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  • Visual Dolphin Job Costing is designed fon anybusiness that changes on the basis of t ime,matenial, labon and othen costs. lt is a powenfultool fon business analysis, as it enablesestimating the costs of jobs & pr"ojects, issuingclient's quotations, contnolling the cost spentand genenating the invoices.It monitons at a glance how much was spenton each job [such as matenials used, t imelogged by pensonnel and local punchasesdinectly allocatedl, nelated supplien ondens[LPOs], histony of estimates/quotations andothen cnitical job infonmation.Wh i l e t ha t app l i es t o j us t abou t anybusiness, Visual Dolphin Job Cost ing ispa r t i cu lan l y use fu l t o some spec i f i cousrness rypes:

    o '--r ' r l 'rr; j t.: ' : i ,,,,- , l l .t i :::; i l l :.: i-.;:: Pt'OjeCt COSLaccount ing is v i ta l fon any business thatpnovides finm bids on othen pnice quotesbefone doing wonk. By tnacking costs foreach job, it is possible to see how close the

    onig inal est imate was. Visual Dolphin JobCostinq featunes are well suited for^ thef ol lowin-g types of estimate-ba sed busi nesses :Constnuction, Pninting, Advertising Agencies,PR & Event organizens, lT & Telecommunication,Lanoscaprng..,

    o : , : ' : ; : : j : , . r : 1 . , : : ' : ; ' . r - . . : i l r ' : , 4 i . ; i : : : ' : : r - . 1 : ' : : i l a : : , ,Because job cost accounting is so good attnacking b i l lab le costs, i t wonks wel l for 'senvice businesses and pnofessionals that bil lfon senvices on an hounlv or " t ime andmatenia ls" basis . The fo l lowing types ofbusiness pnofessionals wi l l appneciate thet ime b i l l ing featunes of Visual Dolphin JobCosting: Lawyens, Architects, Accountants,Pno fess iona l eng ineens , So f twaneoeveropens. . .

    V isual Dolphin Job Costrng is based onwonking pnocedunes found in hundreds ofinstitutions fnom specialized industnies. lt isthe resul t o f more than 20 yeans ofexpenience in implement ing business

  • rr: ' : Qlgntral Features

    Visual Dolphin Job Costing offers the following advantages:

    . Design work breakdown stnuctures that are unique to a projectr Define project bnief and attach unlimited number of documents [scanned, CSV

    Wond, Excel , PDF.. .J. Define project/job details with total cost elements and Bill of Guantities. Define the cost estimate including supplier's preliminary quotations, BOM [Material

    used, Labor, Local purchases, Outsourced tasks, subcontracting, Equipment...Jo WIP: Allocate costs & charges related to the JoblPnoject: Time sheet, Mater ial,

    Outsourcing/Sub contnacting, Local purchases, Equipment. Vanious b i l l ing methods: Ful l or par t ia l amounts, based on del ivered tasks on

    quantit ies, cost plus, retainer fees, pencent of accomplishment...Define a workflow fon job definit ion, estimation, quotation and approval. Shareinfonmation between the different actors involved in the projectSave templates pne-defining jobs that may be used for othen pnojects of same typeGenerate the material requisit ion l ist for a job; and automatically places punchaseondens for missing itemslssue and manage request for quotation [FFG] befone placing vendor's ondenslssue Local Purchases Ordens ILPOs] to vendonsEasily collect and allocate employee time sheets to the pnoject, with details ofovertime. extra allocation...Cost contnol on job expenses; companison of actual cost against init ial estimates,and,/or sell ing amounts...M e a s u r e a t a g l a n c e h o w m u c h w a s s p e n t o n e a c h j o b s u c h a s c o s t i n ginformation, materials used and time logged by pensonnel...Analyze job performance using powerful, f lexible and multi-cniteria reporting andgnaphical analysis.



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    " i 'El.eate the iobA pnoper job definition is the key to accurate job costaccounting! The job definition identifies the job basicinformation, bnief, pnefenred bi l l ing mode, to which i t ispossible to attach al l relevant documents [scanned,fax, wond, dnawings... l .The financial status of the job is always up-to-date. Atany time, the budget estimate, the total value of thejob, the amount bi l led to date and the neal costreal ized can be checked onl ine.

