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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p>Dr. Jennifer Moore 2153 West Concord Place, #2 </p><p>Chicago, IL 60647 </p><p>Phone: (773)458-8506 Email: </p><p>Administrative Experience Interim Principal September 2015-Present </p><p>Academy for Global Citizenship Chicago, IL </p><p>Curriculum Development: works with teachers and staff to ensure curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards and </p><p>is achieving school goals; reviews current curriculum and recommends changes based on performance data. </p><p>International Baccalaureate Program: establishes learning environment that reflects IB philosophies and practices; ensures that the </p><p>IB Learner Profile is established as a goal for each student to achieve; establishes partnerships with other PYP schools locally; and </p><p>engages in self-study for PYP reauthorization. </p><p>Professional Development: provides leadership in development, support, and effective implementation of schools instructional </p><p>program and services leading to academic success of all students through the International Baccalaureate program and </p><p>supporting curriculum; supervises and directs subject content personnel as assigned and ensures alignment and evaluation of </p><p>educational programs and services; responsible for benchmarking education and career development best practices including </p><p>measurement process, and alternative methods of delivery. </p><p>Financial Planning: plans for, allocates funding towards, and monitors educational resource needs. </p><p>Communications: maintains and enhances communication and seeks assistance from central office staff to improve performance; </p><p>works to maintain bidirectional, honest relationships with students, staff, parents, and community members based on mutual </p><p>trust and respect. </p><p>New Staff and Student Assimilation: orients and assists new staff members and new students and provides opportunities for their </p><p>input in the school program. </p><p>Community: encourages the use of community resources; cooperates with the community in the use of school facilities; interprets </p><p>the school program with the community; and maintains communication with community members. </p><p>Diverse Learners: ensures IEP meetings are being held on timely basis and that the needs of special education students are met, </p><p>and ensures that the needs of our English Language Learners are met. </p><p>Compliance: collaborates with CPS and ISBE to ensure that our school program is in alignment with our charter; and completes </p><p>documents requested by ISBE and CPS to explain and document our work. </p><p>Leading: provides the structures and opportunities for staff, families and students to engage in the democratic process of </p><p>governing our school. </p><p>Director of Curriculum and Instruction August 2014-August 2015 </p><p>Academy for Global Citizenship Chicago, IL </p><p>Responsibilities included: </p><p>Coordination: developing our International Baccalaureate Program of Inquiry (curriculum development, ordering materials, </p><p>finalize assessments, etc.); creating and co-implementing an assessment framework for our school; coordinating school-wide </p><p>assessments; coordinating and leading professional development work (new staff, orientation, back to school professional </p><p>development, monthly professional development days, and ongoing coaching and intervention); and collaborating with other </p><p>coordinators around student data. </p><p>Teaching: providing direct instruction to students with various modes of learning to accommodate their different learning styles, </p><p>by using inquiry, real-life experiences, current events, information technology, the dramatic arts and other lively sources of </p><p>knowledge. </p><p>Instructional Strategies: supporting teachers in using many different types of instructional strategies including teaching through </p><p>inquiry, differentiating instruction (different learning styles and language backgrounds) and data-driven instruction. </p><p>Technology Integration: incorporating technology across all disciplines as much as possible, where appropriate; piloting a typing </p><p>program for first graders; and setting up a computer lab. </p><p>Professional Development: supporting teachers in curriculum and assessment, and assessing program needs; making a </p><p>curriculum and professional development plan for 2015-16; facilitating and participating on the Instructional Leadership Team; </p><p>creating and participating in our hiring process; collaborating with the principal to support professional growth cycle; providing </p><p></p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>classroom based coaching and support based on teacher needs (including observation/feedback and modeling/reflection); </p><p>evaluating the effectiveness of the professional support that staff have received this year; and developing teachers knowledge of </p><p>inquiry instruction. </p><p>Curriculum