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Annual Report for 2012


  • Annual Report 2012




  • OUR PURPOSEJersey Arts Centre exists to foster the development and celebration of the arts Island-wide and beyond.A I M S To enrich the quality of life for all residents and visitors To encourage participation in the performing, visual and literary arts To educate, inspire and to encourage debateThis is achieved by providing exciting, innovative, wide-ranging, challenging, professionaland community arts in welcoming, high-quality and accessible environments.

    2 Heath Quartet

    Honorary Life MembersSir Philip BailhacheBusick Pemberton

    Pat DubrasRobert Tilling, MBE, RI

    Tony CarterPeter Hunt

    Michael Munz-Jones

    Denise IbbotsonIan Thomas

    Rod McLoughlin

    George RitchieRay Banks FRSA

    Billie Newey

  • Jersey Arts Centre Association


    The Management Committee25 May 2011 23 May 2012Chairman Ray Banks, FRSATreasurer Alastair Torvaney (January 2011 August 2011)

    Dawn OReilly, FCCA (November 2011 23 May 2012)Secretary Jane DelmerMembers Valentine Aitken, Elizabeth Breen-Jones, Gillian Bunting,

    Andrew Goodyear, Deputy Montfort TadierThe Management Committee23 May 2012 22 May 2013Chairman Ray Banks, FRSATreasurer Dawn OReilly, FCCASecretary Sally LanghamMembers Valentine Aitken, Elizabeth Breen-Jones, Gillian Bunting,

    Andrew Goodyear, Jacqueline Mezec, Deputy Montfort TadierExhibitions Sub-committeeChairman Mark BlanchardMembers Valentine Aitken, Daniel Austin, Mark Guest, Christine Hamilton,

    Jefferson Randles, Chantal Venton, Alison WardJersey Arts Centre StaffDirector Daniel AustinDeputy Director (Administration & Marketing) Graeme HumphriesDeputy Director (Stage & Events) Steven Laffoley-EdwardsFinance Manager Christine RamsayAdministrative Assistant January April Georgina NoelAdministrative Assistant June Present Keeley SmythMarketing Manager Michelle ParkerPress and Marketing Officer January April Sarah ColterPress and Marketing Assistant April Present Nicole TwinamDistribution Coordinator February Present Justine TaylorEducation Coordinator January September Alison WardExhibitions Coordinator September Present Alison WardEducation and Outreach Coordinator May Present Georgina NoelBox Office Manager Denise RenoufBox Office Coordinator Jackie JordanDeputy Stage Manager Jason KenyonAssistant Stage Manager (Apprentice) July Present Oliver ReynoldsCaretaker March Present Stuart BowenCleaner Maria da SilvaMembership Secretary Celia CameronThe posts of Outreach Coordinator and Caretaker were both frozen in November 2008 when membersof staff resigned or retired. Provision was made in 2012 to re-create a (part-time) Caretaker post and,as a result of both the Education Coordinator and the Marketing Manager returning part-time aftermaternity leave in 2012, a new Education and Outreach Coordinator post was created.

    Reports PerformancesStatisticsExhibitionsCourses and WorkshopsEducation and OutreachACT and Junior DramayoutheatreResidenciesPeoples Choice FestivalHuman Rights FestivalChannel Islands Music CouncilLiberation Day and La Fte d NouEco-ActiveArts in Health CarePartnerships and Thanks




    Front Cover: Vamos Theatre

    Much Ado About Wenlock

  • Chairmans Report

    We celebrate our 30th year in 2013 which is atestament to our founders.The Arts are inherently a risk business.Judgements have to be made and some of ourpromotions by their nature make it unlikely thatwe will always recover all our costs. Part of thereason we are supported by the department forEducation, Sport and Culture (ESC) with a revenue grant is to promote events which wouldotherwise not happen.We report an operational loss for 2012 but it isimportant that we put this in perspective,remembering that in 2011 we reported an operational surplus. We have thus maintainedour commitment to a year-on-year balance.It is, however, increasingly difficult to maintainoperations. Our States revenue grant from ESC

    in 2013 is less than we received in 2010 inpound notes without taking inflation intoaccount. We cannot run an Arts Centre withoutan ESC States grant. We do get support inother ways. Initiatives are in hand to connectwith other States Departments: Jersey Tourism,Economic Development and Cultural Diplomacythrough our Foreign Office. Restored links withFrance and possibly new links with China mayalso ensue.The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is not yetagreed. Your Management Committee has serious reservations about the falling level ofcentral grant funding stacked against the performance indicators and responsible management commitments expected. However,your Committee fully supports the spirit of theSLA and is expecting to resolve all apparentcontradictions.

    The requirement to vacate St. James, to accommodate theYouth Service, has dominatedyour Management Committeethis past year. We have to vacatethe premises in September 2013for one year in any event, and itis unlikely, following the changesto St. James' auditorium, that itwill be suitable for future useeven if available.Efforts have concentrated onfinding suitable alternativeaccommodation which ESC andProperty Holdings are required toprovide. We proposed temporaryaccommodation at the formerMagistrate's Court in Seale Streetas rehearsal and main performance space and no betteralternative has been found. Wehave been offered the formerMagistrate's Court to share withJersey Arts Trust for five years,together with a commitment fromESC to try to provide alternativepermanent accommodation on orbefore that time. There is nodoubt that the consolidation ofthe Youth Service at the St.James complex will be of greatpublic benefit. Your Management

    Committee has agreed in principle to move tothe Magistrate's Court and has accepted ESCcommitments in good faith and we ask for yourblessing. The costs of funding the move are tobe borne by Property Holdings and there will beno rent to pay as for St. James.Maintaining our membership is a major issue.New members are needed to offset naturallosses. Festival 30, in January 2013, recruited30 new members on the day but this gain wassadly outweighed by losses. The strength of ourmembership is extremely important and stepswill be taken to redress the balance.I can report that the mandatory review of theConstitution is in its final stages after the considerable efforts of a sub-committee with theco-opted help of member Maureen Bourniquel.No major new powers are incorporated but theConstitution is now drafted in a more coherentand logical way with greater definitions ofresponsibilities and duties. The process ofadoption will lead to an Extraordinary GeneralMeeting to seek your approval inOctober/November 2013.Your committee supported a proposition fromour Finance Manager for support on day-to-daybook keeping to allow greater research andmonitoring of our pricing policy strategy andcosts control. There is a trade off here and, to a large extent, it is expected that the extra costsincurred, in the short run, will have a payback inthe longer term.Classical concerts are underwritten by AmiciArtium and your Committee is aware of fallingaudiences for classical music and will take steps in developing a plan to engage musicteachers and their students more fully. Everyextra 1 of ticket sales goes straight onto thebottom line so we will explore discounting forstudents.The ongoing viability of the Channel IslandsMusic Council (CIMC) was threatened by thesubstantial reduction of funding by both Jerseyand Guernsey States funding to the MusicServices. However, we are hopeful that theprospect of support from one of our benefactorsmay be forthcoming in partnership with a company from the corporate sector in Guernsey.No new corporate business partners have been

    Vamos Theatre: Much Ado About Wenlock

    Amici Artium: Paul Lewis4

  • added and the re-writing of the BusinessPartners brochure is not yet complete.The 24-hour piano-a-thon, between 23-24March, was an exhilarating success. We raisedover 9K, sufficient to restore the action of theSteinway, which is now done, with the restoration of the lacquer of the case scheduledfor June 2013. There were some notable bravura performances but our thanks go to allwho helped in some way, not least to our staffwho teamed up to deliver, at relatively shortnotice, an incredible performance fund-raisingevent Jersey Arts Centre at its best!A special note of thanks to Royal Bank ofScotland who bought the piano originally andwho made a significant contribution to thepiano-a-thon thus maintaining their support formusic at Jersey Arts Centre for years to come.Our Director was successful in gaining substantial financial support from the OneFoundation and the Association of Charities forour recent theatre-in-education tour.Some financial support was given by the Bailiff'sChambers, for a new security system, for LaReine, Notre Duc in the Berni Gallery to celebrate Her Majesty, The Queens DiamondJubilee. The exhibition was an outstanding success.The introduction of online ticketing has beenmarred by malfunctioning hardware and software which proved to be somewhatintractable and has been ongoing sinceSeptember 2012 and has affected operations atFort Regent and delayed introduction at JerseyOpera House. There has undoubtedly been ashort term impact on loss of bookings and greatstress on Box Office staff. The costs of this system are underwritten by ESC and will, in duecourse, give great benefit to the Arts. Theseproblems have impacted on other plans as consideration was being given to the transfer ofour files onto a central States server with theprospect of saving the costs of replacing ourown file server as a major capital item.A word of thanks to all our staff and their team-work which never fails to impress me. There areongoing pressures on such a small team and

    multi-tasking is always a feature.We were not funded for the 1% pay increaseawarded to States employees in 2012 and wehave only been funded for half of the 2%awarded to States staff for 2013. This is a serious issue and we have awarded our staffthe full 2% for 2013. We have been encouragedto seek support by conducting research into comparative pay. This initiative was, however,stalled for reasons outside our control, but is as necessary as ever. Help in bench markingand job evaluation will come from humanresources professionals at Jersey HeritageTrust.We continue to benefit from the efforts of ourdynamic, vibrant Director who has delivered the2013 theatre-in-education Mace project.

