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January 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day The Pulse ... 42 Henry St, RR, NC 27870 657 Williams St, RR, NC 27870 Margie Holiday, 537-3194 Nell Bailey,532-4778 901 Wilson St, RR, NC 27870

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Text of January 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day The Pulse ... 42 Henry St, RR, NC 27870 657 Williams St, RR,...

  • Dates to Remember in January

    January 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Feb 11: Mr. Scott Hall is going to be speaking to us about the homeless

    teenagers in the Roanoke Rapids High School district.

    Mar 23 (tentative): Ms. Angela Love will speak to us about the things Jo

    Story offers us.

    Apr 14: Comedian and singer Amy Kornegay will make us laugh.

    May 12 or 19: The Spiritual Practice of Simplicity: Practicing simplicity

    doesn’t just mean living with less; it also encompasses the inward

    desire to live a simpler life. This class addresses loosening dependence

    on things, activities, and even human relationships while deepening

    dependence upon God. Topics include biblical simplicity, setting

    priorities, letting go with peace, and enjoying freedom, contentment and

    peace in Christ

    Aug 11 or 18: Dementia and the Faith Community. Learn how you

    church can minster to those living with dementia and the caregivers.

    Participants will gain a better understanding of dementia and learn how

    to communicate and minister to those living with dementia as well as

    those caring for them. Participants will also learn warning signs of

    dementia and concrete ways to help.

    The Pulse 515 Becker Dr., RR, NC 27870

    Email: [email protected]


    Telephone: 252-537-6171

    January 2020 Newsletter ============================================

    Rev. Dathan Hall

    Happy New Year from the staff of First Baptist Church. We are looking

    forward to an exciting new decade where God will do mighty things

    through each of you. One exciting new thing is going to be the start of

    our newest small group called “Next Level”. This group will begin on the

    first Sunday of January, meeting at 10 a.m. each week. In addition, the

    Sounds of Praise Choir is excited to get back to regular practice and is

    seeking new members to use their talents to God’s glory in 2020.

    We ask that all church members pray for God’s direction and blessing

    over the coming month. We also ask that each person resolve to grow

    closer to the Lord and each other this year. May God’s favor rest upon

    you all!

    Thank you,

    Pastor Dathan

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Don L. West,

    Minister of Music

    Sounds of Praise Choir rehearsal every Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

    If you have thoughts about singing with us, this would be a

    good time to try out for the choir. We would love to have


    "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree," and "Holly Jolly Christmas" were written by Jewish songwriter Johnny Marks.

    The first Christmas song to mention Santa Claus was Benjamin Hanby's "Up On The Housetop." Written in 1864, Hanby was inspired Clement Moore's 1823 poem "A Visit from Saint Nicholas."


    1st: Selby Merritt 14th: Shirley Grady 4th: Paige Dickerson 18th: Lisa Barriger 4th: Donna Draper 18th: Kaylin White 5th: Myrle Moore 22nd: Lynne Smith 7th Verdie Riggan 31st: Angela Love


    We were blessed to have had a donation of Christmas stockings for Bayberry and the shut-ins. The Senior Luncheon was a great success and fun was had by all. See ya next year. Next one is May 5.

    Free Over the Counter Medicine Giveaway will be held at Halifax Community

    College Ervin C. Griffin, Sr. Centre Weldon, NC 27890 Friday, January 17,

    2020 9:00am—2:00pm Bring Friends, Family & Neighbors

  • Please pray for the following church

    members who are our brothers and sisters in

    worship. Any updates should be given to Ms.

    Faye Wallace, 252-308-5318 or Ms. Harlean

    Shook, 252-678-8209.

    Bayberry Retirement Home (252-537-2995) Carolina Rest Home (252-533-0014) Vacant Muriel Knight/Don Barnes 111 Wicker Dr. RR, NC 27870 1361 Carolina RR, NC 27870 Shut In’s:

    Margie Davis, 537-9463 Gwen Merritt, 537-4042 322 Monroe St, RR, NC 27870 802 E. 12th St, RR, NC 27870 Anne Emery, 537-4654 Roma Wright & Kay White, 532-0581 42 Henry St, RR, NC 27870 657 Williams St, RR, NC 27870 Margie Holiday, 537-3194 Nell Bailey,532-4778 901 Wilson St, RR, NC 27870 158 Morgan Dr, P.O. 462, RR, NC 27870

