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  • Joe Kelly Whitetail Expert

    Joe Kelly is a native South Carolinian who lives in Mountville, in the Piedmont section of the state. He has studied and hunted all forms of wildlife for more than 35 years ahas literally spent hundreds of hours just watching wildlife in their natural habitat. Joe has learned enough about wildlife to be able to understand what, and more importantly why, they do the things they do. Hell share his knowledge of whitetail habits with yat the Expo.



    o The South Carolina SLAM Award was presented to Joe by Governor Richard Riley. Twin this award, an outdoorsman must kill a record book buck or a 19# or larger wild turkey plus catch a 7 1/2 # or better bass, a 20# or larger striped bass as well as a trout measuring over 14 inches.

    Joe co-authored a How To book titled Joe Kellys Tactics for Trophy Whitetail. Hes produced 13 outdoor videos covering whitetail, turkey and hog hunting techniques. Joe has been featured in Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, North American Whitetail and more. Joe travels extensively throughout the United States exhibiting his Whitetail Collections and holding seminars at outdoor shows.

    Joe Kelly & Sons Outdoors Presents The Northwest Giants Whitetail Collection

    Joe Kelly & Son Outdoors collection includes some of the finest whitetails from across Northwestern United States and Canada. This display boasts whitetails scoring in the 170 to 250 range. The racks above are just samples of whats in the whole collection, which also includes a full body mount of the famous Hanson Buck, still the Typical World Record.

    The Hanson Buck alone is worth the price of admission.