Development: working closely with teachers to ensure that the taught curriculum is aligned with Common Core </p><p>Learning Standards, the IB PYP, and NGSS and is achieving the goals of the school; developing school-wide assessments; leading </p><p>curriculum planning meetings with teachers on a regular basis; documenting curriculum so that it is stored consistently across the </p><p>school; and collaborating with Dual Language Coordinator to do the same for Dual Language curricula. </p><p>Performance Assessment: working with teachers to set high and measurable goals for student achievement; evaluating student </p><p>progress in the instructional program; managing standardized testing; creating a pilot of non-cognitive student assessments; </p><p>introducing and supporting the piloting of a new portfolio of all around growth and achievement, according to the wellness </p><p>wheel; and co-creating a new school-wide report card. </p><p>Community: encouraging the use of community resources by staff; facilitating family workshops; cooperating with families in </p><p>welcoming them to our community; and organizing incoming family engagement for 2015-16 (workshops, family meetings). </p><p>Organizational Change: co-creating a research-based staff evaluation system; spearheading the implementation of democratic </p><p>school structures and processes, such as a School Planning and Management Team, Open Forums with the Principal, the Hiring </p><p>Committee, various curriculum committees, using consensus and voting as decision making processes, co-creating agendas, and </p><p>having meeting roles in order to share responsibility. </p><p>Assistant Principal July 2004 July 2006 </p><p>Lowell Elementary School Chicago, IL </p><p>Responsibilities included: providing instructional support to 57 teachers in grades pre K through 8; collaborating with teachers to </p><p>create shared decision making structures and processes within the school; leading staff development on community building, </p><p>reading instruction, math instruction, science instruction, classroom management, and social emotional needs of students; </p><p>creating and maintaining weekly bulletins to teachers; creating daily communication posters for staff; monitoring student </p><p>performance through the analysis of student scores on school wide monthly assessments in reading, writing, and math problem </p><p>solving; creating individual staff development plans based on the needs of teachers and implementing these plans; providing </p><p>individual instructional support to teachers; working with community partners to create a community school; leading committees </p><p>to develop opportunities for teachers and staff to have a voice in school governance; monitoring teachers weekly academic </p><p>planning sheets; monitoring teachers lesson plans; meeting with families and students; monitoring student discipline; structuring </p><p>the special education program; creating organizational systems within the school; providing teachers with cognitive coaching; </p><p>modeling instruction for teachers; allocating funding; and monitoring the school budget. </p><p>Literacy Coordinator, Pre K - 8 August 2003 June 2004 </p><p>Chase Elementary School Chicago, IL </p><p>Responsibilities included: providing staff development in reading and writing to 42 teachers in grades pre K through 8; </p><p>providing staff development on guided reading and literacy centers to teachers in grades K-6; participating in and providing staff </p><p>development on Junior Great Books; teaching model lessons for teachers in grades pre K through 8 in reading and writing </p><p>instruction; monitoring monthly reading and writing test prompts given on a school-wide basis; teaching struggling readers in </p><p>pull-out programs; collaborating with teachers on how to use assessment to drive their instruction in reading and writing; </p><p>collaborating with school counselor to analyze standardized test data; collaborating with Student and Staff Support Team and </p><p>individual teachers to design programs that support students in need of additional academic support; designing and </p><p>implementing supplementary educational programs for struggling readers during the school day; designing and implementing </p><p>supplementary literacy programs for special education and bilingual students both before and after school; planning Family </p><p>Literacy Nights; collaborating with a community agency to provide parent leadership training; creating a family home tutoring </p><p>program; writing and implementing grants; collaborating with the principal in supervising the Chase/CHASI Community School; </p><p>meeting with teachers individually and in grade level teams to plan standards-based instruction; collaborating with the principal, </p><p>assistant principal, and teachers in developing a standards-based lesson plan for teachers; attending monthly Literacy </p><p>Coordinator meetings; and providing individual and whole school staff development as needed on classroom management, </p><p>literacy centers, classroom