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  • Jessica Lonsdale | Creative Copywriting & Communications Portfolio: Corporate Blogs Fortress Security: This client came to our agency needing a website redesign and a complete inbound marketing plan. Working closely with Fortress CEO, I created a content strategy for their new blog that combined useful and timely general security information with blog posts highlighting some of Fortress key differentiators in products and services.

  • My Family Lawyer: Puhl & Berbarie needed an online presence that would attract potential clients and earn their trust in the difficult realm of divorce and asset division. I worked closely with our SEO technician to generate a list of high-ranking topics and keywords, and wrote a series of blog posts designed to engage Puhl & Berbaries target audience, drive traffic, and increase their client base.

  • Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute: Dr. Hubbard and his team needed a way to reach out to potential plastic surgery patients who were nervous about committing to a surgical procedure. I wrote a series of blog posts that focused on communicating accurate scientific information in a calm and positive tone designed to reassure the reader.

  • Allegiance Capital: One of the investment bankers at Allegiance Capital, Tanya Marvin-Horowitz, wanted a way to reach out to women business owners who were thinking about selling their company. I wrote several articles for her that would connect with women readers in the largely male-dominated world of banking and C-level business operations.