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BILLY ELLIOT (2000) - A talented young boy becomes torn between his unexpected love of dance and the disintegration of his family.

STEP UP (2006) - A street dancer is forced to do community service at a ballet school where he learns lessons in dance, life and love.

SHALL WE DANCE (2006) - A romantic comedy where a bored signs up for ballroom dancing lessons.


It's not who you are, it's who you want to become...

e've all gone through times in our lives feeling like something is holding us back from touching our dreams. Imagine if that somebody was your family or something wrong with you physically. What would you do? How would you cope? This is subject that the inspiring short film Jete tackles. Directed by first timer Gemma Davey, she also demonstrates her amazing dancing skills as she flawlessly performs as the lead protagonist Faye Edwards. Faye has had a hard time throughout her life - trying to achieve her life time dream of going to a dancing college and doing what shes best at.

Yet, there are obstacles in the narrative. It seems our heroine has sacrificed her social life and disappointed her parents all for this risk. And is it worth it? After a physical examination, will Faye be in the best condition to continue dancing?

Above: Gemma strikes a pose as Faye. Right: Behind the scene pictures of cast and crew.

how Fayes friends have finally had enough of her. The editing, done by Eilish Crowther is quick and fast paced, looking especially fantastic during montage scene with perfectly timed match on action. The producer, Lauren James, has worked hard with this and the result is definitely worth it. VERDICT: Unlike any other short film in the same genre, 'Jete' is a welcome surprise a short film for the entire family showing that you just need determination to follow your dreams. A moving dancing drama.

Jete comes from the French word for to throw, the underlining meaning, of the title of the short film, shows us how in depth the film makers have considered every detail. Is Faye about to throw her dream away? Of course, Jete is also a term for a ballet dance move where the dancer does a splits while leaping into the air, which Davey does incredibly during the short film. The cinematography, led by Sarah Freeman, in 'Jete gives defined meaning for the film, showing the audience how under supportive Fayes parents and