Jersey Arts Centre Annual Report 2012

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Annual Report for 2012


  • Annual Report 2012




  • OUR PURPOSEJersey Arts Centre exists to foster the development and celebration of the arts Island-wide and beyond.A I M S To enrich the quality of life for all residents and visitors To encourage participation in the performing, visual and literary arts To educate, inspire and to encourage debateThis is achieved by providing exciting, innovative, wide-ranging, challenging, professionaland community arts in welcoming, high-quality and accessible environments.

    2 Heath Quartet

    Honorary Life MembersSir Philip BailhacheBusick Pemberton

    Pat DubrasRobert Tilling, MBE, RI

    Tony CarterPeter Hunt

    Michael Munz-Jones

    Denise IbbotsonIan Thomas

    Rod McLoughlin

    George RitchieRay Banks FRSA

    Billie Newey

  • Jersey Arts Centre Association


    The Management Committee25 May 2011 23 May 2012Chairman Ray Banks, FRSATreasurer Alastair Torvaney (January 2011 August 2011)

    Dawn OReilly, FCCA (November 2011 23 May 2012)Secretary Jane DelmerMembers Valentine Aitken, Elizabeth Breen-Jones, Gillian Bunting,

    Andrew Goodyear, Deputy Montfort TadierThe Management Committee23 May 2012 22 May 2013Chairman Ray Banks, FRSATreasurer Dawn OReilly, FCCASecretary Sally LanghamMembers Valentine Aitken, Elizabeth Breen-Jones, Gillian Bunting,

    Andrew Goodyear, Jacqueline Mezec, Deputy Montfort TadierExhibitions Sub-committeeChairman Mark BlanchardMembers Valentine Aitken, Daniel Austin, Mark Guest, Christine Hamilton,

    Jefferson Randles, Chantal Venton, Alison WardJersey Arts Centre StaffDirector Daniel AustinDeputy Director (Administration & Marketing) Graeme HumphriesDeputy Director (Stage & Events) Steven Laffoley-EdwardsFinance Manager Christine RamsayAdministrative Assistant January April Georgina NoelAdministrative Assistant June Present Keeley SmythMarketing Manager Michelle ParkerPress and Marketing Officer January April Sarah ColterPress and Marketing Assistant April Present Nicole TwinamDistribution Coordinator February Present Justine TaylorEducation Coordinator January September Alison WardExhibitions Coordinator September Present Alison WardEducation and Outreach Coordinator May Present Georgina NoelBox Office Manager Denise RenoufBox Office Coordinator Jackie JordanDeputy Stage Manager Jason KenyonAssistant Stage Manager (Apprentice) July Present Oliver ReynoldsCaretaker March Present Stuart BowenCleaner Maria da SilvaMembership Secretary Celia CameronThe posts of Outreach Coordinator and Caretaker were both frozen in November 2008 when membersof staff resigned or retired. Provision was made in 2012 to re-create a (part-time) Caretaker post and,as a result of both the Education Coordinator and the Marketing Manager returning part-time aftermaternity leave in 2012, a new Education and Outreach Coordinator post was created.

    Reports PerformancesStatisticsExhibitionsCourses and WorkshopsEducation and OutreachACT and Junior DramayoutheatreResidenciesPeoples Choice FestivalHuman Rights FestivalChannel Islands Music CouncilLiberation Day and La Fte d NouEco-ActiveArts in Health CarePartnerships and Thanks




    Front Cover: Vamos Theatre

    Much Ado About Wenlock

  • Chairmans Report

    We celebrate our 30th year in 2013 which is atestament to our founders.The Arts are inherently a risk business.Judgements have to be made and some of ourpromotions by their nature make it unlikely thatwe will always recover all our costs. Part of thereason we are supported by the department forEducation, Sport and Culture (ESC) with a revenue grant is to promote events which wouldotherwise not happen.We report an operational loss for 2012 but it isimportant that we put this in perspective,remembering that in 2011 we reported an operational surplus. We have thus maintainedour commitment to a year-on-year balance.It is, however, increasingly difficult to maintainoperations. Our States revenue grant from ESC

    in 2013 is less than we received in 2010 inpound notes without taking inflation intoaccount. We cannot run an Arts Centre withoutan ESC States grant. We do get support inother ways. Initiatives are in hand to connectwith other States Departments: Jersey Tourism,Economic Development and Cultural Diplomacythrough our Foreign Office. Restored links withFrance and possibly new links with China mayalso ensue.The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is not yetagreed. Your Management Committee has serious reservations about the falling level ofcentral grant funding stacked against the performance indicators and responsible management commitments expected. However,your Committee fully supports the spirit of theSLA and is expecting to resolve all apparentcontradictions.

