Josh Hutcherson as Telemachos

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Josh Hutcherson as Telemachos. By Ship 3- The Aquaholics (Julia Pfatteicher,Alex Wilkinson, Lindsay Buono, Meg Haggerty, Will Erlanger. Josh Hutcherson. Characteristics of Telemachos. Our group decided that key characteristics of Telemachos include: Around the age of 20 Naive Strong Brave - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Josh Hutcherson as Telemachos

Josh Hutcherson as TelemachosBy Ship 3- The Aquaholics (Julia Pfatteicher,Alex Wilkinson, Lindsay Buono, Meg Haggerty, Will ErlangerJosh HutchersonOur group decided that key characteristics of Telemachos include:Around the age of 20NaiveStrongBraveTrusting in the will of the godsCharacteristics of Telemachos...Telemachos saw the visitor long before the others. He was a fine-looking boy; and he sat there among the intruders in deep distress, with his heart full of his noble father. He wondered if his father would suddenly appear and make a clean sweep of them all, and take his own honourable place again, and manage his property (13).Josh Hutcherson displays this character in the movie, The Hunger Games, when he is chosen to represent his district in the Hunger Games involuntarily

Call to HeroismYou will not lack either courage or sense in the future, Telemachos, for we can see now that there is a drop in you of your fathers fine spirit[...] But since you will lack neither courage nor sense in the future, and since the mind of Odysseus has not wholly failed in you, there is hope for the future, and I will tell you that you will succeed (28).Mentor tells Telemachos that as Odysseus's son, he is strong and and will go far in life. His journey will be successful. This is like Peeta in the Hunger Games when he shows his bravery by

Bravery and StrengthYou are a boaster, Telemachos, and you dont know how to keep your temper! (29).In the film Bridge to Terabithia, Josh Hutcherson successfully portrays an upset Jesse Aarons after his best friend, Leslie Burke, dies. Josh Hutcherson is also shows that he can accurately play someone who has a poor temper in the film, The Hunger Games.

Short-TemperedAntinoos, with your friends rioting all round it is impossible to enjoy a meal in peace and quiet. Is it not enough, men, that you have not been carving up a good portion of my possessions all this time, while I was still a boy? But now you see I am grown up, and I hear everyone talking about it, and so I find things out; now I feel my own strength, and I mean to do my best to bring retribution upon you when i come back from Pylos, or now in this country! I mean to go, and no one shall prevent me, even if I must go as a passenger, since I am not to have my own ship and crew: I suppose that suited you better (29).Josh Hutcherson's character in The Hunger Games, Peeta, mentions to Katniss that if he is going to die in the games, he would want to still be himself. Josh Hutcherson shows that he can play someone who is strong-willed by not allowing the games to change the person that he is before the games.

Strong-willedCheer up, Nanny, this is Gods will, let me tell you[...] (30).In The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson shows that he can play a trusting character. He successfully conveys complete trust in Katniss. The trust that he has in The Hunger Games is will be replicated in his role as Telemachos.

Trusting in the will of the gods


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