Jerusalem as a place of pilgrimage.. Where is Jerusalem? United Kingdom Mecca JERUSALEM

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Text of Jerusalem as a place of pilgrimage.. Where is Jerusalem? United Kingdom Mecca JERUSALEM

  • Jerusalem as a place of pilgrimage.

  • Where is Jerusalem?United KingdomMeccaJERUSALEM

  • Who goes to Jerusalem?Jerusalem is a very special place for Christians, Muslims and Jews.

  • Why is it important to Christians?It is where they believe Jesus lived and died.

    Jesus died on Golgotha, whichis in Jerusalem.Jesus was born inBethlehem but wasbrought to the templein Jerusalem a few daysafter he was born.

  • Why is it important to Muslims? Muslims believe it is where Mohammed ascended into heaven.

    Muslims believe that Mohammed was carried on a winged horse fromMecca to Jerusalem.Then he was taken up to heaven byangels.

  • It is where they believe that Abraham sacrificed his son.Why is it important to Jews? Can you remember where Muslims believe Abraham sacrificed his son? It is also where King David brought the Ark of the Covenant in 1000 BC.On Mount Arafat in Mecca! Can you guess what is meant by the Ark of the Covenant?It is the ten commandments that were written on stone by Moses.

  • Jews believe that King Davids son, Solomon, built a temple to keep the Ark of Covenant safe.They say that Solomon prayed to God and asked Him to accept the temple and to live inside its walls.Jews believe that God agreed, and so this is where they came to be close to Him.until.

  • The temple was destroyed by a group of people called the Babylonians! The Jewish people started to rebuild the temple but it wasnt finished until 75 years later!But.

  • The temple was destroyed again this time by the Romans!

  • Jews pray every day that God will allow a third temple to be built. Now, all that remains of the temple is one wall, the western wall.Jews believe that one day God will send his only son, and some people think that when this happens they will be allowed to build the temple.

  • Today, Jews come from all over the world to visit the western wall.

    They believe that God is still there, and that coming to the wall is the closest way of reaching Him.If they pray at the wall, then God is sure to hear them!

  • Sometimes the wall is called The Wailing Wall because people pray loudly and are sometimes moved to tears.

  • A lot of pilgrims write their prayers on a piece of paper and push the paper into the cracks in the wall.Some Jews cant come themselves and so put their prayers in the postaddressed to:God, Jerusalem

    Twice a yearthe Rabbi and his helperscollect up all of theprayers to leave roomfor others.They bury the paperson Mount Olive, aholy place in Jerusalem.It isnt just Jews that do this. People from all faiths willcome and post theirPrayers.