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1 In the spirit of sharing resources among Peace Corps volunteers, I give you this collection of activities that was created by the ID practicum groups assigned to Casas Austria and Eva and translated with the help of our LCIs. The Romanian instructions for the activities are not direct translations, and are written at their most simple. I hope that this book can continue to be passed around and used and expanded upon by PCVs. Perhaps the Romanian can eventually be corrected and the instructions improved. At the end Ive included more than just activities. Weve listed in Romanian characteristics of good sportsmanship, the social and mental benefits of engaging children in activities, and an essay on Why Physical Exercise is Good (for mental health). Im pretty proud of this little book which isnt really all that much, but it constitutes my first Peace Corps project. Even better is it the work of many people, and wouldnt have been possible without numerous individual contributions. Like I said, I hope it continues to grow and spread and that newer and better versions will spring from this and find their way around Romania. S o folosii snosi!



Castron pentru Salata Hrtie pentru fiecare copil participant minus una s care p ndicie un loc n cerc. Ne aezm n cerc. O persoan st n centru, spune cum o cheam, i ce i place. Daca v place ce i place, ei schimbam locurile sau ne schimbam cu altcineva din cerc. Apoi gsim un loc liber i cineva rmane n centru. Apoi cine este n centru spune numele i ce i place.


Salad BowlWe all stand in a circle with markers for our places like musical chairs there is one place missing from the circle. A person stands in the middle. The person in the middle says their name and something they like. If anyone in the outside of the circle likes they same thing as the person in the middle the people on the outside run into the circle and have to find a new place in the circle. The new person in the middle says their name and something they like.* No one wins this game, its just one you play for an allotted amount of time, but its a good ice breaker or introduction game. Its also a good game to practice your Romanian vocabulary and impress the kids with words that you know.


Super Rapid! mingea Cinci sau mai multe persoane Noi stm n picioare n cerc i o persoan n cerc ine mingea i o arunc la oricine din cerc. Toi trebui s i aminteasc de la cine au primit mingea i la cine au aruncat-o. Apoi ncercm s pasm mingea n jurul cercului ct de repede posibil. Grupul poate s gseasc modaliti s mite mingea ct mai repede cu putin. Toi trebuie s ating mcar cel puin n ordinea corect. Grupul ar trebui s stabileasc ct de repede s se mite mingea de la prima persona la ultima persona.


A ball 5 or more people

Warp Speed

We all stand in a circle and one person holds a ball. The person with the ball says their name and passes it to someone. We pass the ball around the circle until everyone has had it once. Everyone needs to remember who they pass the ball to and who they got it from. Then the group should try to pass the ball in the correct order as fast as possible. The group should set a goal for how fast they can pass the ball. The circle can change so that the children are standing in the order the ball must be passed. The only rule is that everyone must touch the ball in the correct order. Encourage the children to work together and be creative to see how fast the ball can be passed.


Conductorul BineFiecare person are un partener. O persoan va fi legat la ochi. Persona care nu este legat la ochi va fi conductorul. El sau ea l va lua pe partener prin cas i chiar i afar. Echipele trebuie s stea n limitele dictate de educatoare. Dup un timp prestabilit echipele schimb partenerii. Cnd ambii parteneri au avut posibilitatea s conduc i s fie condui, ne vom aeza n cerc i vom spune care sunt calitile unui bun conductor. Ce a fcut conductorul tu ca s te fac s te simi n siguran? Ce caliti de conductor crezi c sunt importante? Te face s te simi bine cnd persoana care te conduce i rspunde la ntrebri sau i cere sfatul? Ce tip de conductor vrei s urmezi? Ce tip de conductor vrei s fii?


The Good LeaderEvery person in the group has a partner. One person in the pair is blindfolded. The person who is not blindfolded is the leader. The leader must lead their partner around the space or the house. Everyone must stay inside the limits set by the teacher. After a designated amount of time the partners switch places and the other person becomes the leader. When both people have had a chance to be the leader we will sit in a circle and discuss what makes a good leader. What did your leader do that made you feel safe? What qualities of a leader do you think are important? Does it make you feel good when the person leading you answers your questions and asks for your advice? What kind of leader do you want to follow? What kind of leader do you want to be?*I have had good experiences with this exercise when the kids dont know before the exercise begins that its a leadership activity.


Turnul cel mai nalt!