organization, assessment and additional topics. </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>Apprentice Principal September 2002 June 2003 </p><p>Chase Elementary School Chicago, IL </p><p>Volunteered to work alongside the principal to learn the responsibilities of running a school and was eventually hired. </p><p>Responsibilities included: being the Bilingual Lead Teacher and assuming all associated administrative responsibilities; </p><p>coordinating, developing, and monitoring the parent involvement program; facilitating a staff study group in writing; modeling </p><p>lessons for teachers; providing teachers with feedback and guidance in literacy instruction; creating a Community School with an </p><p>oversight committee that services over 500 students and 200 parents a year; writing grants; monitoring the implementation of </p><p>specialized grants; managing an After School Bilingual Dropout Prevention grant; creating a Student and Staff Support Team </p><p>which provided staff with an outlet to discuss issues they are facing in relation to student progress; creating a Parent Action </p><p>Committee which fostered the involvement of parents at every level of school function; providing parents with training and </p><p>feedback on ways to develop their own literacy skills; creating committees to monitor the School Improvement Plan; creating a </p><p>portfolio to document principals activities to the Local School Council; attending monthly Area Instructional Officer meetings </p><p>with area principals; evaluating staff perceptions of the implementation of the Comer School Development Program; learning the </p><p>Chicago Public Schools budgeting process; and attending and presenting at professional development workshops. </p><p>Science Materials Center Director September - October 1998 </p><p>Discovery Science Museum/Beckman Foundation Santa Ana, CA </p><p>Created a science materials resource center for Orange County public and private schools; created an accounting system for an </p><p>annual budget of $500,000.00; developed physical layout of center; organized staff development; hired staff; and purchased </p><p>shelving, furniture, science units and consumable materials. </p><p>Science Assessment and Projects Specialist September 1996 - July 1997 </p><p>Cambridge Public Schools/Education Development Center Cambridge, MA </p><p>Collaborated with K-6 classroom teachers on assessing student understandings of science concepts; supported teachers in using a </p><p>variety of assessment methods in order to promote assessment as a tool for instruction; co-taught first grade science unit with </p><p>classroom teacher; and collaborated with K-6 science staff developers, teachers, and scientists to create a kindergarten sand and </p><p>water science unit. </p><p>Project Manager August 1994 - September 1996 </p><p>Cambridge Public Schools/Education Development Center Cambridge, MA </p><p>Managed a National Science Foundation Teacher Enhancement Project (Habits of Mind: Science in Cambridge) that facilitated the </p><p>implementation of inquiry science education in all Cambridge elementary schools; organized city-wide events, teacher </p><p>workshops, and projects for the Science Department; coordinated the city-wide MIT/Cambridge Science Expo for two years; </p><p>coordinated the planning and execution of science unit workshops for 300 classroom teachers throughout the school year; worked </p><p>with consultants, 7 Science Staff Development Teachers, and 30 Liaison Classroom Teachers; supervised undergraduate interns; </p><p>facilitated communication among 80 science staff K-9 and external agencies; initiated and provided forums for parent workshops </p><p>on science education. </p><p>Consulting Experience Design Thinking Program Consultant July 2013 </p><p>WowKids Bogota, Colombia </p><p>Responsibilities included collaborating with 5 passionate thinkers to create an afterschool program for children, focused on </p><p>helping them develop design thinking skills. </p><p>Social-Emotional Consultant July 2012, July 2013 </p><p>Norwood Park School, Prescott Elementary School Chicago, IL </p><p>Responsibilities included providing two-day workshops to incoming staff on how to create a socially supportive learning </p><p>environment for children in grades PK-8 and working with a team of teachers to plan year-long professional development around </p><p>school culture. </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>School Consultant August 2006-August 2011 </p><p>New Schools Project, Erikson Institute Chicago, IL </p><p>Responsibilities included consulting in over ten Chicago Public Schools. At these sites, responsibilities varied, based on site </p><p>needs, but included: coaching a total of 100 teachers and teacher assistants on how to provide a socially and emotionally </p><p>supportive environment for students and staff; providing school-wide staff development on issues related to social-emotional </p><p>learning; modeling developmentally appropriate lessons for teachers; pro...</p></li></ul>