    The outstanding productions of our youtheatre,under his direction, cannot fail to impress anyobjective assessment.Choices have to be made in striking a balancebetween short-term delivery and longer-termcontrol and we are seeking to provide extrasupport to ensure that this balance is maintained. However, we will never lose sight of the fact that whilst executive control is firstamongst equals the over-riding priority is thatthe show must go on.

    Ray Banks, FRSA

    Chairmans Report Contd...

    youtheatre: The Tempest

    A Steinway technician works on the restoration of our Model D Steinway


  • Treasurers Report

    Having now served as Honorary Treasurer ofJersey Arts Centre for twelve months, it came tomy attention that we were unable to progressvarious money saving and improvement initiatives in the accounts area of the organisation due to time and resource restrictions. A proposal was put forward to theManagement Committee to take on an extrapost at 15 hours per week to assist the FinanceManager. I am pleased to announce that theManagement Committee approved this proposal and the successful candidate is now in post. Financial ResultsThe results for year ending 31 December 2012show a net operating deficit of 21,779 compared to the previous years operating surplus of 42,323. As outlined in last yearsreport, 2011 was an exceptionally good financialyear, due mainly to frozen salaried posts andfinancially successful one-off performances.Whilst there were savings in 2011 due to frozenposts, this was not sustainable and in 2012 adecision to re-instate these posts was budgetedfor and implemented. Key Highlights: Operational deficit 21,779 versus 42,323 surplus in 2011

    Total incoming resources: 818,498 versus 792,837 in 2011

    Total resources expended: 870,394 versus 778,667 in 2011

    Total net assets of: 1,158,620 Cash Balance of: 132,087 versus 594,002 in 2011 (Cash Balances in 2011 included the revenue grant)

    Throughout the year we have re-negotiated the CafJac agreement and the intention is toextend the concession agreement by a furtherthree years. I am pleased to report that improvements withour management of cash have enabled us toreceive higher than anticipated interest earned. One of the main impacts affecting the negativefinancial result for 2012 was down to a drop inincome from hirings and promotions. We arecurrently investigating the drop in income andwith this review we will also be taking into consideration external factors which may have

    contributed to this. For example: The 2012London Olympics, adverse weather conditions,programming and ticket prices as well as general higher cost of living expenses. It is ourintention this year to act more quickly to mitigateadverse variances against budget with moredetailed management information.Although 2012 has not been as financially successful as the previous year we should notlose sight of the excellent work undertaken bythe Jersey Arts Centre team and volunteers orlose sight of the fact that we are a non-profitmaking entity. On Going Review An analysis of historic and future budgeted financial results for hirings and promotions is currently taking place to enable us to budget, plan and manage our expenditure for future events.

    Continue to try and secure better interest rates on cash balances, however very difficult in the current climate.

    Utilise the on-line box office facility to encourage more on-line bookings and review our credit card booking fees/rates.

    For the FutureThe 2013 grant was reduced by approximately23k. This equated to a 5% reduction on the2012 grant figure. Although this was communicated by Education Sport and Culturein August 2010 (and is incorporated as part ofthe draft Service Level Agreement), it was madeclear by us that the reduction of 23k wouldmake it very challenging to produce a realisticbreakeven budget.As part of the Phillips Street maintenance fundJersey Arts Centre previously gave a commitment to put aside, where possible, fundsto top up the fund each year. Unfortunately, dueto the reduction in the revenue grant and theresult for 2012, this was not possible and is notforeseen to be possible for 2013. As part of the budget presentation, a furtherrequest for Capital expenditure was submittedto ESC to enable us to address necessaryimprovements and capital expenditure replacements.

    The cost of the proposed move from St. Jamesto other premises in 2013 has not been factoredinto the 2013 budget and all costs are to be metby ESC and/or Property Holdings. Whilst there are many initiatives in place toincrease our number of members and toenhance the experience of our members andvisitors, it should be noted that every endeavourto save costs is carried out. I would like to extend my thanks to ESC, ourChairman Ray Banks, Director Daniel Austin, all members of the Management Committee,and Christine Ramsay our Finance Manager, for their support and commitment to Jersey ArtsCentre. This year, as part of good CorporateGovernance, Jersey Arts Centre has issued anInvitation to Tender for the 2013 audit. I wouldlike to sincerely thank Rosscot Assurance fortheir professionalism and guidance as theAssociations Auditors for the past thirteenyears.

    Dawn OReilly, FCCA

    Nicole et Martin: The Musicians of Bremen6

    Julian Byzantine

  • Directors Report

    This is my 12th Annual Report and Jersey ArtsCentre presented another year of extraordinaryand unique community and performanceopportunities throughout 2012, despite all theusual financial and logistical challenges.We delivered 241 ticketed performance events;three residencies; two ACT (ArtsCentreTheatre)projects; two youtheatre productions, with onetouring to Bad Wurzach; one Junior Dramapresentation; the initiation of our fourth theatre-in-education project with 15 day-longworkshops in primary schools and 440 participants; the 8th Jersey AmnestyInternational Human Rights Festival; the second Peoples Choice Festival; 9 ChannelIslands Music Council tours; 168 Arts in HealthCare concerts in care settings; the afternooncelebrations for Liberation Day; 16 exhibitionsin the Berni Gallery; 17 exhibitions in the BarGallery; and 46 courses and workshops. Andall with only 15 members of staff.Stuart Bowen made an incredible impactthroughout the year as our new Caretaker, having been appointed in March, and was ableto progress many of the things that neededattention.Georgina Noel was appointed our newEducation and Outreach Coordinator havingspent seven and a half years as ourAdministrative Assistant. Keeley Smyth tookover from Georgina as Administrative Assistant.

    Sarah Colter moved from being our Press andMarketing Officer to being the Administrativeand Marketing Coordinator for Jersey ArtsTrust. Nicole Twinam, a recent theatre graduatefrom Goldsmiths College, London, and a formermember of our youtheatre, was appointed ournew Press and Marketing Assistant.Justine Taylor also joined the Marketing team inFebruary as our Distribution Coordinator andOliver Reynolds became our 13th AssistantStage Manager in July.Michelle Parker (Marketing Manager) andAlison Ward (previously Education Coordinatorand now Exhibitions Coordinator) returned frommaternity leave in March and September,respectively. Sara Felton covered Michellesleave and developed the design of a brand newwebsite for us, which we launched in thespring, and Chantal Venton covered Alisonsleave and looked after the 30th anniversary celebrations for the Fox Open Art Competitionand Exhibition. We thank both Sara andChantal for their extraordinary work during thistime: for their energy, enthusiasm, expertiseand good humour. And we welcomed backboth Michelle and Alison as parents! Our thanks are extended to The Potting Shedand In Fuse Internet for their work in developing and maintaining our new websiteand the associated facilities at: We are so very pleased withthe contemporary results.Amici Artium continued with promoting concertsand offering our audiences some of the worldsmost respected and renowned classical musicians. Once again: our special thanks toMichael Munz-Jones and his associates fortheir tremendous and continued support.We would also like to thank both Stuart Fox,Managing Director, and Caroline Mongan, hisPA, at J.J. Fox International for their 30-yearsupport of the Fox Open Art Competition.Jersey Arts Centres youtheatre presented twooriginal productions during the year see page15 for full details and together with our JuniorDrama Group and ACT (ArtsCentreTheatre) see page 14 these companies once againprovided invaluable participatory theatre experiences for the community at large.