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    m f-- ttllgtExpded Derivery Dde Belo'" i-f:; -I

    f f i M t - 6


    ! I Cunen.v I Rde ISD /SAR Ii J

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    f RdeusD/sAR f :

    |7Mybbff iw q i f f i E w iff i

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  • rt *me* ffi*emec'r*m I &***w*tes d re*Eg *ff ffiu*mtr*5ms

    o.scrnron iji- * r.chc.rsp.c. tm. vd% F;$ c', samcrrcc s'rrf;oflb" t:ljl*'::4il I usD loo.oo8oM 'lBoM .l

    f -- EF [email protected] laac"c ]

    C r . d . d B , , 0 . ! 0 ! _ r ) 0 F , q d e d B y / 0 n r i r . 0 . - .

    Visua l Do lph in Job Cos t i ng a l l ows thed e ta i l e d d e f i n i t i o n o f a j o b IB i l l o fGuant i t ies] that goes up to foun levels ofh ieranchy [Sub- jobs, Main act iv i t ies, Subac t i v i t i es , B i l l ab le t op i cs l . Add i t i ona ltechnical descr ipt ion may be entered atthe lowest b i l lab le level .

    #c** sseEpg?#*i*c?

    The cost elements/activities ane the lowesrcomponents of a job fon which a cost and a sellingpnice [shaping the bil l of quantit iesJ can beassigned. In onder to ease the computation of thecosl estimate, the system allows defining the billof matenial that includes material neededpunchases/outsouncing, subcontracting, andhuman nesounces, all allocated to each activitv.

    'r &ac*&e &*-e J*fuGuot ing a job goes a lso at the act iv i ty level [B i l l o f Guant i tyJ, and could be based on the est imated cost . InVisual Dolphin Job Cost ing, a usen can add a mank up on the ovenal l cost , inc lude the company fees pen coste lement Iby value or pencentage] , or" re ly on pnedef ined sel l ing pr ices, /c l ient deals. Several Ievels ofd iscounts can be combined and set per" jobWhen done, the quotat ion is generated us ing sevenal usen-def ined layouts. Visual Dolphin Job Cost ing keepstrack of the d i f ferent vers ions issued as neference. A speci f ic quotat ion for a c l ient can be even saved as atemplate fon futune usage.

    t r*ex*bEe #5*3r=gSelect fnom pre-def ined b i l l ing methods the most appnopr iate fon the pr"oyect l V isual Dolphin Job Cost ingpnoposes four" d i f fenent b i l l ing modes:. Nonmal mode; whene the invoices are issued totally or" par"tially in percentages of the total value of the pr"oject.r By percentage of accompl ishment ; invoic ing is nelated to the job pnogr ess and to the neal ized act iv i t iesConsequent ly , invoices are issued propont ional to the achieved pants of i t .

    r F leta inen fee; common to senvic ing companies, i t issues monthly invoices re lated to lump sum serv icesoffened to the clients,

    . Cost Plus; invoices ane issued based on the expenses a l ready real ized. Such expenses could be based onthe t ime of pensonal , mater ia l , punchases done on behal f o f the c l ient . In such case, the quotat ion couldinc lude the uni t cost nates and/or the tota l est imated value of the iob.


    . Prepare Purchase order formissing material

    . lssue Materialrequired from stock

    o Send BFO to supplierso Selecb most appropniate price. lssue the LPO

    o Based on deliveriee, in phases. Percent of accomplishmento Monthly retainer feer Cost Plus

    o MaterialSpento Purchase invoices from supplierso Time spent bared on time Sheeto Equipment depreciation

    r Cost Esfi,V/$ Billing V/$ Acrual Co*



    "'WoFkflour / Siales trackingVisual Dolphin Job Cost ing includes a workf low funct ional i ty that helps def ine the cycle through which thejob has to go to get its final appnoval. Notes can even be exchanged between actors to impnovecommunicat ion and turn the off ice in a paperless envinonment!