Obiecte la ntmplare Dou sau mai multe persoane

Face doua sau trei echipe. Fieicare echip o s primeasc obiecte la ntmplare. (De examplu scotch, o bucat de hrtie, o bucat de sfoara, agraf de birou, i spaghetti.) Fiecare echip are cincisprezece minute s construiasc turnul cel mai nalt. Echipele trebuie s fie foarte creatoare i s lucreze mpreun. O s msurm turnurile i dicutam cum echipa cu turnul cel mai ntalt s-a gndit s fac asta. Dac toi mebrii echipei au luat parte la proiect. Discutm cum celelalte echipe au facut turnile. Care este cel mai bun mode de a comunica?


The Tallest Tower Random objects 2 or more people Divide the children into two or three teams. Each team is given some random objects (like string, tape, a piece of paper, a paper clip, and spaghetti). Each team has 15 minutes to build the tallest tower possible. Teams should try to be creative and work together. Measure the towers. How did the team with the tallest tower come up with the idea? Did everyone on the team participate? How did members of other teams share ideas? What ways of communicating work better than others?


Activitat Comunicar multe bomboane de multe culoari similar cu M&Muri Dou sau mai multe persoane Daca nu ai bomboane, poi s toloeti buci mici de hrtie. Toi primesc un amestec de culori. Scopul este s schimbam culoarea pn fiecare persoan are o singur culoare dar trebuie s fac asta fara s vorbeasc. Dupa joc, poate sa mnnce bomboanele (poft bun!) i discutm cum a terminat jocul fara s vorbeasc. A fost dificil? Cum a facut s se decid care culoare a vrut? Te-ai rzgndit n privina culorii? De ce?


Communication Activity (or the M&M Game) A lot of multicolored candies similar to M&Ms 2 or more people You will need a collection of multi-colored candies. If you dont have candies little pieces of colored paper will work. Everyone gets a variety of colors. The object of the activity is to change with other people so that each person has only one color. You must do this without speaking. After the game enjoy eating the candy and discuss how did you communicate without speaking? Was it difficult? How did you decide what color you wanted? Did you change your mind? Why?


Pietrele de Lav10 sau mai multe minge 5 sau mai mult prosoape sou sfoar 4 sau mai multe persoane

Facei dou grmezi. Punei jumtate din mingi in fiecare parte. Facei dou echipe. Gsii un partener. Folosii un prosop sau o sfoar i legai-va mna stng cu mna dreapta de la alt copil. Cnd spunei, Hai! copiii trebuie s mute toate mingile n ca alt parte. Prima echip care mut toate mingile n alt parte este cstigatoare. Dar, voi nu putei s folosii mna sau laba piciorului.


Hot Lava Rocks 10 or more balls of different sizes 5 or more towels or pieces of string 4 or more people Make a line down the center of your playing area. Put half the balls in each half of the space spread them out. Make two teams. Each child must find a partner. Use a towel or piece of string to tie the right hand of one partner to the left hand of the other partner, with some string or fabric in between. When someone says go the children have to move the balls off of their half of the field onto the other half. The first time to move all the balls off of their field wins. But you cannot use your hands or feet to move the balls (they must be moved using the slack string or fabric between the hands which are tied together.)


Trei Picioare ntrecere Staii doi cte doi.

O s legm piciorul stng de la un

partener de piciorul drept de la cellalt partener sau invers.

Se numr pn la 3 i voi alergai

ctre linia de sosire.


Three Legged Race Stand in groups of two

You will tie the right leg of one partner to the left leg of the other partner

On the count of three, all the teams will race from the beginning point to the ending point.


Blob Tag1. Sunt 2 echipe : A. Una format dintr-o singur persoan (ceilali nu vor s fie atini deca).B.

Alta format din restul jucoforilor. XXXXXX (B)

X (A) ** Ei vor s ajung unii n locul celorlali. 2. O persoan ncepe i este it (persoan de care ceilali setem=se feresc). Toi ceilali stau n partea opus. Cnd ncepe toi cei care nu sunt it ncearc s fug n partea cealalt fr s fie atini. Dac eiti atins, atunci treci de partea lui it ei formezi un grup. De fiecare dat cnd o persoan este atins, trece n grupa cealalt (n grupa lui it). Aa c tu poii s ai un grup mare sau de ndat ce grupul are 56 persoane, se schimb rolurile.


Ultima persoan care rmne neatinsa este ctigtor Ei devine it pentru jocul urmtor.