    We initiated our fourth theatre-in-educationproject, The Book of Kingdoms, in 2012 havingsecured funding from One Foundation and theAssociation of Jersey Charities. Researchworkshops were delivered with Janette Froudand Sheri Burt in primary schools in Octoberand November in preparation for productionand touring in the spring of 2013. The fulldetails will be reported on in the Annual Reportfor 2013.The Management Committee continued tomonitor and support both strategic and operational initiatives to develop both our infrastructure and programme throughout theyear and the unparalleled community participation in the arts that we offer, and forwhich it is a privilege and a pleasure to continue to be responsible.As reported over my past twelve years, thisAnnual Report is a testament to all that hasbeen achieved in, with and for the communityduring the past 30 years by the many volunteers, tutors, staff, committee members,individuals and sponsors who have made theCentre their home.We always look forward with great optimism,amidst the many challenges both financialand logistical knowing that the vision, energyand commitment that will be required to sustainus through the global economic challenges willneed to be great also.As always, our sincerest thanks to one and allfor that commitment, support and energy whichwill continue to make Jersey Arts Centre aninnovative, dynamic and enjoyable place to be.It continues to be a great privilege to be yourDirector and to lead Jersey Arts Centre. Thankyou all so very much for your continued support.Heres wishing our members, indeed all ouraudiences, a creative time throughout 2013and as Jersey Arts Centre continues to celebrate 30 years at both Phillips Street and beyond.

    Daniel Austin

    Oddsocks: The Merry Wives of Windsor 7

    curious directive: Your Last Breath

  • Performances

    Throughout 2012 a broad professional programme, complemented by local societiesand community groups, was once again presented at the Benjamin Meaker Theatre(BMT), St. James and at various other locations.Music, drama, dance and the literary arts wereall represented in our programme.Jersey Amateur Dramatic Club presented AlicesAdventures in Wonderland and Through theLooking Glass during January at the BMT withtotal attendances of 1,497 over 12 performances. Together with West EndExperience the following month with 187 attendances, and 379 attendances over the five performances of We Found Love and anExquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines Aboard theSS Farndale Avenue, the JADC total for the yearwas 2,063 attendances over 17 performances.Jersey Green Room Club presented Once ACatholic over five nights in October with 520attendances. Emma Jane Griffiths Street DanceSchool again sold out its five performances ofPure Imagination with 1,263 attendances.Various classes in the Jersey Eisteddfodreturned, together with a number of primary andsecondary school productions, including LesQuennevais School with Our House and 836attendances over four performances.Amici Artium completed its eighth season earlierin the year with concerts from Yevgeny Sudbin(piano), Stephen Hough (piano), Natalie Clein(cello) and Alasdair Beatson (Piano), and PaulLewis (piano), having committed to sponsoringclassical concerts for a number of years tocome. We also enjoyed concerts at the end ofthe year, in the ninth season, from AlessandroTaverna (piano) and Jonathan Biss (piano).The Channel Islands Music Council (CIMC) programmed work across the Islands for the38th year the results of which can be discovered on page 19. There were also a number of other recitals from Julian Byzantine(guitar) and Anna Noakes (flute), the SchubertEnsemble and Timothy De Quetteville (piano).Oddsocks Productions returned to the Island forthe 19th year with three productions. The firstwas in January with Shakespeares The MerryWives of Windsor followed in March by a newinitiative: R.O.G.E.R. Radio, where we weretreated to the world premire of The MightyBeast. Their summer production at Durrell wasShakespeares Julius Caesar. There were 660

    attendances at the four performances of MerryWives; 385 at the three performances of MightyBeast; and 2,027 attendances at the nine performances of Julius Caesar, bringing theOddsocks attendance total to: 3,072. This represents 11% of our overall ticketed performance figures although attendances atOddsocks were down on previous years.However, as always, Oddsocks visits wereanticipated with excitement and energy as audiences continued to queue early at Durrelland scurry to secure front row seats when thedoors opened for picnicking. Their 2013 summeroffering is Shakespeares The Comedy of Errors.There were a number of dance performanceopportunities throughout the year with CandocoDance Companys Turning 20; Interventions withSheri Burt and Company at St. James; There isHope by Rosie Kay Dance Company; SensualAfrica by Tavaziva Dance; and Champloo DanceCompany with White Caps. There was a total of353 attendances at these seven performances.Other drama highlights included: the Edinburghaward-winning Your Last Breath by curiousdirective at which there were 191 attendances;the Edinburgh award-winning piece by ChrisLarner, An Instinct for Kindness, at which therewere 53 attendances; Vamos Theatres MuchAdo About Wenlock at which there were 118attendances; and Kalunka Teatros Andr andDorine at which there were 275 attendances.There were several guitar concerts, as part ofThe Robert Tilling Series: Martin Simpson in thespring; Catfish Keith, John Renbourn and WizzJones in the autumn; and both Roy Book Binderand Woody Mann joining forces for the first timeto celebrate the life of Robert Tilling, MBE, RI inthe summer. In total, there were 505 attendances at these five concerts.Jersey Amnesty International Human RightsFestival presented its eighth season at the BMT,exploring a variety of issues throughout theweek. The festival was coordinated by membersof the festival committee and Jersey AmnestyInternational, and proved, once again, to be ahuge success with over 1,200 attendances atboth the ticketed presentations (see page 18 for further details) and throughout the education programme.Jersey Film Society enjoyed 17 screeningsthroughout 2012, once again making its home at

    Jersey Arts Centre. Films included: How I EndedThis Summer (Russia, 2010) and Potiche(France, 2010) in the spring, whilst Midnight inParis (Spain/USA, 2011) and Fateless(Germany/Hungary/UK 2004) featured at thebeginning of the 66th season in the autumn.Membership of the society is strong and we lookforward to film being represented at Jersey ArtsCentre for years to come.We also worked with Jersey Film Society topresent our first Monday Matines, in association with Arts in Health Care, throughoutthe year to encourage filmgoers to spend theafternoon at Jersey Arts Centre enjoying classicmovies. There was an introduction to each filmand complimentary tea (from cafjac) and biscuits after the screenings. We started in Maywith the 1942 William Wyler classic, Mrs Miniver,starring Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon andfinished in December with Douglas Sirks 1955classic, All That Heaven Allows, starring JaneWyman and Rock Hudson. There were fivescreenings with a total of 148 attendances.Jersey Film Society also supported us in ourscreening of David Leans Brief Encounter(1945) on St. Valentines Day.Our thanks to Jersey Film Society, to: GeoffreyCoppock (President) and Carol Preston andDerek Gray for their continued support.Other highlights throughout the year included:The Beta Males: The Train Job at which therewere 222 attendances; Andrew Motion: Silverwith 86 attendances; Barry Cryer: Butterfly Brainwith 253 attendances (sold out); and Fol EspoirsWinston on the Run with 117 attendances.A unique theatrical highlight, however, havingfirst seen the company at the Edinburgh FestivalFringe in 2006, was a visit by Nicole et Martin,with their White Tent, and three beautiful performances throughout an idyllic week atSamars Manor. The company camped atSamars who were wonderful hosts throughouta week-long stay. There were moments in TheGirl Without Hands that were exquisite, stunning,original and with unparalleled physical feats. TheMusicians of Bremen and The Fisherman andHis Wife were equally original with the simplest,most effective storytelling that you will ever experience in the theatre. Watch out for Nicole et Martin when they return to the Island...

    Squash Box Theatre: The Sea Show8 The Robert Tilling Series: Martin Simpson

  • Statistics


    Promotions at Jersey Arts Centre could be broken down by art form as follows:

    The following capacity figures give a broad guide to predicting future box office revenues:

    Looking at the number of ticketed performances for promotions and hirings, and between the Benjamin Meaker Theatre and St. James, the statistics are thus:

    A comparison with audience capacityfor promotions reveals that in 2007 the25 public performances of GeraldDurrells My Family and Other Animalsincreased the proportion of dramaevents and thus proportionally reducedother areas of the work. However, theactual number of music events remainsrelatively comparable across the yearswith the activities of Jersey ArtsCentres youtheatre, ArtsCentreTheatre(ACT) and Junior Drama continuing toallow for a broader programme.

