolina. We are so excited for this trip and hope that you share our excitement. Even for those of you who are not going with us, you are all going with us in our hearts. We could not have done this without you. Make sure you check Facebook for picture updates.

    Pizza and waterslides!

    Yes, I did just say that. On Wednesday, June 25, meet at

    church at 10 a.m. and be prepared for some real fun! We will go

    to Cicis pizza for lunch and head to Sun N Fun Lagoon for the

    day. Sign up with me, or download a registration form from the

    Churchs website! All this for just $15 per person!

    Vacation Bible School

    July 7 to 11 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

    This years theme is High Seas and we are all so very excited.

    We are still looking for some folks to help out in the following


    Help in the Nursery We need a second adult to assist the Nursery workers caring for the children who are too young for the full rotation of VBS. You will still have the opportunity to participate in some of the rotations, but this group is a little freer to play.

    Take Pictures Use the church camera and walk around capturing magical moments.

    Work with a team to decorate 6 rooms - We have some really great ideas and to make it happen we need the help. The jobs will not be too strenuous and for some of them you can even sit down.

    A team to help sort, organize and put away the week after VBS Unleash your inner custodian.

    Volunteers to help with our after VBS Sunday Festival on July 13 All VBS families are invited to come to our worship service. The children will sing during the Childrens time, and afterwards there will be a FESTIVAL! Kids will enjoy a bounce house, a water slide, a toddler obstacle course and slip and slide as well as a dunk tank. I will be setting up a rotation of people to sit in the tank. We will also have balloon animals and a face painting. This will be a large event with a lot of fun. If you can help supervise one of the

    entertainment stations, please let me know.

    Maybe you really want to help with VBS, but you will not be in town. I will have a list in Spencer Hall by the VBS Corner with items that we will need for the week. Keep in mind, we will be feeding 100 people for five days; that is 500 snacks! If you would like to donate, please check the list and initial next to the item(s) you would like to bring. Make sure you also check our suggested quantity on the list. As you bring these items, you may drop them off in Spencer Hall. Please write on the bag

    VBS. ALL VBS VOLUNTEERS Thursday, June 26 at 11:30 a.m. in the Youth Room there will be a mandatory VBS Volunteer meeting. Please plan to attend and get your schedules, job descriptions, class roster, music cd and


    7 Boxes Pringles Baked Wheat Stix 7 Bags Square Pretzels 4 Boxes Honey Nut Cheerios 4 Bags plain M&Ms 4 Bags Publix Brand Mini Marshmallows 2 Bags Stick Pretzels 2 Large (gallon size) Containers Goldfish 3 Boxes Kix Cereal 1 Bag Mini Chocolate Chips

    1 Container of Creamy Peanut Butter 1 Container of Nutella 6 Boxes Chocolate Graham Crackers 7 Large containers Cool Whip 7 Cans Cherry Pie Filling 4 Boxes microwaveable movie butter Popcorn (10-12 bags per box) 8 Boxes of Capri Sunstropical punch 12 Containers of Crystal Lightraspberry ice

    Captains Galley Pantry list:

  • 7 Children and Youth Shana Dublan, Director of Children and Family Ministries


    Please complete one form per child. Age 4 as of September 1, 2014 through completed grade 5). Middle School students can sign up to help lead activities.

    CHILDS NAME ________________________________________________________________

    GENDER ______ AGE ______ BIRTHDATE _____/_____/_____ GRADE COMPLETED _________

    PARENT/GUARDIAN ___________________________________________________________________________________

    ADDRESS _______________________________________________ CITY _______________ ST _______ ZIP___________

    PRIMARY # ________________________ CELL# ______________________ E-MAIL ______________________________

    EMERGENCY CONTACT: _____________________________________________ RELATIONSHIP _________________

    PHONE # s ____________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________


    Liability Release We (I), in consideration for our child/youth attending First Presbyterian Church of Naples Children, Youth, and Family Ministry activities and being under the age of 21, do hereby release, forever discharge and agree to hold harmless First Presbyterian Church of Naples and the directors thereof from any and all liability, claims of demands for personal injury, sickness of death, as well as property damage and expenses, of any nature whatsoever which may be incurred by the undersigned and the child-participant that occur while said child is participating in First Presbyterian Church Children, Youth, and Family Ministry trips and activities. Furthermore, we (I) [and on behalf of our (my) child-participant] hereby assume all risk of personal injury, sickness, death, damage and expense as a result of participation in recreation and related activities involved therein. Further, authorization and permission is hereby given to said church to furnish any necessary transportation, food and lodging for this child. The undersigned further hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify said church, its directors, employees and agents, for any liability s...