Blob TagLike Traditional tag but blobier 1. In a large field designate two sides: One side being the IT side and the other side being the others side. 2. On go, both sides start running towards each other. IT tries to tag as many people as possible. However, instead of these people becoming out when tagged, they link elbows and join IT forming a blob. 3. Those who were not tagged continue to run within the boundaries of the field while the blob continues its attempts to tag people. It is an ongoing attempt; the game doesnt stop until the end. 4. Once the blob obtains 5 or 6 people, it splits forming multiple blobs.


5. The game ends when there is only one untagged person left standing. That person starts off as IT for the next game.


Barbatul, oarecele, Elefantul1.

Stai doi cte doi spate n spate.

2.Cnd zic 3 v ntoarceii i artaii semnul.


Schimbai parteneri.

Cnd zic 3 facei la fel.

Barbatul bate oarecele Elefantul bate barbatul oarecele bate elefantul


Man, Mouse, Elephant1. Stand in partners back to back2.

Choose one of the three and impersonate On the count of three switch and face the partner


4. When you turn decide who wins each round, and repeat.


Man beats mouse(man indicated by whatever bending the arms at the elbow in a muscles gesture)

Elephant beats man

(elephant indicated with the arms in a trunk gesture)

Mouse beats elephant(mouse indicated with the fingers near the nose in whiskers gesture.)

*this is a game of chance similar to rock, paper, scissors

Cat and MouseCat and Mouse can be played outside or in a gymnasium. It is best if played with large groups to make the catching a little more challenging. SETUP 1. Arrange participants in 4 rows or more, each row containing at least 6-7 people. Each participant should have their arms


outstretched touching the fingertips of the person to the right and left of them, creating a wall like structure. XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX *these rows are called streets Designate 1 cat, 1 mouse and 1 leader. Place the leader in front of the rows and put the cat and mouse to the side. 2. Practice the street formation and then introduce the alley formation. Alleys are formed by each person turning to their left (or right, for that matter) so that their fingertips touch those of the people in front and behind them (from the street form). The form looks like this: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 3. Practice both street and alley formations and then get ready to play. RULES 1. Neither the cat nor mouse can run under the arms of the participants. They must follow the street or alley. However, it doesnt matter which street or alley they run down.


2. Only the leader can make the changes in directions, that is, the leader calls streets or alleys. The participants change formation with each call. As mentioned before, the cat and mouse must obey these calls. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Leader stands in front of the rows with the cat and mouse beside them. 2. The leader gives the mouse a head start in running through the streets/alleys. The cat soon follows, trying to catch the mouse by tagging it. Meanwhile, the leader is changing the formation by randomly calling street or alley. 3. Once the mouse is caught a new game starts and a new leader, cat and mouse are chosen. *If the cat has too much trouble catching the mouse the roles can be reversed: cat becomes mouse and vice versa. TIPS * Play in a large area so that the game can be spread out. This requires more running and adds a little challenge to the game; plus, the more participants the better.


Cri de Joc


Lingurile pentru fiecare participant minus unul Toi stau in cerc cu lingurile pe mas. Vrei patru cri la fel acelasi numr. Fiecare persoane primete patru cari i schimba cu persoanele de lng ea pe stnga. Nu poi a vea mai mult de patru cari. Cnd prima persoana are patru cari la fel, el sau ea o s ia o lingur. Apoi toate persoanele trebuie s aib lingur. Persona fara o lingura nu este n joc. De fiecare dat o persoan este afar din joc lu o lingur. Tot timpul trebuie s fie o lingur mai puin dect numrul de personae. Repetai pn la dou persoane. Apoi persoana cu lingura casting.


A deck of playing cards


A spoon for every person playing the game except one

The spoons are in the middle of the table and the people sit in a circle around the spoons. Each person is dealt four cards. The object is to get four cards of a matching number. You can not hold more than four cards at once. You look at your cards and pass the ones you dont want to the person on your left, and receive cards from the person on your right. When the first person gets four of a kind, that person grabs a spoon. Once the first person grabs a spoon, everyone has to grab a spoon. The person without a spoon is out of the game. Continue until youre down to two people and one spoon. The person with the spoon at the end of the game is the winner!

Mergi la Pescuit


Cri de Joc Dou sau mai multe persoane

Fiecare copil primete 5 crti. Cnd ai dou cri cu numere la fel, pui crile pe mas. Copilul care este cel mai tnr este primul. El cere unei persoane dac are un numer. Dac are numrul, el i d carte. Dac el nu are numrul, el spune Mergi la pescuit, si copilul ia o carte din mijloc. Dac tu nu ai nici o carte cnd este rndul tu, ia o carte din mijloc. Cnd tu ai dou cri cu numerele la fel, pui cri pe mas. Cnd toate cri sunt pe mas jocul este terminat. Copilul cu cel mai multe perechi este cstigtorul.