    It should be noted that there wereTheatre-in-Education performances in2007 and the Durrell storytelling projectin 2009.It is important to note that in 2012 St.James was also used for: five weeks tofacilitate two of the three residencies; aweek each for the February Half TermDrama School, the Summer DramaSchool and the Autumn Half TermDrama School; and that Jersey ArtsCentres youtheatre, ArtsCentreTheatre(ACT) and Junior Drama were basedhere throughout the year with morethan 120 rehearsals taking place atvarious times.

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012% % % % % %40 24 22 24 21 2214 19 25 27 16 2212 25 21 17 20 14.54 5 6 6 5 76 3 9 - 5 76 3 1 8 8 413 13 9 9 12 95 8 7 9 13 14.5

    Drama Classical MusicJazz + World MusicDanceComedyLiterature / Lecturesyoutheatre + ACT + Junior DramaOther

    DramaClassical MusicJazz + World MusicDanceComedy

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012% % % % % %70 66 71 61 75 5640 34 31 47 28 3330 45 42 50 47 5877 57 61 44 26 4547 32 49 - 53 50

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

    117 101 105 110 108 110107 128 116 126 162 13137 - 27 - - -261 229 248 236 270 241

    170 199 187 185 208 19621 13 17 39 40 2933 17 44 12 22 1637 - - - - -261 229 248 236 270 241

    33,366 29,725 31,179 29,264 34,331 27,836

    128 130 126 124 127 116

    Number of PromotionsNumber of HiringsPerformances in Schools / AlfrescoTotal Ticketed Performances

    Performances at the BMTPerformances at St. JamesPerformances at Other SpacesPerformances in SchoolsTotal Ticketed Performances

    Total Tickets Sold

    Average Audience

    Southbank Sinfonia Quintet

  • Statistics continued...

    Benjamin Meaker Theatre and St. James Utilisation:


    Liz Robinson School of Dancing

    Timothy de Quetteville

    Drama Lab: Ernies Incredible Illucinations

    Barry Cryer: Butterfly Brain

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012% % % % % %52 44 41 35 34 4348 56 59 65 66 57

    25 46 76 87 45 2875 54 24 13 55 72

    Benjamin Meaker PromotionsBenjamin Meaker Hirings

    St. James PromotionsSt. James Hirings

    During 2012 there were a further 33 non-ticketed hirings comprising rehearsals, seminars and workshops at Jersey Arts Centre and St. James, of which one was from the businesscommunity. There were a further 25 days (five weeks) of residencies at St. James.As stated in previous reports, there are inherent dangers in viewing figures as percentagesbecause some of the smaller events attracting what seems like a relatively low percentageturnout may be extremely successful in their own right. However, once again, a broad overviewis achieved with the above figures.

  • Exhibitions

    2012 was a busy yet exciting year for the BerniGallery. Sixteen exhibitions graced its newlypainted walls while a great variety of adults andstudents ascended its stairs to be educated andinspired. There were a further seventeen exhibitions in our Bar Gallery. As ever, all of the exhibitions were co-ordinatedby members of the Exhibitions Sub-committeeand their hard work and knowledge ensured avaried and imaginative programme that combined the best of Jersey talent with thatavailable from off the Island. Their committeddedication continued throughout the year asevery third Sunday they took down and thenhung every exhibition ensuring the quality of thedisplay reflected the professional integrity forwhich the Berni is renowned.The programme for the year included painting,drawing, photography, textiles, prints, sculptureand installation.Both individuals and groups displayed work ofoutstanding quality while our competition exhibition, Fox Open Art Exhibition, attracted arecord number of entries: testament indeed tothe amount of artistic talent available today.It was a year of celebration and retrospectionwith special exhibitions to commemorate andremember.The Fox Open Art Competition celebrated its30th year, and a retrospective of the 30 past winners was shown in October. The celebrationwill continue into 2013 when the exhibition willalso be shown in Alderney and Guernsey.The summer season was dedicated to the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of HerMajesty, Queen Elizabeth II, with a special sixweek long exhibition featuring photographs frompast visits to the Island, and featured artwork byJason Butler amongst other memorabilia.In July and August, an exhibition celebrated thework of Robert Tilling, MBE, RI. Artist, teacherand musician, Robert was a unique influence onthe arts in Jersey and the retrospective exhibitionfeatured works from more than 40 years, influenced by American abstraction to morefamiliar scenes inspired by his adopted Island.Photography was a popular medium with fourexhibitions being dedicated to it. It began in

    springtime with French artist Cline Arche-Philippes exhibition Traces that covered urbanscenes in Paris and an exploration of the senses, and then moved through to PeterMourants show I Thought Youd Retired whichfeatured past scenes in Jersey from his career atthe Jersey Evening Post, plus his own personalinterest. In the autumn, photojournalist Stuart Freedmansexhibition The Art of Getting By series of photos,taken on a visit to Rwanda, was part of theHuman Rights Festival. Stuart also gave anexcellent talk to students.Painting and Drawing was by far our most popular medium for exhibitions this year with thediscipline represented in nine exhibitions. Firstlyrepresented in Matthieu Falles April/May exhibition Madagascar, featuring painting anddrawings from his visit there, then in May,Glasgow-based artist Francesca WilkinsonShaws exhibition The Boundary BetweenRealities dealt with space and layers and theendless exploration in abstract painting. In September, Clive Hicks-Jenkins was thisyears Fox Open Art Competition judge and displayed his own exhibition of paintings anddrawings, focused on folklore and myth.Alastair Best concluded the years paintingsexhibitions in November with Private Faces,Public Places, featuring friends and associatesbut without revealing the identity of his subjects,with titles such as poet, judge, singer-songwriter,beekeeper, gardener and painter. At the beginning of the year four of Jerseys contemporary artists also combined to produceoriginal new work in less than 36 hours, usingonly found materials, aided only by their preliminary sketches in the Jersey Arts Centrecurated Re-worked exhibition. Using the walls ofthe Berni as their canvas, Carl Danby, ClaireRondel, Kirsten Miller and Paul Talbot transformed the gallery into a living, interactivespace, into which the public could enter. Here,for four weeks, we were captivated, educatedand informed and the reputation of the artists, as well as Jersey Arts Centre itself, was developed and enhanced.The Islands secondary schools displayed anarray of talent in the Excellence at GCSE exhibition in November.

    Touring exhibitions included the HaywardTouring Exhibition of Eduardo Paolozzi, one of the pioneering pop artists with his exhibitionGeneral Dynamic F.U.N., shown in March andApril. In December, The Age of Plagiarism exhibitionfeatured a series of playful photocopied montages, which also asked the serious question of branding within the art market andthe role of copyright in the Capitalist society. The artist Kevin Hector, a.k.a. Graham Tansley,gave an illustrated talk and dealt with the issueshe has faced during his career and the ideasbehind the exhibition.In conclusion, I would like to thank all those people without whose help the Berni Gallerysexhibitions would not take place. From JasonKenyon and Steven Laffoley-Edwards, whosetechnical and practical support bring each exhibition to realisation; to Daniel Austin, AlisonWard and the Exhibitions Sub-committee, whosesecretarial and liaison skills meld artists into onecoordinated team; to the sponsors, big andsmall, whose financial commitment ensures thatthe artists only have to worry about the workitself; and finally, but just as importantly, you themembers of Jersey Arts Centre whose presenceat these exhibitions, and purchase of the workitself, makes the job worthwhile. 2012 was agreat year: lets hope 2013 is just as successful.

    Mark BlanchardExhibitions Sub-committee Chairman

    The Age of Plagiarism

    La Reine, Notre Duc


  • 2012 saw a change of personnel within thisdepartment. The 2012 Courses and Workshopsprogramme for January through August wascreated and coordinated by Alison Ward,Education Coordinator. In May, Georgina Noeltook on the new role of Education and OutreachCoordinator and continued the programme ofCourses and Workshops through to the end ofthe year.Along with regular courses being featured, therewere also some visiting tutors with new coursesand workshops:Sue Daly facilitated a Wildlife Photographycourse at Durrell in October.A one off guitar workshop was run by DerrinNauendorf in November.Hettie Duncan returned to Jersey to teach theSummer Drama School; Sheri Burt to run ourHalf Term Drama School in the spring; andDaniel Whitley visited to run the autumn HalfTerm Drama School.Kim Jordan ran her first Half Term Art School inOctober.New courses included: a series of lunchtimetalks by local artists in collaboration with JerseyArts Trust plus Pattern Cutting for Beginners runby local textiles artist, Claire Rondel.Another new initiative was the Tuneful Totsmusic course for young children, run byVivienne Hassell.For the festive season, Justine Taylor made herdebut and tutored a series of Christmas textilesworkshops for children, Christmas Crafts, for 7-12 year olds.In total, 403 people attended 46 courses andworkshops throughout 2012.There was a total of 41 tutors delivering theseunique participatory events.

