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    Canadas Youth

    AGrowingWeight ConcernEczema ReliefDr. Hister On Managing

    MigrainesCompanys Coming Recipe

    Vol. 11 No. 6


    Helping People Live Better Lives



    June is ALS MonthHelp Support theALS Society of BC- Stars of Hope- Walks For ALS

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    4 MigrainesDr. Hister offers insight into thissometimes crippling conditionand provides tips on how toprevent and manage attacks.

    5 Save On Health ProductsHealthy savings on health andwellness products.

    6 EczemaPeoples Pharmacist Ian Lloydprovides tips on managing thispersistent skin condition.

    7 Skin Care HelpGreat selection of skin care aidsto help manage skin problems.

    8 Peoples Walks For ALSJune is ALS month, find out whenyour community is having aPeoples Drug Mart Walk for ALS.

    9 Pharmacist RecommendedTips on how to effectively applysunscreen so you can have a safeand healthy summer.

    14 Canadas Youth AGrowing Weight ConcernA look at the growing issue ofobesity in Canadian youth.

    15 Moroccan ChickenCouscous PieBrand new feature recipeFrom Companys Coming30-Minute Diabetic Cooking.

    Reyhydrate Your SkinPage 7

    Its important to replenish lostmoisture and help to retain moisturedeep within the skin, to allow your

    skin time to repair itself.

    Fast ReliefPage 5When you are suffering froma migraine, fast pain relief isimportant so you can returnto your regular self.


    Helping People Live Better Lives

    contentsPeople First

  • You knew Id say this at the start of an articleabout migraines, didnt you, but it happens to betrue: I got a huge throbbing migraine just thinkingabout the difficulty of writing an article about mi-graines, my assignment for this month, mainly be-cause 1) Im prone to migraines, alas, and anxietycan set one off and 2) I was really reticent to writethis article because I wasnt sure that there wasanything new I could tell you.I got over my reticence pretty quickly, though,

    when my wife reminded me, as she does when-ever I complain that some assignment is morethan I can handle, that, If you dont write this ar-ticle, you dont get paid which, I must admit, isa very strong inducement to find something tosay.So what is a migraine headache?Well, despite what most people believe,

    migraines are not just bad headaches.In fact, lots of very bad headaches are not mi-

    graines, as for example, a very bad tensionheadache which can feel, as anyone whos everhad one can attest (and hasnt everyone?), as ifthe top of your head is about to explode or that anunrelenting vice is gripping your forehead, or oneassociated with trauma or post-concussion, ormore ominously, a headache due to a brainaneurysm bursting or one due to another sourceof bleeding into brain tissue (a so-called hemor-rhagic stroke), (The latter cause for a severeheadache, by the way, is the reason that anyonewho gets a sudden-onset very intense headache,

    especially if theyre over age 40 or so, must treatit as an acute emergency it could literally saveyour life to get the right treatment for that kind ofemergency).But the problem in defining the specific nature

    of a migraine headache is that were not really surewhat happens during a migraine so all I can tellyou is that the latest theories (subject to change ata moments notice) is that in a migraine, a combi-nation of changes in the neurological and vascu-lar systems sets off an inflammatory cascade thatresults in the severe pain associated with that typeof headache.Migraines may (or may not) be associated with

    other prominent symptoms such as nausea, anaversion to light and/or sound, and warning signsknown as an aura which can take the form offlashes of light, tingling sensations in the limbs,and even speech difficulties (a while back, a youngTV interviewer started talking gibberish whiledoing her interview and although many punditsinstantly chimed in that she may have suffered aminor stroke on air this is, after all, an age whereany idiot expert with an ego is ready to offer anopinion on TV without knowing even 2 facts ofthe situation it turns out that she was just suffer-ing the onset of a migraine).Migraines, are said to affect roughly 3 million

    Canadians but they affect three times as manywomen as men, very likely because of hormonalinfluences, especially changes associated with themenstrual cycle.

    Continued On Page 11

    Dr. Hister


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    Helping People Live Better Lives

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    Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a common skin condi-tion that affects about 10-15% of the population. Itsprevalence in our society appears to be on the rise; it af-fects 15-20% of school aged children today, comparedwith 5% of children in the 1950s . It is not entirely clearwhat causes this itchy skin condition, but it can be veryuncomfortable to those affected. This month I will dis-cuss the causes, treatments and ways to help prevent therecurrence of eczema.

    The symptoms of eczema include an itchy, red andraised rash. There may also be tiny blisters, which canbreak and ooze a clear fluid. The skin may also appear tobe dry and thickened. In children, the rash usually ap-pears on the scalp, face, buttocks, and upper legs. Symp-toms of eczema may resolve in up to 50% of children bythe age of six years old. In adults, it usually appears onthe neck and in the bend of the knees and elbows.Symptoms in adults tend to flare up and subside,depending upon a number of factors.

    It is not fully understood what causes or exacerbateseczema, but it is thought to be an allergy-like reaction.People who have, or have had, eczema tend to developasthma or hayfever. There also appears to be a geneticcomponent to this disease; it tends to run in families.There is some evidence that avoidance of certain aller-genic foods may help to reduce the symptoms ofeczema. Symptoms also tend to flare-up when the skincomes into contact with irritants.

    So what can you do? The first thing to do is get aproper diagnosis from your Physician or Dermatologist.Skin rashes can be a symptom of other diseases. At thistime you can ask if home remedies can be tried beforeother treatment options.

    There are many possible home treatment options.They mostly in