    When approved, the job generates automatical ly tasks that can be assigned to di f ferent departments orresources, according to an appnopniate order of execut ion

    " 'Giener.ate the Material Flequisit ionVisual Dolphin Job Cost ing executes a job completely on part ial ly, as pen user decision. The quant i tynequined fon the execut ion of a cost element is also neviewed and conf irmed by the usen.Visual Dolphin Job cost ing checks i f the mater ial required for a specif ic job is avai lable in stock. Thematenial requisi t ion l ist gener ates automatical ly Purchase Orders fon missing mater ial and stock issuereouests for matenial avai lable in stock.

    "n lsslre LPC! oF Lclcal Punchase clrdensIt happens that the execltion of a job requires the intenvention of a thind-party vendor at some stage ofthe job l i fecycle. Local Purchase Ordens or LPO are typical ly ondens issued to outsounce services orsubcontnact specif ic tasks.

    Visual Dolphin Job cost ing offens a tendering funct ion that issues several nequests fon quotat ion IRFG]for the execution of a specific task. lt tnacJ

  • r r *ecur i tyL ike any o then V i sua l Do lph in p roduc t , V i sua l Do lph in Job Cos t i ng ensunes tha t r i gh t t o use a l l cnuc ia lbus iness pnocesses i s secu re . Secu r i t y gnoups ane cnea ted to nes tn i c t usens 'access to spec i f i cf unc t i ons on pnognams : a hand le r i s g i ven a l im i t ed access to t he i ns t i t u t i on j obs ; he can on l y v i ew h i sal located jobs. Staf f in a branch par t of a mul t i -bnanch organizat ion has access to the bnanch jobs butno t t he who le o rgan i za t i on .

    Access l imi tat ions can even be def ined at the level of cer ta in f ie lds in Visual Dolphin Job Cost ing whene,fo r examp le , a pnoduc t i on managen can see the cos t bu t no t t he sa les cond i t i ons wh i l e a sa les managersees the sales but not the cost .

    ' t ?reck ExpearsesDur ing the j ob execu t i on , a l l expenses ne la ted tothe iob ane a l located to the WIP or Wonk inPnoo iess accoun ts , Exoenses i nc lude the l oca lpu rdhases ILPOJ fnom dupp l i e r s , l abon cos t f nomt h e n m n l n v e e s ' t i m e s h e e t a n d t h e c o s t o fmatenia l spent on the pro ject i tse l f , At any t ime,the nea l cos t o f t he 1ob can be checked andcomoared to t he i n i t i a l es t ima te .

    A t j ob end on when the pno jec t i s de l i vened , t heexoenses ane nemoved fnom the WIP accountsand neal located to the ovenal l pnoject cost ,

    " Enqui ry & FEepmn*sVisua l Do lph in Re ta i l POS p resen ts a powen fu lse t o f nepon ts t ha t he lps t he bus iness ana l yzethe pno f i t ab i l i t y o f each j ob compared to t hein i t i a l es t ima tes .

    T h e u s a g e o f a s t a n d a n d r e p o n t i n g t o o lp n o v i d e s t h e n e q u i n e d f l e x i b i l i t y t o p n o d u c ee f fec t i ve reoon ts and enab les t he usens toe x p o r t a l l r e p o r t d a t a t o a n e x t e n n a l f i l e ,u t i l i z i ng mos t o f t he s tandand suppon ted da tat ypes , l i ke ASC l l , R t f o r Exce l .

    Samp le Job Cos t i ng Repon ts :

    Job Status

    List of lnvoices

    Actual cost listing

    Monthly production sales

    Monthly billingStatistics by Supplier

    Statement per Job

    Companison between estimate and realized

    Cost AccrualTime Sheet

    9daclin &laia ComriaPrdlct f*

    ---- --

    |ry;Tre I i'gpBdTttcstTFISCl6Sl

    cl6t iI

    rtr|cr : *I

    Job t

    Codccrla i -


    EtrElqE I


    isAn *--*jl

    'fi'**---**_ lCBI

    -'___*-_***_*- F#rtsrda iAt -i i5**..;j iiun".d."bd'*;ityp {----*"-ADde Scledin

    r,m {or,orizoz i n fu#;tw=l rca' fc^roJ'- -ICd Et6st jSqb co6t Effir


    Gru48y G,rfar '.--''- - -- - -*.tl

    LrytFq Art dCJL.I rr- - - -;

    gttdO* i-.'-"' **



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