    Courses and Workshops

    Wildlife Photography

    Summer Season - 101 attendancesVarious Lunchtime Artists TalksDaniel Austin Junior DramaSabrina Delimi Amazing Me!Ritsuko Coe Once-a-Week: Intermediate JapaneseClaudia Moreno ZumbaTim Nash Speak-in-a-Week: ChineseSofia Bonazzi Speak-in-a-Week: ItalianRitsuko Coe 2 Hour Japanese Workshop

    + Speak-in-a-Week: JapaneseHettie Duncan Summer Drama SchoolAdele Dark + Gabrielle Radiguet Summer Art School 1 + 2 + 3

    Autumn Season - 166 attendancesSofia Bonazzi Once-a-Week: Italian

    + Speak-in-a-Week: ItalianVivienne Hassell Tuneful TotsElena Fiodoruk Speak-in-a-Week: SpanishClaire Rondel Pattern Cutting for BeginnersColin Cruickshank Digital SLR Photography for Beginners

    + Digital SLR Photography IntermediateLucy Abraham + Raoul Crosby + Joss MacDonald + Ellie Donohoe Junior DramaSusan Reid Introduction to Egyptian Belly DanceSue Daly Wildlife PhotographyTatjana Gorina Russian ConversationKim Jordan Half Term Art SchoolDaniel Whitley Half Term Drama SchoolRitsuko Coe Speak-in-a-Week: JapaneseDerrin Nauendorf Guitar WorkshopJustine Taylor Fabric Christmas Cards

    + Scrappy Wreaths+ Christmas Crafts

    Gabrielle Radiguet Christmas Art Workshop 1 + 2

    Spring Season - 136 attendancesDaniel Austin Junior DramaClaudia Moreno ZumbaChantal Quaeck Artful DoodlersTatjana Gorina Speak-in-a-Week: RussianElena Fiodoruk Speak-in-a-Week: French

    + Speak-in-a-Week: SpanishSheri Burt Half Term Drama SchoolTim Nash Speak-in-a-Week: ChineseRitsuko Coe Speak-in-a-Week: Japanese

    + Speak-in-a-Week: Intermediate JapaneseSofia Bonazzi Speak-in-a-Week: ItalianAnnette Person Speak-in-a-Week: Greek


  • Ann Morgan: Afternoon Painting

    Education and Outreach

    Having appointed Georgina Noel as our newEducation and Outreach Coordinator in May2012, Georgina became responsible for ourCourses and Workshops programme seeprevious page and in developing furtherboth educational and outreach opportunitiesthroughout the Island. She is also nowresponsible, from 2013, for programming theafternoon entertainment on Liberation Day. Complementary to Jersey Arts Centrescourses and workshops programme, the educational value of the exhibitions at boththe Berni and bar galleries, the work of theyoutheatre, ArtscentreTheatre (ACT), JuniorDrama, Arts in Health Care, and the numerous other initiatives, we continued towork closely with colleagues at Education,Sport and Culture over workshops and training opportunities from companiesengaged by Jersey Arts Centre for publicperformances.As part of the 8th Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Festival in November (see page 18 for full details), Georgina coordinated a number of screenings, facilitated a discussion and also arranged atalk by local artist, Karen Le Roy Harris, atHMP La Moye and is looking forward to further developing this link throughout 2013.

    We would like to thank Graham Cox, ofJerseys Music Service, for his support of theschools concerts coordinated through theChannel Islands Music Council. There wereseven of these music concerts, facilitatedthrough the CIMC, during 2012.Fifteen days were also spent in fifteen of theIslands primary schools during October andNovember developing the 2013 Mace project, The Book of Kingdoms. Two artistswere engaged to deliver the workshops,Janette Froud and Sheri Burt, who also performed and toured in the final project. 440 year 6 students participated in theseresearch workshops with 22 membersofJersey Arts Centres youtheatre making a further contribution, in a separate workshop,to the research.

    Jersey Arts Centre remains committed toproviding work experience opportunities foryoung people and accepted six studentsthrough Education, Sport and CulturesProject Trident Scheme.Oliver Reynolds also joined our stage department in July becoming Jersey ArtsCentres 13th Assistant Stage Manager(Apprentice).

    The Book of Kingdoms - Poster design by Kerry-Jane Warner


  • Pseudolus

    ArtsCentreTheatre continues to provide theadult thespians of Jersey with the opportunityto try their hand at all aspects of theatre, ofwhich acting is merely one. This year, however, saw a slight change fromthe previous production schedule: movingfrom three projects spread over two years totwo projects per annum. The first project was a full production of anew version of Plautus' Pseudolus, and thesecond was a series of multiple entries in theJersey Eisteddfod followed by an omnibusevening of these entries, entitled The E-Word, at Jersey Arts Centre.Pseudolus, adapted by Jason Kenyon,harked back to ACT's very first production ofLysistrata in 2004, being an ancient comedy(this time Roman) requiring a standing set tobe constructed and considerable costumecreations as local retail stock did not havemuch in the way of togas and courtesandresses. Members of ACT rose to the challenge admirably as, in particular, theCostume Team burnt a considerable amountof midnight oil in order to produce a verylarge and lavish array of long robes andcolourful clothing. The show was both a critical and financialsuccess, generating sufficient funds to support the more experimental E-Word.The purpose behind The E-Word was twofold: to continue ACT's support of the Island'spremiere artistic festival and to provide multiple opportunities for writing and directingtheatre while working in smaller groups.

    ACT produced a total of twenty-one entriesover six classes (constituting 40% of theentries in the Adult Section). Our effortsreceived six Golds, nine Silver and sixBronze certificates, not to mention four tro-phies for the classes won!2013 sees the new schedule continue with anew devised piece and a return to theEisteddfod in November with a new classincluded at our suggestion with a trophydonated by ArtsCentreTheatre: the A.C.T.Pot!

    Jason KenyonDeputy Stage ManagerDirector for ACT

    Our Junior Drama group for 8-13 year oldsstarted in January 2006 with two seniormembers of our youtheatre taking participants through the disciplines of commitment, communication and concentration.Since that time, fourteen former and currentmembers of the youtheatre have taughtJunior Drama: Francesca Duncan, JonnyLiron, Jack Speckleton, Andrew Oliveira,Jenny McCarthy, Jacqui Wagner, Sheri Burt,William Howell-Jackson, Hettie Duncan andCraig Hamilton with Joss MacDonald, RaoulCrosby, Lucy Abraham and Ellie Donohoebeing the current tutors.However, Daniel Austin, Director, created anew theatre piece with members of the groupall becoming playwrights during the springand summer of 2012. Granny Big Pantsperformed on the Benjamin Meaker Stage on18+19 July with 194 people attending. Therewere 25 participants. Joss, Raoul, Lucy andEllie took over the group in the autumn season and are currently working on an epictale, The Odyssey, for presentation in July2013.Over the past six years the group has presented six productions, including: DavidHolmans Whale (2006), Lynne Reid BankssThe Travels of Yoshi and the Tea Kettle(2009), an adaptation of The Jungle Book(2010), Nigel Williamss adaptation of WilliamGoldings Lord of the Flies (2011) andGranny Big Pants (2012). The group hasalso worked on Bertolt Brecht texts anddevised and improvised along the way.