    The requirement to vacate St. James, to accommodate theYouth Service, has dominatedyour Management Committeethis past year. We have to vacatethe premises in September 2013for one year in any event, and itis unlikely, following the changesto St. James' auditorium, that itwill be suitable for future useeven if available.Efforts have concentrated onfinding suitable alternativeaccommodation which ESC andProperty Holdings are required toprovide. We proposed temporaryaccommodation at the formerMagistrate's Court in Seale Streetas rehearsal and main performance space and no betteralternative has been found. Wehave been offered the formerMagistrate's Court to share withJersey Arts Trust for five years,together with a commitment fromESC to try to provide alternativepermanent accommodation on orbefore that time. There is nodoubt that the consolidation ofthe Youth Service at the St.James complex will be of greatpublic benefit. Your Management

    Committee has agreed in principle to move tothe Magistrate's Court and has accepted ESCcommitments in good faith and we ask for yourblessing. The costs of funding the move are tobe borne by Property Holdings and there will beno rent to pay as for St. James.Maintaining our membership is a major issue.New members are needed to offset naturallosses. Festival 30, in January 2013, recruited30 new members on the day but this gain wassadly outweighed by losses. The strength of ourmembership is extremely important and stepswill be taken to redress the balance.I can report that the mandatory review of theConstitution is in its final stages after the considerable efforts of a sub-committee with theco-opted help of member Maureen Bourniquel.No major new powers are incorporated but theConstitution is now drafted in a more coherentand logical way with greater definitions ofresponsibilities and duties. The process ofadoption will lead to an Extraordinary GeneralMeeting to seek your approval inOctober/November 2013.Your committee supported a proposition fromour Finance Manager for support on day-to-daybook keeping to allow greater research andmonitoring of our pricing policy strategy andcosts control. There is a trade off here and, to a large extent, it is expected that the extra costsincurred, in the short run, will have a payback inthe longer term.Classical concerts are underwritten by AmiciArtium and your Committee is aware of fallingaudiences for classical music and will take steps in developing a plan to engage musicteachers and their students more fully. Everyextra 1 of ticket sales goes straight onto thebottom line so we will explore discounting forstudents.The ongoing viability of the Channel IslandsMusic Council (CIMC) was threatened by thesubstantial reduction of funding by both Jerseyand Guernsey States funding to the MusicServices. However, we are hopeful that theprospect of support from one of our benefactorsmay be forthcoming in partnership with a company from the corporate sector in Guernsey.No new corporate business partners have been

    Vamos Theatre: Much Ado About Wenlock

    Amici Artium: Paul Lewis4

  • added and the re-writing of the BusinessPartners brochure is not yet complete.The 24-hour piano-a-thon, between 23-24March, was an exhilarating success. We raisedover 9K, sufficient to restore the action of theSteinway, which is now done, with the restoration of the lacquer of the case scheduledfor June 2013. There were some notable bravura performances but our thanks go to allwho helped in some way, not least to our staffwho teamed up to deliver, at relatively shortnotice, an incredible performance fund-raisingevent Jersey Arts Centre at its best!A special note of thanks to Royal Bank ofScotland who bought the piano originally andwho made a significant contribution to thepiano-a-thon thus maintaining their support formusic at Jersey Arts Centre for years to come.Our Director was successful in gaining substantial financial support from the OneFoundation and the Association of Charities forour recent theatre-in-education tour.Some financial support was given by the Bailiff'sChambers, for a new security system, for LaReine, Notre Duc in the Berni Gallery to celebrate Her Majesty, The Queens DiamondJubilee. The exhibition was an outstanding success.The introduction of online ticketing has beenmarred by malfunctioning hardware and software which proved to be somewhatintractable and has been ongoing sinceSeptember 2012 and has affected operations atFort Regent and delayed introduction at JerseyOpera House. There has undoubtedly been ashort term impact on loss of bookings and greatstress on Box Office staff. The costs of this system are underwritten by ESC and will, in duecourse, give great benefit to the Arts. Theseproblems have impacted on other plans as consideration was being given to the transfer ofour files onto a central States server with theprospect of saving the costs of replacing ourown file server as a major capital item.A word of thanks to all our staff and their team-work which never fails to impress me. There areongoing pressures on such a small team and

    multi-tasking is always a feature.We were not funded for the 1% pay increaseawarded to States employees in 2012 and wehave only been funded for half of the 2%awarded to States staff for 2013. This is a serious issue and we have awarded our staffthe full 2% for 2013. We have been encouragedto seek support by conducting research into comparative pay. This initiative was, however,stalled for reasons outside our control, but is as necessary as ever. Help in bench markingand job evaluation will come from humanresources professionals at Jersey HeritageTrust.We continue to benefit from the efforts of ourdynamic, vibrant Director who has delivered the2013 theatre-in-education Mace project.

