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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 june and july Newsletter</p><p> 1/2</p><p>JUNE/JULY 2013</p><p>FUN IPHONE/</p><p>IPAD APPS</p><p>FOR KIDS</p><p> Doodle Buddy(free, ages 2 &amp; up)</p><p> Giraffes Matching Zoo(free, ages 3 &amp; up)</p><p> LEGO Photo(free, ages 5 &amp; up)</p><p> Lightsaber Unleashed(free, ages 5 &amp; up)</p><p> Hangman(free, ages 7 &amp; up)</p><p> Monkey PreschoolLunchbox($0.99, ages 2-5)</p><p> www.mobilemontessori.org www.tensuninteractive.com www.montessorium.com</p><p> www.parenting.com</p><p>Corey Jones</p><p>Childrens Pastor</p><p>cjones@sohillscc.com</p><p>404.788.9487</p><p>MELISSA BRADLEY</p><p>ASSOCIATE Childrens Pastor</p><p>MBRADLEY@SOHILLSCC.COM</p><p>770.832.1446 EXT. 205</p><p>Welcome to the City! And don't</p><p>worry, you're not the only new kid in</p><p>town. Michelle just moved here with</p><p>her dad and she is helping her newfriends, Molly and Zane, learn what</p><p>it means to be a follower of God.</p><p>Get ready to sing, dance, and learn</p><p>right along with them as we take a</p><p>look at some important moments from the life of Abram in the Bible.</p><p>Stretch before you arrive and get yourself warmed up. You're about to</p><p>begin our new series: City Streets, The Musical!Lights! Camera! Action! In our</p><p>new series, our preschoolers</p><p>will go on a backstage tour of</p><p>an actual movie studio! We</p><p>will meet movie stars, agents,</p><p>prop people and so many</p><p>more as we learn how to be</p><p>followers of Jesus. Roll out the red carpet and check out Entourage Jr.!</p><p>Hollie Adams</p><p>Children &amp; Student Administrator</p><p>hadams@sohillscc.com</p><p>770.328.0695</p>mailto:cjones@sohillscc.commailto:hadams@sohillscc.commailto:hadams@sohillscc.commailto:MBRADLEY@SOHILLSCC.COMmailto:MBRADLEY@SOHILLSCC.COMmailto:cjones@sohillscc.commailto:cjones@sohillscc.comhttp://www.parenting.com/http://www.parenting.com/http://www.montessorium.com/http://www.montessorium.com/http://www.tensuninteractive.com/http://www.tensuninteractive.com/http://www.mobilemontessori.org/http://www.mobilemontessori.org/</li><li><p>7/28/2019 june and july Newsletter</p><p> 2/2</p><p>WHATS GOING ON?</p><p>JUNE14family movie night @ Shcc</p><p>8:00 pm; movie starts at sundown</p><p>JUNE16fathers day</p><p>JULY19rome braves family night</p><p>game starts @ 7:00 pm</p><p>JULY29family swim night at midtown</p><p>water park 5:30-7:00</p><p>AUGUST4</p><p>promotion sunday</p><p>for ages 2-5th grade</p><p>AUGUST6back to school bash @</p><p>sharp creek Elementary</p><p>AUGUST11sundae sunday in all stars</p><p>Austin LeeAll Stars Student</p><p>Austin is a quiet youngman who strives for</p><p>excellence in his life andattitude. He is anexcellent student,</p><p>baseball athlete, and AllStar. He has a very</p><p>compassionate heartand goes above andbeyond to serve his</p><p>community. In All Starshe is very quiet but youcan see that he is</p><p>engaged in the lessonand growing in his</p><p>relationship with Jesus.We are very excited tosee the BIG plans that</p><p>God has in store forAustin and the lives thathe will touch along the</p><p>way!</p><p>Ian CornicelliAll Stars Volunteer</p><p>Ian is an All Starvolunteer who serves andloves the kids and shares</p><p>Jesus with them eachweek. Ian is very involved</p><p>in Boy Scouts and willsoon be working towardshis Eagle Scout Badge.He leads those around</p><p>him and encourageseveryone to do their best.Recently Ian and hisbrother Bryce were in</p><p>some Shakespeare playswhere their acting abilitiesshined through. He might</p><p>not know it yet, buthopefully soon the All Starkids will see him in action</p><p>with some skits! ;)</p><p>Lydia KirkTreehouse Student</p><p>Lydia Kirk is a sweet,energetic and</p><p>compassionatepreschooler in our RedBird class. She is so</p><p>excited every Sunday tobring her offering tochurch to share withNorman, the child</p><p>sponsored by SoHillsKids. It is a joy to watchLydia interact with herfriends and teachers.</p><p>She loves participatingduring lesson time andput lots of effort into her</p><p>craft each week. Weare so proud of Lydiaand look forward to</p><p>watching her grow inChrist!</p><p>This summer we have planned a few dates for yourfamily to come together for a time of fun and fellowship</p><p>with other families. The first family night is June 14thwhen we will come together at SHCC for a Family Movie</p><p>Night! Bring your lawn chairs and as the sun begins to setwe will start the movie on a big screen outside! The next</p><p>family event is on July 19th, when we will travel to Rome for the Rome BravesBaseball Game. Tickets are $4 and can be picked up at the SHCC informationdesk. This year we will be sitting in the shade so the summer heat should notbe an issue. Then join us right before school begins for Family Swim Night atthe Midtown Water Park on July 29th! We will enjoy swimming, hotdogs, and</p><p>some watermelon as we wrap up the summer together. These are all greatevents for your family to enjoy together so make sure you keep family time apriority this summer and well see you there!</p><p>Southern Hills Family Days</p></li></ul>