    ArtsCentreTheatre (ACT)

    Junior Drama

    Granny Big Pants


  • 15youtheatre

    2012 was another unique touring year formembers of Jersey Arts Centres youtheatre.This 30-strong company was again challenged with a series of performanceopportunities and experiences that extendedeach and everyones theatre skills and developed knowledge and understanding ofvarious drama and theatre disciplines, including: communication, concentration and commitment.From the experience of developing, devisingand writing a new piece of theatre and producing one of Shakespeares classic texts,to readings at the Holocaust Memorial Dayevent and Lindy Hop Dance on LiberationDay, the company again rose to the varioustasks and created original, innovative andchallenging theatre.With rehearsals every Wednesday eveningduring term time and some Sunday rehearsalsthroughout the spring and summer, memberswere as always committed, enthusiastic,energised and disciplined.Eighteen youtheatre members committed tothe spring production of The Conversation(3-5 April) which toured to St. Heliers twintown of Bad Wurzach later that month.The Conversation was an exploration of those small, intimate but critical exchanges of thought, desires, dreams and promises thatmake the world go round. It was a new theatre piece that excited and inspired thecompany to use music, dance, words andbodies in their theatre-making and was apiece about living and dying. There were 126attendances at the three performances at St. James at the beginning of April and 396 attendances at the Kurhaus in Bad Wurzach,Germany. The following extract from Ed Bollas review inthe Jersey Evening Post captured the spirit ofthe production:death, politics, religion and the nature offear were all covered during the show I wasimpressed with the sheer guts of the youthfulcast and their well-thought-out and convincingly articulated opinions it will be of interest to anyone who wants to see something a little different to the norm.

    Before going to watch it I recommend youleave your preconceptions about theatre in thefoyer. April 2012Steven Laffoley-Edwards and Josh Keoghdrove the Jersey Arts Centre van acrossEurope to deliver our set and lighting for theBad Wurzach performances and for this weoffer our thanks. Our very sincerest thanks are also extendedto both Helen Duncan and Louise Hamiltonwho were our chaperones to Bad Wurzachand who looked after everyone throughout the trip.This was the youtheatres fifth exchange withthe young people of Bad Wurzach, and theRealschule, and remains one of the mostimportant cultural events in the Jersey ArtsCentre calendar.Our very special thanks to all our friends inBad Wurzach for their friendships, hospitalityand welcome. These exchanges would not bepossible without the work of Hermann Bilgeri,Heidi Maier and Brigitte Blaschko. We thankthem for their expertise and good humour inorganising our visits and look forward to hosting a group in Jersey in July 2013.The summer project was equally challengingand, having last tackled Shakespeare in 2003with Romeo and Juliet, youtheatre turned theBenjamin Meaker Theatre back-to-front withShakespeares last play, The Tempest (20-23June). With the audience sat on the stage,the auditorium creating Prosperos island filledwith over 2,000 books, live music played onthe Model D Steinway, an enchanting theatrical spectacle was created. The exquisite lighting design by Steven Laffoley-Edwards conjured images, shadows andatmospheres never before seen in the auditorium and sold out with 202 attendancesover the four performances. There were 19participants in the production.An extract from Ed Bollas review in theJersey Evening Post once again summed upthe audience experience: ...youtheatres version of The Tempest shuns convention, [and] embraces risks

    an admirable reworking by the cast that attimes burns with drama and at others oozeshumour This is Shakespeare upside-down June 2012Our very special thanks to our stage department for making this production workwith such ease, imagination and goodhumour.Our next presentation will be an original staging of Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Bookbetween 19-22 June 2013 at La Hougue Bie!This event will mark the youtheatres 26th majorproduction since forming in October 2001.It is always important as with all aspects ofJersey Arts Centres operation to note herethat the success of the youtheatre is so verymuch dependent on the professional knowledge, artistic experience and vision of a much larger team.Eight members of the youtheatre were alsoinvolved in readings for Holocaust MemorialDay on 27 January at the Tapestry Gallery, atthe Maritime Museum, and once again joinedthe Hollywood Hoppers and Jersey Hopperson Liberation Day for the afternoon celebrations of music and dance on 9 May.

    Daniel AustinDirector

    Image: Pedro Barbeito (2004): The Conversation

  • Residencies

    Once again, three companies were invited byJersey Arts Centre in 2012 to develop, and thuspresent, their newly formed work either in theunique environment that is St. James or at theBenjamin Meaker Theatre at Phillips Street.With its atmospheric acoustic, versatility andadaptability, two companies used St. James toits potential and provided for audiences an original, sometimes experimental, but alwayswholly engaging performance experience. Theperformances at St. James were followed bypost-show discussions hosted by Daniel Austin.There were a total of 235 attendances at thefour performances of these three residenciesand the three lead artists, from each of thethree residencies, were from Jersey.

    INTERVENTIONSSheri Burt and CompanyVenue: St. JamesMonday 21 May Saturday 9 JuneDance artist Sheri Burt invited dancers, musicians and visual artists to collaborate withher in a series of exchanges, culminating in twoimprovised performances at St. James. Dance, theatre, movement, music and sound improvisations provided for a unique theatricalexperience as audiences were invited to experience not just the polished and the performed but also the unplanned, the unexpected and perhaps even the unacceptable.

    Sheri Burt even danced, moved and travelledbeyond St. James to the other side of the roadon St. James Street and Steven Laffoley-Edwards (Deputy Director, Stage and Events)was technically involved as a dancer at onemoment. Improvised ballet was just one of theother highlights of this performance experience.Sheri Burt and Company were invited back toperform at Phillips Street and the BenjaminMeaker Theatre for the Festival 30 celebrationsin the spring of 2013.

    WINSTON ON THE RUNFol EspoirMonday 23 July Saturday 28 JulyPhillips Street, Benjamin Meaker TheatreIn preparation for their appearance at the 2012Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Fol Espoir broughtWinston on the Run to the Island. It was directed and co-written by John Walton andwas presented at the Benjamin Meaker Theatreafter several rehearsals and developmentsthroughout the week.It was a piece set in 1899 where an escapedprisoner-of-war, Winston Churchill, is in afiendish spot of bother: he is lost in the Africansavannah, circled by vultures and being wantedDead or Alive. It was a true story of howBritains greatest hero defeated the Boers,overcame his demons and grew his first moustache. The show was well received by ourJersey audience.

    ARCHIPELAGOMelvils DiarySaturday 3 November Friday 16 NovemberVenue: St. JamesFrancesca Duncan worked with a team ofdevisers, writers and visual artists to interrogateideas of identity, isolation and the notion of Iland. Through an exploration of metaphoricaland geographical islands, the company developed a dynamic new theatre piece aboutthe potential and restrictions of naturally bounded space.Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, became afocus and the following explored: innocenceversus experience; paradise islands versusnuclear islands; memory and recollection; theallegorical; voyaging; virtual travel in atlases,film and books; parallel worlds; the fragmentation of land; the femininity of islands;the family den; and the phosphorescence ofislands.

    Sheri Burt and Company: Interventions Fol Espoir: Winston on the Run Melvils Diary: Archipelago


  • The Oxford ImpsPeoples Choice Festival

    Saturday 1 Saturday 8 SeptemberThe idea behind the Peoples Choice Festival isto give the people of Jersey the opportunity toprogramme events at Jersey Arts Centre. 2012was the second year of this initiative and thenumerous community suggestions once againresulted in diverse, wide-ranging performanceexperiences for our audience with six eventsbeing offered.The Oxford Imps, suggested by Ben Shenton,demonstrated the very art of both short-formand long-form improvisation ranging fromimprovised scenes and songs to rap battlesand joke contests, and culminating in a completely improvised musical play. Eitherrecent Oxford graduates, or currently studyingthere, the performers were inventive, fast-paced and hilarious as they arrived fresh fromthe 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.The second event was Louis Barabbas and theBedlam Six suggested by Simon MacDonald.This was an experience like no other! Sinceforming in late 2006, the group promote theirvery own peculiar brand of Lyric-Driven Dirt-Swing. Having recently travelled Europe,the USA and Mexico, their infamous live showincorporated rock, jazz, folk and theatre. Thiswas an evening of jive-smitten cabaret blues.The Senegalese musician, Seckou Keita, suggested by Mariette Heaney, performed next.As one of the leaders of the newest generation of African traditional musicians,Seckou Keitas music fused traditional formsand instruments with those of other cultures.Having learned the kora as a child he alsodeveloped a remarkable flair for drumming and percussion and started to perform at theage of seven with his uncle, Solo Cissokho. By the age of twelve he had his own band.Keith Farnan flew in from Ireland for Money,Money, Money having been suggested byAlison Ward, and having appeared on MichaelMcIntyres Comedy Roadshow. Adapted for television and broadcast by RTE, to greatacclaim, the show took a long, hard look at ourobsession with money, especially Irelands loveaffair with the vast amounts of money and fiscalmeltdowns. Keith Farnan also shared some ofhis own cunning ideas as to how the countryplans to repay the 85,000,000,000 euros thatIreland owes Europe.

