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  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


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    Question 1. How to create the table

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    Part 1 of 8: Creating a Table

    1. Select a range of cells. The cells can contain data or they can be empty, or a

    combination of both. You don’t have to pick your cells before you create the table if

    you aren’t sure yet.

    2. Insert the table. To start the table creation process, you ill need to insert a table into

    your spreadsheet.

    In !"cel 2##$, click the %ata menu and select &ist.

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    In !"cel 2##', 2#1#, and 2#1$ select either (Table( on the Insert menu ribbon or

    ()ormat as Table( in the Styles group on the *ome menu ribbon. +The former option

    applies !"cels default table style, hile the other lets you choose a style hen you

    create the table. You can later apply or change the table style by selecting one of the

    options from the Table Styles group in the Table Tools %esign menu ribbon.-


    $. /rovide a data source for your table. If you did not previously select a group of cells,

    you ill need to select the cells no. 0fter you pick your range, a dialog bo" ill

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    appear, either the reate Table dialog +reate &ist dialog in !"cel 2##$- or the )ormat

    0s Table dialog.

    The (here is the data for your table3( field displays the absolute reference+s- for the

    current cell+s- selected. If you ant to change this information, you can type in a

    different cell or range reference.


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    4. Indicate hether your table has headers. If your table has headers, check the (5y

    table has headers( bo". If you dont check this bo", the table ill display default

    header names +(olumn 1,( (olumn 2,( etc.-.

    You can change a column name by selecting the header and typing in your on name

    in the formula bar.

    Question 2.Give example for mathematics formula using Excel

    )ormulas are a mi"ture of 6functions,7 6operators,7 and 6operands.7 8efore e rite a fe

    formulas, e need to create a function but before e can create a function, e first need to

    understand ro and column notation.

    9os and olumns

    To understand ho to rite formulas and functions, you need to kno about ros and


    9os run hori:ontally and columns run vertically. To remember hich is hich, think of a

    column holding up a roof ; columns go up

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    You use functions by typing them directly in or using the function i:ard. The function

    i:ard opens hen you either pick a function from the 6)ormulas7 menu from the 6)unction

    &ibrary.7 Atherise, you can type B in a cell and a handy drop

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    )or our first function, let’s use SD5+-, hich adds a list of numbers.

    Suppose e have this spreadsheet to contain plans for budgeting your family’s vacation?

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    To calculate the total costs you could rite Bb2Eb$Eb4EbF but it’s easier to use the SD5+-


    In !"cel, look for the symbol G at the top left

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    In this formula, !"cel sums the numbers from 82 to 8. Jote, e left some room belo ro

    F so that you could add to the family vacation budget ; the cost ill certainly go up as thekids list of hat they ant to do and here they ant to go gros longerK

    5ath functions do not ork ith letters, so if you put letters into the column the result is

    shon as 6LJ05!37 as shon belo.

    LJ05!3 indicates that there is some kind of error. It could be any number of things


     bad cell reference

    using letters in math functions

    omitting reCuired arguments

    spelling function name rong

    illegal math operations like division by #

    The easiest ay to select the arguments in a calculation is to use the mouse. You can add to or 

    remove from the list of arguments to the function by enlarging or making smaller the bo" that

    !"cel dras hen you move the mouse or click in another cell.

    e have clicked on the top of the sCuare dran by !"cel to take 6airline tickets7 out of the

     budget. You can see the cross

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    /ress 6enter7 to confirm the results.

    Calculation perators

    There are to types of operators? math and comparison.




    E addition

    < subtraction, or negation, e.g., M N

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    perator r!er Prece!ence

    Arder precedence is an idea from mathematics. !"cel has to follo the same rules as

    mathematics. This topic is more complicated, so take a breath and let’s dive in.

    Arder precedence means the order in hich the computer calculates the anser. 0s ee"plained in &esson 1, the area of a circle is r2, hich is the same as N r N r. It is not +r-2.

    So you have to understand the order precedence hen you rite a formula.

    Henerally, you can say this?

    !"cel first evaluates items in parentheses orking inside out.

    It then uses the order precedence rules of mathematics.

    hen to items have the same precedence, !"cel orks left to right.

    The precedence of math operators is shon belo, in descending order.

    + and - hen parentheses are used, they override the normal rules of

     precedence. This means that !"cel ill do this calculation first. e

    e"plain this further belo.

    < Jegation, e.g.,

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    Question ".#o$ to insert %&mbol '( $ith 2 !ecimal places

    ith lassic 5enu for !"cel 2##'O2#1#O2#1$ installed, you can click 5enus tab to get back

    the classic style interface.

    If you ant to specify the %ecimal place, ust follo the steps belo?

    lick )ormat menu

    lick )ormat ells, and then the )ormat ells indo ill pop up. +)igure 1-

    lick the Jumber tab, choose Jumber item in the ategory list, and you ill find

    the %ecimal /lace in the right part of the indo. *ere you can specify the decimal places

    for a built

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  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi


    lick *ome tab

    5ove to ells group= choose )ormat and click the arro ne"t to it +)igure $-

    lick )ormat ells, you can get the )ormat ells pop up indo as )igure 2 shos

  • 8/9/2019 Js 02 Nizam Fauzi



    )rom hat I can deduce, I learned various techniCues and ays of using 5icrosoft e"cel. I

    learn a lot more rules and functions found in 5icrosoft !"cel. ith this ay I can use5icrosoft e"cel practice in my daily ork 


    1. Jote 5S !"cel

    2. Internet