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Jubilate! Notes Sacred Singers Jubilate! · PDF file 2017-06-27 · Jubilate! Notes June 29, 2017 NEWSLETTER SUMMER EDITIONW Volume 14, Issue 2 Jubilate! Sacred Singers Governing oard

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Text of Jubilate! Notes Sacred Singers Jubilate! · PDF file 2017-06-27 · Jubilate! Notes...


    Volume 14, Issue 2

    June 29, 2017

    Jubilate! Sacred Singers

    Governing Board President Shelli Tillery

    Past-President Marc Sammartano

    President-Elect Bruce Rose

    Board Member Cindy Batka

    Board Member Grandin Hammell

    Secretary Marc Sammartano

    Treasurer Loren Donaldson

    Artistic Director Dr. J.A. Gonzalez

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    Sacred Singers


    Loren Donaldson

    P.O. Box 3381

    Boulder, CO 80303

    President’s Corner By Shelli Tillery Upcoming Performances

    June 30-July 19 Summer Break (No rehearsals on July 6 and 13. First rehearsal after break: July 20) July 23 Arnold Sunday School, Chautauqua 9:00 am, Chautauqua Park, Baseline Road and 9th St., Boulder August 5 Highland Trails Retirement Community, 2:00 p.m. 5085 W. 138th Ave., Broomfield, CO 3 September 17 Covenant Village 9153 Yarrow St. Westminster, CO 80021 30 Friends and Family Concert 3700 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO 80303

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    Ahhh…the three beloved months we call sum- mer.” Somehow the pace of life seems to slow – the days are longer, we linger a little more; and of course, look

    forward to the summer tradition – the “V” word, vacation! Vacation brings us a sense of renewal and a refreshing break from the hus- tle of daily life. Maybe we could embark on a great adventure or to visit with loved ones we do not see often. Regardless where the vaca- tion takes us, we experience new places, new opportunities, and come home with memories that last a lifetime.

    For some, a true vacation may not be possi- ble. Sometimes physical, financial or other demands in our lives prevent some from this experience. This is where music becomes a

    powerful agent. Music communicates far-off places, deeply personal emotions or can bring back fond memories of one’s past. Jubilate! has the privilege every time we perform to take a listener on a “mini-vacation” and re- lieve the pressure of daily life, even if just for a short period. We could touch someone every time we sing – no matter how many or how few people we serve in a given performance.

    With this note – I wish everybody a wonderful summer! Enjoy the long days and take time for vacation, in whatever form that comes for you this summer!

    Singing With Jubilate! By Artistic Director Dr. J. Arturo Gonzalez Our summer break is here, time to rest!!!!!

    As we take a few weeks off from our weekly rehearsal and the activities of the choir, I was intrigued by the concept of resting, a concept that for

    some of us has become a little strange.

    Resting? Who does that? There is so much to do all the time that sometimes I even feel that not even my brain completely shuts off when I take a break. However, the good Lord took one day to rest after He finished His creative labor during creation. I really don’t believe that the Almighty needs rest, nonetheless He did take a break. In that way, He commanded us to rest.

    As important as “thou shall not kill” or “honor your parents,” God says to us: “Rest! Take a break!” So what did God intend with the idea of resting? Should we sit in front of the TV and watch a House of Cards marathon? Get in a hammock in the back yard and just watch the grass grow for a whole day? Sounds good, but not quite. In the book Judaism 101, the author says: “By resting on the seventh day and sanc- tifying it, we remember and acknowledge that

    God is the creator of heaven and earth and all living things. We also emulate the divine ex- ample, by refraining from work on the seventh day, as God did. If God's work can be set-aside for a day of rest, how can we believe that our own work is too important to set aside tempo- rarily?”

    So, this is my advice, or probably what I am planning to do: I’m going to remember how blessed I am by being a part of this ministry called Jubilate. One of the audience members at a recent concert said to me: It’s a miracle you folks are together. And, yes, it is a miracle and we need to recognize that.

    Also, I am not going to think about plans, dreams, ideas, or things I want to accomplish with Jubilate, or with me as a professional. I am going to let God operate during this time, and just see what happens. Apparently, even after He rested, on the eighth day things kept going; the world didn’t end. So, I know our world is not going to end, and I believe we will come back with new ideas, new dreams, and new objectives to reach, with the full under- standing and awe of the miracle that Jubilate represents. We have the assurance that we are God’s creation, and, believe me, God takes care of his creation.

    mailto:[email protected],+Chautauqua+Park,++Baseline+Road+and+9th+St.,+Boulder/@39.9995827,-105.3526091,12z/data=%213m1%214b1%214m8%214m7%211m0%211m5%211m1%211s0x876bec4712c4dfc1:0x761597124a9e2eab%212m2%211d-105.2825692%212d39.9996,+Chautauqua+Park,++Baseline+Road+and+9th+St.,+Boulder/@39.9995827,-105.3526091,12z/data=%213m1%214b1%214m8%214m7%211m0%211m5%211m1%211s0x876bec4712c4dfc1:0x761597124a9e2eab%212m2%211d-105.2825692%212d39.9996,+Broomfield,+CO+80023/@39.9442553,-105.0170548,15z/data=%214m16%211m7%213m6%211s0x876c756dbe1fe279:0xfeb760e0828222b2%212sW+138th+Ave,+Broomfield,+CO+80023%213b1%218m2%213d39.9453676%214d-105.0057395%214m7%211m0%211,+Westminster,+CO+80021/@39.8625638,-105.0905644,17z/data=%214m16%211m7%213m6%211s0x876b890c48167679:0xf2c4af31cf98fe52%212s9153+Yarrow+St,+Westminster,+CO+80021%213b1%218m2%213d39.8625638%214d-105.0883757%214m7%2''/St+Andrew+Presbyterian+Church+Boulder,+CO+80303/@39.9991212,-105.3166726,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x876bedbc412ead75:0x8a1c323557498fd6!2m2!1d-105.2466327!2d39.9991423

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    Jubilate! Notes Thursday, June 29, 2017

    Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

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    Jubilate! Celebrates Our Mission... By Loren Donaldson

    The Lodge at Balfour A Retirement Community

    1331 Hecla Dr., Louisville, CO 80027 Phone:(303) 867-6380 independent-living/

    Jubilate! took a weekend to travel to Rocky Mountain Evangelical Free Church in Black Hawk, CO to provide inspirational music to a small congregation of believers at their Sunday service. On Saturday Jubilate! enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the Ameristar Casino gathering to celebrate two wedding anniversaries, one of 50 years and the other of 51 years. Cheering was also heard while the Bel- mont Stakes horserace was run. Our hosts, Grandin and his very talented wife Darlene, provided some delicious snack and beverages while we celebrated.

    The highlight of the past year was to join two other choirs and the Flatirons Orchestra to perform the Brahms Requiem. We first per- formed this work in Longmont at the United Church of Christ. A very nice audience of about 200 attended. The very next day we gath- ered to perform at the Arvada Methodist Church. Here was standing room only with over 500 in the audience. What a grand work. Dr. Gonzalez toiled tirelessly with the orchestra and choir to make this a work of perfection. Each of the perfor- mances was a work of art. The audience felt it as well as the choir. You may hear a part of the performance here. Scroll to the

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