    Dreams of a Life, a film made in the UK in 2011and directed by Carol Morley, was suggestedby Christine Ramsay. The film intrigued ouraudience as it told the real life story of JoyceVincent who died in her bed-sit above a shopping mall in North London in 2003. Herbody was discovered three years later, surrounded by the Christmas presents she had been wrapping, and with the television stillon. It took writer and director Carol Morley fiveyears to piece together what journalists, politicians and the police could not.Puppet State Theatre, suggested by RaoulCrosby, concluded the Peoples Choice Festivalwith a return, from their 2008 visit, of theirexquisite: The Man Who Planted Trees. Thismulti-sensory theatrical adaptation of JeanGionos environmental classic tells the inspirational story of a shepherd who plants aforest, acorn by acorn, transforming a barrenwasteland. It was as much a touching tale as itwas a hilarious puppet show. It is a piece thatshows us the difference one man (and hisdog!) can make to the world. There was both amatine performance and an evening presentation of The Man Who Planted Trees,together with a post-show discussion after eachperformance.There was a total of 371 attendances at the sixPeoples Choice events.

    The Man Who Planted TreesDreams of a Life

    Seckou Keita


    Keith Farnan: Money, Money, Money

  • Jersey Amnesty International

    Human Rights Festival

    Stuart Freedman, having worked extensively inthe developing world for most of his career,launched the 8th Jersey Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Festival with his exhibition at theBerni Gallery of The Art of Getting By. Hisimages reflected the everyday struggles of common people but they were not an outsidersrosy depiction of poverty nor did they patronise.They were small stories from larger narratives ofpeople touched by war and poverty. However,the images were of what Freedman had tried tosee sometimes forced himself to see toremember that the world is not dark, dangerousand other, but that it is beautiful and full of life.Werner Herzogs Into the Abyss(USA/UK/Germany, 2001) profiled MichaelPerry, a man on death row convicted of murdering Sandra Stotler, a fifteen year oldnurse. Perry was also suspected, but nevercharged, of two other murders which occurredin Conroe, Texas, with his accomplice JasonBurkett. Perrys final interviews for the film wererecorded only eight days before his executionon 1 July 2010 which gives the film its resonance. Amnesty opposes the death penaltybelieving it to be a violation of two fundamentalhuman rights: the right to life and the right not tobe tortured or subjected to cruel, inhuman ordegrading punishment. Ciarnan Helferty, Chairof AI UK, led a post-screening discussion on theissues of the film.Putins Kiss (Denmark/Russia, 2011) presenteda chilling view of modern Russia and its fragiledemocracy; it followed sixteen year old MashaDrokova, a rising star in Russias popularnationalistic youth movement, Nashi. However,her bright political future falters when shebefriends a group of liberal journalists who arecritical of the government. Alisa Lockwood,Head of Eurasia Forecasting at London-basedpolitical risk consultancy, Exclusive Analysis, ledthe post-screening discussion.Dr Tim Du Feu led the discussion for H2Oil(Canada, 2009) which followed a voyage of discovery, heartbreak and politicisation, weavingtogether a collection of stories of people whoare at the front line of attempting to defendwater in Alberta against tar sands expansion.Ultimately, the film asks what is more important,oil or water? And what will be our response? In recent years, Amnesty International has campaigned to raise awareness of the plight ofindigenous communities such as that of theLubicon Cree of Little Baffalo, Alberta. The

    Lubicon Cree have been battling for threedecades for the right to control their lands andhold to account the oil, gas and logging companies.This is Not a Film (Iran, 2011) documents oneday in the life of Jafar Panahi, who is underhouse arrest and awaiting the result of hisappeal of a six year prison sentence and twentyyear ban on film-making, leaving the country orgiving media interviews for propaganda againstthe regime. The film was smuggled from Iran toCannes in a flash-drive hidden inside a birthdaycake and was specially screened at the 2011Cannes Film Festival. Maryam Namazie,spokesperson for Equal Rights Now, and anIranian-born campaigner, commentator andbroadcaster, led the post-screening discussion.A Small Act (USA, 2010), the final film of theweek, told the story of Hilde Back from Swedenwho sponsored a young, rural Kenyan student,Chris Mburu. Years later, having graduated fromHarvard and now a Human Rights Lawyer forthe United Nations, Chris Mburu decides to findthe stranger that changed his life. Inspired byher generosity, he starts a scholarship programme of his own and names it after hisformer benefactor.As a fitting conclusion to the week, TavazivaDance presented Sensual Africa to our JerseyAmnesty International Human Rights Festivalaudience. Choreographed by Zimbabwean-bornArtistic Director, Bawren Tavaziva who set upthe company in 2004, the piece paid homage tothe fascinating rituals that young people gothrough to become adults in the Tumbuku andChewa Tribes of Malawi.There were 446 attendances at the five publicscreenings with a further 60 attendances atTavaziva Dances Sensual Africa. A further 820young people attended the education programme throughout the week at bothschools and Jersey Arts Centre.

    Stuart Freedman: The Art of Getting By Exhibition

    Into the Abyss

    A Small Act

    Festival CommitteeSam Losh (Chair)Antonia Caratsis (Finance)Georgina Noel (Secretary)Miriam Morrison (Education Coordinator)Michelle Parker (Marketing and Publicity)Tom Brossman (I.T. and Technical)Gillian Bunting (Volunteer Coordinator)Rohini Gangaramani (Volunteer Coordinator)Daniel Austin (Jersey Arts Centre Liaison)


  • Channel Islands Music Council

    The Council met five times in 2012: once inJersey and four times in Guernsey.It organised and coordinated a total of 9 toursduring the course of the year with performances from a variety of highly talented musicians. This included two publiconly tours and seven schools and public tours.It is estimated that, across the islands, over6,000 people had the opportunity to enjoy and participate in these concerts, whichalmost certainly would have fired enthusiasmfor more music and concert-going in thefuture.The remit of the Council was, and still is, topromote and coordinate musical events bothfor schools and public performance in Jersey,Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. Having nofunds of its own, the Council promotes onbehalf of the participating organisations but isnevertheless responsible for the contractualarrangements with artists. Fees and travelexpenses are divided between the organisations on an agreed basis. As the policies, requirements and finances of eachorganisation change, so the Council reviewsits methods in order not to disadvantage anyone organisation and maintain a balance, thusenabling each island to benefit from mutualcooperation.The Council has been in existence for 38years it was founded in 1974 and over thisperiod has held 230 meetings with the venuesusually rotating between the four islands. Its unique success is due to a supportiveapproach and the professional experience ofits delegates.With continued financial pressures from allangles, especially due to reduced budgetswithin Jersey and Guernseys music services,the mutual dependency of a group such asthis should never be underestimated. Thesefinancial pressures partly reduced the numberof tours in 2012 as each body is dependenton the others to make it feasible to attract highquality performers for children and adults in allthe islands to enjoy. Whilst the Councilremains confident that in 2012 it brought tothe islands some excellent, high quality andinnovative music, there may only be a similarnumber of tours programmed for 2013.

    Mervyn Grand and Graham Cox have particular concern with events connected withschools and always give careful considerationto the suitability of groups for education workby speaking directly with groups. Graham Coxalso has responsibility for payment of artistsfees. Kirstin Simon and Daniel Austin have,between them, the task of making initial contact and agreeing most of the logistics ofthe tours with Daniel Austin also currentlychairing meetings. Ralph Burridge records indetail the minutes of meetings and BrianGarrard produces the Annual Report.

    All members assist with the sourcing of newtours and other administrative matters. At themeeting after a concert, merits are discussedin order that the future programme can bedeveloped.