    The outstanding productions of our youtheatre,under his direction, cannot fail to impress anyobjective assessment.Choices have to be made in striking a balancebetween short-term delivery and longer-termcontrol and we are seeking to provide extrasupport to ensure that this balance is maintained. However, we will never lose sight of the fact that whilst executive control is firstamongst equals the over-riding priority is thatthe show must go on.

    Ray Banks, FRSA

    Chairmans Report Contd...

    youtheatre: The Tempest

    A Steinway technician works on the restoration of our Model D Steinway


  • Treasurers Report

    Having now served as Honorary Treasurer ofJersey Arts Centre for twelve months, it came tomy attention that we were unable to progressvarious money saving and improvement initiatives in the accounts area of the organisation due to time and resource restrictions. A proposal was put forward to theManagement Committee to take on an extrapost at 15 hours per week to assist the FinanceManager. I am pleased to announce that theManagement Committee approved this proposal and the successful candidate is now in post. Financial ResultsThe results for year ending 31 December 2012show a net operating deficit of 21,779 compared to the previous years operating surplus of 42,323. As outlined in last yearsreport, 2011 was an exceptionally good financialyear, due mainly to frozen salaried posts andfinancially successful one-off performances.Whilst there were savings in 2011 due to frozenposts, this was not sustainable and in 2012 adecision to re-instate these posts was budgetedfor and implemented. Key Highlights: Operational deficit 21,779 versus 42,323 surplus in 2011

    Total incoming resources: 818,498 versus 792,837 in 2011

    Total resources expended: 870,394 versus 778,667 in 2011

    Total net assets of: 1,158,620 Cash Balance of: 132,087 versus 594,002 in 2011 (Cash Balances in 2011 included the revenue grant)

    Throughout the year we have re-negotiated the CafJac agreement and the intention is toextend the concession agreement by a furtherthree years. I am pleased to report that improvements withour management of cash have enabled us toreceive higher than anticipated interest earned. One of the main impacts affecting the negativefinancial result for 2012 was down to a drop inincome from hirings and promotions. We arecurrently investigating the drop in income andwith this review we will also be taking into consideration external factors which may have

    contributed to this. For example: The 2012London Olympics, adverse weather conditions,programming and ticket prices as well as general higher cost of living expenses. It is ourintention this year to act more quickly to mitigateadverse variances against budget with moredetailed management information.Although 2012 has not been as financially successful as the previous year we should notlose sight of the excellent work undertaken bythe Jersey Arts Centre team and volunteers orlose sight of the fact that we are a non-profitmaking entity. On Going Review An analysis of historic and future budgeted financial results for hirings and promotions is currently taking place to enable us to budget, plan and manage our expenditure for future events.

    Continue to try and secure better interest rates on cash balances, however very difficult in the current climate.

    Utilise the on-line box office facility to encourage more on-line bookings and review our credit card booking fees/rates.

    For the FutureThe 2013 grant was reduced by approximately23k. This equated to a 5% reduction on the2012 grant figure. Although this was communicated by Education Sport and Culturein August 2010 (and is incorporated as part ofthe draft Service Level Agreement), it was madeclear by us that the reduction of 23k wouldmake it very challenging to produce a realisticbreakeven budget.As part of the Phillips Street maintenance fundJersey Arts Centre previously gave a commitment to put aside, where possible, fundsto top up the fund each year. Unfortunately, dueto the reduction in the revenue grant and theresult for 2012, this was not possible and is notforeseen to be possible for 2013. As part of the budget presentation, a furtherrequest for Capital expenditure was submittedto ESC to enable us to address necessaryimprovements and capital expenditure replacements.

    The cost of the proposed move from St. Jamesto other premises in 2013 has not been factoredinto the 2013 budget and all costs are to be metby ESC and/or Property Holdings. Whilst there are many initiatives in...