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CuadradroJavier SolsUniversidad Tcnica de AmbatoMay 2015

Table of contents1.Introduction32.Objectives32.1Objective General32.2Specific objectives33.Methodology44.Data Collection45.Data analysis46.Variable results67.Conclusions68.Recommendations69.References8Annexes9

table of pie charts


CHARTSChart 1: Denotations13

1. Introduction

Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation. (Avram Noam Chomsky.)

This project has been developed with students from Technical University of Ambato who are studying the same mayor which is accounting. Most of them have the similar age and have the same educational background. The word that is going to be analyzed is the word called cuadrar. This word is use several times and is implemented in different context according to the circumstances such as: giving up, satisfaction, arrangement, mocking, etc. As Chomsky the interpretation and use of the words involves a process of free creation, so that the word cuadrar is use in this field as expression that everything is fine or everything is going well. This word is very famous around accountants and is used every day, forming part of its lexicon.2. Objectives

2.1 Objective GeneralDetermine in which situations is use the word cuadrar

2.2 Specific objectives

Identify the most common connotation of the word cuadrar

Identify if the field of the mayor influences in the use of the word cuadrar

3. MethodologyThe methodology used in this project was the observation and interview of the students in their own environment which was the faculty of accounting, especially to the students who went to the library to do homework, research, etc. In order to be able to collect the data, was necessary to create a chart with specific items where the data collected can be processed easily. Next, it was essential to left students interact with each other freely without interruptions in order to write down what they said. In this point they were not notify about the project, until the necessary data was collect. After the data was collect, the students who were selected were asking about their age and educational background in order to depurate the data and made it valid or not. Additionally, they were asking why they used such expressions because as investigator is important to know the circumstances that motivate them the use of these expressions.4. Data Collection Population: 8 studentsPlace: Library FCAComment by Acer: Word subject of analysis: cuadradro5. Data analysis The result of the of the variable studied show that most of the students which are the 44% the word cuadrar to check things in order to make sure that everything they are doing is going well or as they have planned. This use goes according of the proper use of this word which is used by expert in this field as synonym of what they do is perfect. Another important aspect of the use of this word is that students use it as alternative expression of failure or giving up in the task they are doing represented by the 21%. This function of this word in this context seems strength, however, if we analyze the words that come before and after we can understand clearly the message that students what to say and it is comprehended for the students who are nearby at that moment. On the other hand, only the 2% include this expression at the moment of mocking, wondering or hurrying their peers in the task they are doing.

Pie chart 1: Denotation

Author: Javier Solis Date: 19/05/21Another important aspect is that most of the students that use this word are enrolled in 6th semester (38%) which means that they have been use this word for more than 2 year. So that the word cuadrar seems to be as common use and accepted at this level where anyone can notice the different intention at the moment of speaking. Pie chart 2: Educational Background

Author: Javier Solis Date: 19/05/21

6. Variable resultsOnce the analysis was completed, the analysis if the variable is easier because the data provided some important aspects such as the word cuadrar is use in this field of accounting as common expression which function is understood according to the circumstances, but only with the people who studied this field. Moreover, this word is use mostly for women (38%) which are more conscious that men at the moment according with the observation.

Pie chart 3: Gender

Author: Javier Solis Date: 19/05/217. Conclusions The free environment let us know how people use the word cuadrar The Word cuadrar is used for students who study accounting as a mayor Only people involve in this field an understand its meaning It can be used with other expressions to show satisfaction, make mocking, etc Women are the most common users on this word Students who are the higher levels tent to use this word most often 8. Recommendations The use of the word is colloquial between accountants and it must be respect the use The word cuadrar will be continue using in this field for ages Everybody should aware to know common colloquial words or expressions of the order fields Data should be collected in the natural environment where the study is going to take place

9. ReferencesNational Open University of Nigeria. School of Arts and Social Sciences. Introduction to Sociolinguistics.[en linea] Disponible en: http://www.nou.edu.ng/NOUN_OCL/pdf/pdf2/ENG%20355.pdf Pages 178Spolsky, Bernard (2010). Sociolinguistics. Oxford University Press. Cdigo Biblioteca: (801= 20 S762) Inventario (8644 ) Pages :128