    Prayer List

    Kay White* (cancer) Tina Mead* (back surgery) Shirley Dyer (knee surg)

    Nell Bailey * (bad legs) Margie Holiday * Jean Floyd * (heart)

    Lessie Johnson* (back) Betty Hodge (cancer) Verdie Riggan* (BP/arm)

    Tommy Vaughan* (kidney) Georgia Mae (cancer) Ann Graham Lotz (cancer)

    Margie Davis * Jim Martin (agent orange) Melinda Hite (Eye’s)

    Roy Barnes* (back surgery) Roma Wright * Anne Emery * (breathing)

    Gwen Merritt * Joyce Edwards * (shoulder) Marion Barnes

    June Skaggs * Barbara Vaughan * Zettie Jones

    Billy Strickland (lung cancer) Becky Jernigan (Tammy Emery’s Mom)

    Viola Sykes (Marion Brown’s Mom) Bill Kornegay (foot) Wayne Meade (

    Ryker Brown (Faye Wallace’s grt neph) Gisela Kinscheck (Heart) Terri Bennett (kidney/)

    Elizabeth Clary (pneumonia) Francis Medlin * (heart)

    Whitt Copeland Richard Gaylor Cindy Willey

    Ray Mabery (heart) Lia Gennaro Ray (cancer) Linda Overton (cancer)

    Evenly Given Sherri Beals (heart) Al Lane (heart)

    Barry Skaggs Lynn Wallace (heart) Clay Brickett (hip)

    Ann Thanos Brenda Gray (loss spouse)

    Brenda Ragland (heart/cancer) Woodruff Family

    Military Members

    Jacob Bouchard*, U.S. Navy Aaron Purser *, U.S. Navy


    Rev William (Billy) Hardwick - Kenya

    * First Baptist Church members

    Fun time at Bayberry meet and greet for the

    Christmas party.

    Good food and fun.

    Please attend Bible Study before our service on Sundays from at 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. We are encouraging more students to attend. Please come or visit the Bible class that fits your age group. Come study the gospel and fellowship. Age Teacher 0 - 4 Victoria Allen, Ronda Riggan 5 – 11 Kathy Abernathy 12 – 18 Amy Hall 19+ Roy Barnes

    I would like to thank everyone for the

    awesome job with Operation Christmas Child

    collection of different items every month and

    for the people who helped pack boxes. We did

    well this year and collected 134 boxes. We will

    start collecting again in February and plan to

    go over that number. Thank you!! 😊

  • Nursery Update

    We are in desperate need of nursery workers. Can you play or rock for 1 hr. on Sundays? Please consider it. See Tori

    Allen for times you can work. Thank you!

    Sunday School Ms. Kathy Abernathy

    This is how we roll in Sunday

    School....after the Bible lesson, of

    course...We so CWAZY!!🙃🙃

    The kids will be making Christmas ornaments and doing other Christmas

    activities for the month of January.

    Children’s Church The kids are finishing up the new testament with

    Revelation and learning what each book is about.

    First Baptist Church Staff/Committee Pastor: Rev. Dathan Hall Minister of Music: Rev. Don West

    Administrative Assist: Ms. Angela Love Pianist: Mr. Jeff Riggan

    Bereavement Social: Jeanne West Finance: Pete Smith

    Ladies Ministry; Amy Hall Senior Coordinator: Harlean Shook

    Youth Leader: Amy Hall

    First Place for best float. Let’s hear it for Jesus!

    What a fun time in the Roanoke Rapids Christmas Parade representing Jesus! Let’s hear it for Jesus! Angels we have heard on High! We are so thankful for all who helped build, or ride and share the love of CHRIST with our community! First Baptist Church won the first-place church float entry this year! We are so thankful for togetherness!


    Responsibility: 5th 12th 19th 26th

    Sunday School: Grades K -5

    Kathy Abernathy

    Kathy Abernathy

    Kathy Abernathy Kathy Abernathy

    Sunday School: Youth

    Amy Hall Amy Hall Amy Hall Amy Hall




    Barbara Vaughan/ Faith Durham

    Tori Allen/ Abby White

    Joyce Edwards/Ronda Riggan

    Jane Holt/Meghan Bennett

    Children’s Church Lessie Johnson


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