Joe Daniel LB / OL, Asst. Head Coach Prince George High School

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  • Joe Daniel LB / OL, Asst. Head Coach Prince George High School
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  • Zone blitzes bring 5 man pressure, but with the safety of Zone Coverage. Zone coverages for 5 man pressure are the 3 under, 3 deep (3) or 4 under, 2 deep (2) Blitzes use Defensive Line, Linebackers and Safeties Any player can also be asked to drop into coverage in a Zone Blitz
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  • Chance of a big reward with blitzing, with less risk than man coverage Zone blitzes are exciting for the players to mix it up Cause confusion for the Offensive Line by using line movement coupled with blitzes Cause confusion for the Quarterback because he doesnt know who will cover what area
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  • Linebackers will make SMOKE call after they get strength alignment to alert DBs they are coming. The Safety who is dropping will make a CRASH call. The Safety on the side of the blitz buzzes the flats. Strong Safety usually comes down if Mike is going. The Safety who will be responsible for Deep 1/3 responds to the CRASH Call with a YOU YOU YOU! Call.
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  • Gap-Out Step: Penetrate the Gap Lateral step with foot closest to gap responsibility Rip with inside arm, clear hip and penetrate to heel line in the gap. Cut step: Cross One Face Lateral step with foot in direction of stunt Second step 45 as you rip with off-arm Third step square up in the Gap, penetrate to heel line
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  • Long-Cut Step: Cross Two Faces Lateral step with foot in direction of stunt Second step crossover in front with back foot, third step bring first foot back to balance Attack at 45 angle, reading the hip of the 2 nd DL. If he comes to you, cross face. If he goes down, squeeze to replace his hip. Slam Technique: If a DT has contain on Pass Rush because the End is dropping, he cut steps and crashes into the hip of the OT, works lateral to ensure contain. Do not get upfield!
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  • Defensive line must communicate calls when they are dropping to pass coverage Enchilada: End Dropper, usually the DE opposite the SMOKE and CRASH Calls. Nacho: Nose Dropper, mostly on Double Edge blitzes. Taco: Tackle Dropper, nothing in our package uses a Tackle Dropper at this time. DT must hear the Enchilada call, DT will be executing SLAM Technique
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  • Mike Backer MIKE MAX (Partner w/ Strong Tackle) Sam Backer SAM SAX (Partner w/ Strong End) Will Backer WILL WAX (Partner w/ Weak End) All of these blitzes are available, every game.
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  • Force the Quarterback to move out of the pocket Blitz into the face of a throw Effective against Zone Read Weak Side WAM (Americas Fire Zone) Will and Mike FAMOUS Free Safety and Mike Strong Side SMACK Sam and Mike SMOTHER Strong Safety and Mike
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  • Contain a Quarterback who wants to break the pocket Attack edge runs like Jet Sweep and Outside Zone SAW Blitz Strong side and Weak side outside player. Can be the Defensive End, Outside Linebacker or Safety to either side.
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  • Force a Pocket Passer to move or unload early Movement to confuse Inside Zone scheme Strong Side MASH MACHETE Weak Side MAWL
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  • Contact Information: Joe Daniel Prince George High School Shameless Plugs:


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