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Janet Brokerage. From start up to delivery. www.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloud. The story so far. Universities Modernisation Fund Overall strategy to drive use of shared services (in the Cloud) Researchers and data management primary focus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Janet Brokerage

Janet BrokerageFrom start up to deliverywww.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netThe story so far...Universities Modernisation FundOverall strategy to drive use of shared services (in the Cloud)Researchers and data management primary focusCreation of the Janet BrokerageBoost to DCCPilot Cloud services at EduservPilot research applications commissionedwww.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netBrokerage aimsWork with the sector and suppliers to provide solutions based on IT as a service, facilitating the uptake of data centre, hosted and cloud services.Create efficiencies and cost savingsAccelerate and improve availability of services and add value by advocacy and procurement managementReduce risk in adopting new servicesAddress technical and business questionsCreate a competitive market based on sound technical

platforms www.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netPeriod of learning...Many discussions with the sector to understand:Focus, fears and future aspirations Critical blockers for adoptionReadiness to adoptMany discussions with commercial providers to understand:Focus, fears and future aspirationsCritical blockers for adoptionReadiness to work collaborativelywww.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netAnd we found...Many different organisational:perspectivesapproachesprioritieslevels of readinessUnsurprisingly: There is no one model that fits all!www.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netWhich means...Devoted to working with research and education institutions to match individual organisational needs to data centre and cloud computing solutionsRespond to requirements of individual institutions to help procure trusted shared virtual servers and data centres.Spent the past year building relationships with sector and suppliers, identifying which services are keywww.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netTesting the modelHow will we (or JISC/HEFCE/Treasury/another) judge success?Successful procurements (and models)Implemented projectsAvoiding new data centre buildUptake of new serviceswww.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netPrioritiesEstablish brokerage as one stop shopDevelop coherent offerings, IaaS, PaaS, & SaaSDevelop Financial Sustainability ModelPilot MoonshotLegal / SLA ModelSupport sector projectsFirst major brokered deal(s) executed this academic yearEstablish pipeline of brokered deals into FY12/13www.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netInitial service menuColocationManaged Virtual ServersDisaster RecoveryCommodity StorageTiered StorageCommodity ComputeHPCVLEEmailUMF Projectswww.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netWhere are we up to?Launched PQQs for data centre IaaS services and colocationBased on known colocation and service requirementsWorking with sector institutions and their needsShort list of major suppliers and tenders issuedFirst deployment Feb 2012Developing Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) March 2012New use of DPS, proving the concept and making efficienciesAimed at commodity provision (storage, compute, HPC)www.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netProducts shaped by youShaping new services and product offeringsArchitecture models that work tested by institutions such as LoughboroUsage models for cloud data storage and HPCLooking for opportunities for further deploymentDont forget Eduserv Pilot Vmware now available Openstack in New Yearwww.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.netSuppliers ready to be influenced lots of investment but currently an unclear commercial roadmap particularly in this sector11Questions & Feedbackhttp://www.janetbrokerage.ac.ukwww.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudbrokerage@ja.net

www.janetbrokerage.ac.uk www.twitter.com/Janet_Cloudwww.ja.net