Wardhaugh, Ronald (2010). An Introduction to Sociolinguistics (6th edition). Malden, MA: Blackwell. [en linea]. Disponible en: http://faculty.mu.edu.sa/public/uploads/1393439953.5135An_Introduction_to_Sociolinguistics__Blackwell_Textbooks_in_Linguistics_.pdf Pages: 415





1Betty GuzmnMale20University student (4 semester)Bueno ah cuadramos para la prximaX

Ya cuadraste el balanceX

Apura cuadremos esta pendejadax

Si te cuadro con lo mox

Nada que cuadrax

Cuadrado! Si dije que as eraX

2LauraMejaFemale19University student (3 semester)Eso tiene que cuadrar con los auxiliaresX

Si no te cuadra algo ha de estar malX

Deja nomas si no cuadra aumntale por ah X

Debe de cuadrar as no queramosX

Dios mios porque no cuadra esta huevadaX

Cuadrado! Yo mismo tengo que hacerX

3Diego SolsMale22University student (6 semester)Ni al profe le cuadro, por eso dijo revisaran uno por unoX

cuadrado o no cuadrado ah queda X

Pero el choclo ese si cuadro el balanceX

Que le va a cuadrar, si ni sumar sabeX

Ojal cuadre, si no ya valimosX

as la suma de la resta para ver si cuadraX

4Sofa LasluisaMale21University student (5 semester)Esa informacin tiene que cuadrar con el formulario de la superX

No te cuadra por shunshoX

Los dos balances a la final tienen que cuadrarX

Si no puedes cuadrar ya btateJajajaX

si no nos cuadrada , solo pongamos el totalX

Ojal no se de cuenta que no esta cuadradoX

5EstefanaSnchezFemale21University student (6 semester)Yo si cuadre, he puesto el 4 en ves del 9X

Revisen otra vez haber si ya cuadra o no..ya me tiene cabezonaX

El debe con el haber al final te tiene que cuadrarX

El profe dijo si hacen bien a la primera cuadra el balanceX

Tenemos que comparar si cuadra el libro diario con el mayorX

hasta aqu esta cuadrado, deja ver si las dems cuentas cuadranX

6GabrielaBaronaFemale21University student (5 semester)hay queda esa huevada, no cuadra mismoX

Si te cuadro con el mayor de retenciones?X

A ti te cuadro con el mayor de bancos?X

Sino smale esos 15 centavos en alguna cuenta para que te cuadre.X

Ya me canse no cuadra, yo le aumento por ah para que cuadre y ah se vaX

Te cuadr?...deja verX

7MabelLasluisaFemale20University student (4 semester)Con cuento dijo que cuadraba el balanceX

te acuerdas que dijo cuadren primeroy ah les ha de cuadrar el balanceX

Debe de cuadrar, por ah debe de estar mal sumadoX

Todas las cuentas estaban cuadradas? RevisaX

Ves mal metido el dedo por eso no cuadrabaX

Ya esta cuadrado esta huevada..X

8Cinthya ArmijosFemale21University student (6 semester)Al final del diario el debe y el haber tiene que cuadrar. No es cierto?X

Chucha! Pero ya reviso y no cuadra X

Rete nomas, haber suma haber si te cuadraX

Hay que cuadrar primero los ajustesX

Cuadrado!...cuadrado... Jajaja lero leroX

Cuadrado con X


Author: Javier Solis Date: 19/05/21

Chart 1: Denotations

Results: The most common use of the word cuadrar is used to check information 21 times where spoken for the participants. On the other hand, 10 person use as giving up in task they were doing. Additionally, 5 students use the word cuadrar to show their satisfaction.

Pie chart 4: Denotation

Author: Javier Solis Date: 19/05/21Analysis: the use of the word cuadrar has many denotations where the 44% is related to check results, 21% is used to express giving up in the task they are doing, 11 % to show satisfaction for the task done, 11% to express wondering, 8% to mock their peers and 2% to paray for the things they do. Pie chart 5: Educational Background

Author: Javier Solis Date: 19/05/21Results: Most of the students are in 6th semester represented for the 38%, 25% are in 5th semester, 25% are in 4th semester and the 12% are in 3rd semester.Pie chart 6: Gender

Author: Javier Solis Date: 19/05/21Results: Most part of the population are women which are the 62% while men represented the 38%.Pie chart 7: Age

Results: Most of the students observed correspond to the age of 21 years old which are in 6th semester more or less. Besides this the 25% are student of years old. On the other hand, 12% are from 19 years old