Go Fish


Every child is given 5 cards. When you have 2 cards of the same number put the cards on the table. The rest of the cards are put face down in a pool on the table. For every card you have you want to find its pair. You ask another person the table if they have any of the specific number. If they do, they must hand it over to you to make the pair. If not they say, Go fish. Then you draw one card from the pool. Drawing a card ends your turn and its now someone elses turn to ask you for a specific number. When the pool dries up the player with the most pairs is the winner.




Hrtie pentru fiecare copil Un marker Foarfec Dou sau mai multe persoane

Folosii markerul, facei 16 ptrele pe hrtie. Scrieti numerele 1-16 in ptrele. Facei fiecare hrtie diferit. Fiecare copil primete una. O s folosesc un cuvnt pentru exemplul meu, dar putei s folosii numere, culori, sau altceva. Facei 16 cri cu un cuvnt mic pentru fiecare copil. Spunei un cuvnt i spunei un numar ntre 1-16. Copiii pun fiecare cuvnt pe un numr. La primul copil cu patru ptrele pe linie orizontal sau vertical este ctigtorul.



A piece of paper for every child A marker Scissors Two or more people

Using the marker make a grid with 16 squares on the paper. Write the numbers 1-16 in the boxes in no particular order. Make every card different. Every child should have a card. Numbers are just one example of how to play this game, you could also use colors, words or something else. Make 16 small cards for answer in a box, or each number 1-16 so you can keep track of which numbers have been spoken. Say an answer or example of a number 1-16. The children put a cover, like a bead or small piece of paper over the number on their card. The first child to cover all the numbers correctly in a line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally is the winner.

Geografie Personal


Mesele sau scaunele

Mesele sau scaunele reprezint obiectie pe o hart, ca orasie, oceanie, sau ri. Spunei copiilor Voi reprezentai un obiect precis, ca un oras, un ocean, sau un ara. Cnd voi spunei Hai! ei merg i stau n picioare n localitile corecte.

Personal Geography


Chairs or tables Tables or chairs represent specific objects on the map, continents, oceans, countries or cities. Say to the children Each of you represent a specific thing. Name the continent, ocean, country or city. When you tell them to go they move and stand in the correct location in relation to each other and to the oceans, continents, or countries represented by the tables and chairs.

Peste Tot n Lume


Cri de matematic sau altcineva Dou sau mai multe persoane

Spunei la copiilor, Staii jos n un cerc. Un copil sta in picioare langa inca copi. Voi i artai un carte de matematic. Primul copi care rspunde corect este ctigtorul. El merge lng alti copii. Voi i artai o carte diferit. Din nou primul copi care rspunde corect este ctigtorul. El merge mai departe. Cnd un copil merge peste tot n cerc, jocul este terminat, si copilul care a mers peste tot n cerc este ctigtorul final. -Putei s jucai cu multe crti, de exemplu crti cu cuvinte scurte, animalie, sau culori.

Around the World


Mathematical flash cards (or other flash cards such as colors or words) 2 or more people

Tell the children to sit down in a circle. One child will stand next to another in the circle. At the same time, show them both the flash card. The first one to respond correctly is the winner. He or she moves next to the next child. Show them both a different card. The first child to respond correctly is the winner. He moves on again. When one child has moved all around the circle the game is finished and you have the ultimate winner.

Cursa cu Obstacole i Academici


Cri de Matematic Unul sau mai multe persoane

Punei crtile de matematic in locuri diferite. Punei scaune, mese, pernele, intre cri. Primul copil care rspunde corect la toate intrebarilede pe cartoare depete toate obstacolele i este ctigtorul final!

Academic Obstacle Course


Mathematical flash cards (or other flash cards such as colors or words) One or more people Put the cards in different locations. Put them on chairs, tables, pillows and in books. The first child to respond correctly to all the questions on the cards in the obstacle course is the ultimate winner.

Numrul Magic


Cri de Joc

Fiecare copil primete dou crti. Alegei un numr ntre 1-20. Cnd copilul are dou cari egale cu numerul magic, el este ctigtorul. Dac ei nu au numrul magic, ei pun o carte pe mas i iau nc una.

The Magic Number A deck of playing cards


Every child is given two cards. Choose a number 1-20 to be the magic number. When a child has two cards which equal the magic number through some equation, he or she is the winner. If no one has the magic number put the cards on the table and the children take one more.