    The 2012 Tour ProgrammeFebruary: Squashbox Theatre: The SeaShow childrens entertainment (public and schools)May: Heath Quartet violins, viola, cello(public and schools)May: Cantabile vocal cabaret (public and schools)June: Southbank Sinfonia Wind Quintet orchestral wind ensemble (public and schools)June: Orsino Piano Trio piano, violin, cello(public and schools)July: Llyr Williams piano (public only)September: Adolfo Barabino piano (public only)September: David Reese-Williams Trio piano/organ, bass, drums (public and schools)October: The Budapest Caf Orchestra Eastern European ensemble (public and schools)

    The Budapest Caf Orchestra


    Council DelegatesDaniel Austin Jersey Arts Centre (Chair)Ralph Burridge Alderney Music Society (Secretary)Graham Cox Music Service, ESC, JerseyMervyn Grand Guernsey Education Department Schools Music ServiceKirstin Simon St. James Concert and Assembly Hall, GuernseyBrian Garrard Sark Music Society


  • Jersey Arts Centres Green Team had some new faces working withSteven Laffoley-Edwards in 2012: Keeley Smyth and Nicole Twinam they looked after the day-to-day issues at Phillips Street and at St.James, respectively, and Stuart Bowen, our new Caretaker, tookcharge of Recycling.In January, the Green Team proposed that Jersey Arts Centre undertook an environmental project to partly offset our carbon footprint with the unavoidable use of flights to get artists to theIsland. The Management Committee agreed to donate 1p for everyticket sold in 2012. Thus, in January 2013 and for Festival 30, staffand the cast of the Festival 30 production of pool (no water), planted30 trees and bushes as part of the Jersey Trees for Life project toenhance the Jersey countryside with the creation of wildlife corridors.The switching off of the analogue telephone system in the autumnmeant that we lost remote control of the heating and monitoring system at St. James. As a result, the oil consumption over the winterhas been higher due to this lack of control. The Green Team felt thatthe additional cost of the control software was outweighed by theforthcoming departure from St. James.Jersey Arts Centre is also working closely with ESC to ensure that,as part of Eco-States, they meet the 10% saving by each StatesDepartment since we receive revenue funding from ESC. We havealready attained this target so offer advice and assistance, where wecan, as they in turn allow us to tap into States information and projects to further improve on our status. ESC won the States awardfor Most Improved States Department in 2012, something towardswhich Jersey Arts Centre can proudly say it played a small part.More positive is the continuing move to LED lighting in areas ofoperation where we are either using lights over extended periods orwhere units need replacement. There is a positive attitude to greenissues displayed by all our staff who are committed to workingtowards a better working environment for all.

    The Optimistic Voices

    Eco-Active: Update

    LIBERATION DAY Wednesday 9 MayTo celebrate the 67th year of Jerseys liberation from occupying forcesduring World War II, Jersey Arts Centre and Jersey Tourism again programmed an exciting day of activities and celebrations atWeighbridge Place.Amidst the perennial food stalls, and an atmosphere of red, white andblue festivities, we employed the sounds of Jersey Big Band andOptimistic Voices who were joined again by Acapella Brass. ClaireAustin and her Hollywood Hoppers returned for their third year and,once again, together with Christophe Chateau, his dancers and members of Jersey Arts Centres youtheatre, they all danced the Lindy Hop and jived to the sounds of the big band.The above was made possible with a grant from Jersey Tourism.LA FETE DE NOUE Festive FilmsAs part of Jersey Tourisms La Fte d Nou, Jersey Arts Centre hosted five classic Christmas films on Sunday 16 December. Thesewere: Arthur Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Scrooge,Miracle on 34th Street and Its a Wonderful Life.There were 787 tickets issued for these five screenings.

    Liberation Day +

    La Fte d Nou


  • Twos Company

    Arts in Health Care concerts and exhibitionsimprove the quality of life of adults and childrenaffected by all kinds of illness, life limiting conditions, mental health problems, physicaland learning disabilities as well as creatinghappy memories for families and health carestaff. The feedback received from staff in caresettings acknowledges the success of this artistic programme.There were a total of six tours programmed for2012. Most tours lasted 10 to 11 days and oneach day performers were scheduled to present2/3 concerts. This meant that a total of 168 concerts were given in 2012. Music in Hospitals ToursJanet Beale (accordion)16 - 26 FebruaryMargaret Ferguson and Margaret Lions (soprano and piano)29 April - 10 MayCharleston Charlies (1920s Dance Band)7 - 20 JulyOn the Wagon (multi-instrumental folk trio)5 - 16 AugustHedley Kay (vocals and guitar)17 - 28 SeptemberHuw Chidgey and Catherine Handley(folk duo)9 - 21 December

    A total of 40 establishments benefited from performances in 2012 and an estimated 3,600 individuals were able to attend the concerts. Total Performances: 168Reaction to the tours is monitored by Arts inHealth Care using response forms produced byMusic in Hospitals. The following is a sample ofcomments made by staff after the 2012 concerts:Janet Beale (accordion):Live concerts always give people a lift of spirits.They cant go out to concerts so its great wecan bring it to them.

    Margaret Ferguson and Margaret Lions (soprano and piano):All residents who attended enjoyed them-selves. They interacted well - one gentlemanshed a few tears.

    Charleston Charlies (1920s Dance Band):Pure enjoyments all round. The atmospherewas great.

    On the Wagon (multi-instrumental folk trio):Nice to see a sparkle in peoples eyes.

    Hedley Kay (vocals and guitar):Great reaction from all the residents - one ladysaying Hedley is her favourite performer. Onelady beside her sang with emotion and joy raising her arms and clapping."

    Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley (folk duo):Some clients were quite emotional at somesongs. Often were joining in with the words,even though they had dementia.

    The Trust was established to offer the benefitsof the Arts, in their widest sense, to those in avariety of health care settings both in the community and within the health service. Ittakes a holistic view of the healing processwhile concentrating its efforts, at any one time,in a number of key areas: Provision of performances, under the aegis of Music in Hospitals, to residential homes (private and public), day care centres and hospital wards.

    Displays of the visual arts in local hospitals. Encouragement of local performers within the health care system.

    Dissemination of information on the wider benefits of the Arts through residencies, workshops, training sessions and talks.

    Advocacy of the value of the Arts therapies, including the provision of public workshops and pilot projects.

    Support for organisations and initiatives with common values or objectives.

    At the end of 2012 membership of the Boardcomprised: Adv. Graham Boxall, (HonoraryChairman); Ms Val Aitken (Honorary Vice-Chairman); Mr Clive Barton, (HonoraryTreasurer); Mrs Fiona Speller and Miss SaraClarkson, representing the Ministry forEducation, Sport and Culture; Mrs Gill Rattlerepresenting the Ministry for Health and SocialServices; and Mr Daniel Austin, representingthe Jersey Arts Centres ManagementCommittee.Queens Award For Voluntary ServiceIn May 2012, as part of the Queens DiamondJubilee celebrations, Arts in Health Carereceived the Queens Award for VoluntaryService in recognition of its work enriching thelives of people in health care settings throughthe provision of art and live performance. This is the highest award given to volunteer groupsacross the UK for outstanding work done in theirlocal communities. Arts in Health Care representatives were invited to attend a gardenparty at Buckingham Palace and the award was presented a few weeks later atGovernment House. In addition, representativesof Arts in Health Care, accompanied by musicfrom the Charleston Charlies, were presented toHRH Prince Charles during his recent visit toJersey. It is hoped that the extra interest generated by these events will help Arts inHealth Care to develop and extend their work inthe future.

    Arts in Health Care


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    Community PartnersAmnesty International Jersey GroupArts in Health Care BBC Radio JerseyChannel Islands Music CouncilDurrell The Guiton GroupJersey Arts TrustJersey Evening PostJersey Film SocietyJersey Heritage TrustJersey LibraryJersey Opera HouseNational Trust for JerseySocit JersiaiseSt. Helier / Bad Wurzach

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    SponsorsAmici ArtiumJ.J. Fox International (Jersey) Ltd.The Berni Foundation

    We received Grants from: Education, Sport and CultureJersey Tourism

    We secured Grants from:One FoundationAssociation of Jersey Charities

    Staff, Volunteers and MembersThe Management Committee would onceagain like to express its gratitude to the committed team of professional staff whowork at Jersey Arts Centre and to the manyvolunteers (100+) and Members (1,611 -incorporating 890 memberships), includingour Patrons and Benefactors, who give theirtime so willingly to assist in the smooth running of the operation.



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    Cultural Development Officer

    Jersey Arts Centre Association is grateful to the many organisations that gave assistance in the form of sponsorship or grants during the year, members of the Business PartnersScheme, or who gave support in kind.

    Thanks are due to the many organisations and individuals for their assistanceduring the course of the year, especially all those who helped us raise the moneyfor the reconditioning of our Model D Steinway, and the following:

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