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  • 1. +Journal Searching andCitationsJanuary 31, 2013

2. +Goals for the Semester Increase Journal Searching and Analysis Skills Gain Experience Reading Scientific LiteratureEvaluate how diseases are researched in an academicsetting 3. +Journal Searching SciFinder Scholar Chemistry related EBSCO Google Scholar 4. +Requires University License 5. + 6. + 7. + 8. + 9. + 10. SCO + 11. + 12. +Google = Free 13. +Tips for Reading ScientificLiterature You cannot expect to read everything Try to read articles that are Most interesting to you Most relevant to your and your groups research No one has time to read all of the text. Read the abstract, intro, and try to discern majorpoints from the figures and schemes. Discuss what you have read with others Always take note of the author and affiliation.