A Colora cu Numerele


Facei o desen simpl. Punei numerele n obiecte din desen. Sub desen scriei ce numera = ce culoare. Copii coloreaz desenul.

Color by NumbersMake a simple drawing. Put numbers inside the objects in the design. Below the drawing write what number = what color. The children color in the design matching the correct number to the correct color.

A Aduce Aminte


Hrtie Un Marker Foarfec Tiai 20 ptrele din hrtie. Punei un numr la fel pe dou ptrele. Scriei pe toate ptrelele n felul acesta. Punei toate ptrelele pe mas aa voi nu potei s vedei. Un copil alege dou ptrele, Dac ei sunt la fel, le ia. Cnd copiii au toate ptrelele, jocul este terminat. Copiii cu cele mai multe ptraele este cticgaorul.



Paper A Marker Scissors Cut out 20 cards (squares). Put the same number (or picture, or color) on two cards. Write on all of the cards in this way (so that each card has a matching one). Put all the cards face down on the table so you cant see them. One child chooses two cards. If they match, he or she takes the cards and has another turn. If not they are turned face down again and the next person chooses. When all the cards are taken the game is over and the child with the most matching pairs is the winner.


Social i Mental


Jocurile de copii sunt bune pentru iscusine le sociale. Acedte jocuri i nvaa pe copii s se exprime. Copiii vrea s fac jocuri n fiecare zi. Jos este un tabel cu condiii. Jocurile pot s ajute. Scuzele pentru simplitate. Cnd copii se joac creierul lor va elibera un drog Seratonin. drog numit serotonin. Drogul seratonin ajut la eliberarea probleme lor emoionale.

Beneficiu de Social


ncredere Demnitate Conducere

Ascultare o A focaliza o A se concentra

A executa dispoziii

analiza abstract

spirit sportiv Respect

Spirit de echip

A ajuca n o echip

A scdea prejiuneao Mental

o Fizic

Instruire prin distracie

Spirit Sportiv Bun


1. 2.3.

Urmai regulile de joc. Evitati disputele. mprtiti responsabilitatea n grup. Ajutai-l pe cel mai puin

4.5. 6.

talental. Totdeauna jucai cinsit! Urmai directiile antrenorului. Respectai efortul ncurajai grupul. Acceptai judecrile arbitrului. Terminati jocul lin. adversarului. 8. 9. 10.


De ce exerciiul fizic este bunSunt multi produsi chemicil in creier. Ei fac foame, inteligenta, i viata. Seretonin ridica chemicalele in creier. Seretonin controleaz

47 emotioniilor. Schimb stare de spirit, respectul de sine, imagina de sine, si confidentalui. Cnd oameni au mult seratonin, ei au depresie. Despresie este o disabilitate care te face ne fericit si fara energie. Sunt multuri mode sa spori seratonin in creierului. Mancare, ca ciocolat te pot face foarte fericit. Sunt multe medicamente, ca Prozac, Zoloft, si mai mult, care te fac sa te simtibine. Exercitiu spori respectful de sine, imagina de sine, si confidenta latentului. Cand tu exersezi, temperatura corpului sporetei, care terminat depresia cu influente chemicalelor creierlui. Respectul de sine spori pentru ca tu faci un rol activ recuperarealor. Echipa de sport este un eventiment social. Exercitiul arde chimicalele stresului ca adrenalina, care iti face relax. Exercitiu distractie de la tot rau in viata ta. Energie inferior si somn rau sunt simptome de despresie, dar exercitiu duce de la energie spori si somn mai bun. Sunt multe beneficii fizice. Improvizeaza fitnesul, cardiovascular, reduce riscul de moarte premature, reduce nivelul de colesteral, reduce presiuinea sange, intretinere de greutate sanatos, si imbunatati tarie muschilor. Este foarte simplu sa excertiti. Gasiti activitati distractie. Cere membrilor familielor sau preitenilor sau fie partenerul tau. Exercitiu doua de la cince timp in o saptamana pentru treizechi minute sau trei sesuini pentru zeche minute. Incalzire si raciere jos. Exertitiu foarte simplu acasa ta: Spalat o maina pentru patruzeci si cinci de la sizechi minute. Gradinarit pentru treizechi de la patruzechi si cinci minute. Mers pe jos trei kilometer in patruzechi minute. Mers cu bicicleta opt kilometer in treizechi minute. Inot douazechi minute. Fugi doi kilometer in cinciprezeche minute.