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<ul><li> 1. Jan/Feb Newsletter 2013 New years are always symbolic of the soft pink of an African dawn... they are a symbol of hope, of a re-awakening and then of a growing power and lightan energy of Africa that makes you smile and realise that we are part of a great, great world. This year- 2013 - is going to be many things for all of us, and I think we need to start it by being AWARE of the beauty that lives inside us, of the potential that lives inside the smallest seed and soul and person. We need to strive harder, reach deeper and look at the world with gratefulness!December was a bit of time off forme personally as I enjoyed thesunshine &amp; coast with loved ones Firstly we finished our first Nourish Annual Report &amp; Financial Statements. A HUGE job including hours andand family and had special hours of stress and work, but wow- how rewarding tomoments in nature. So when see how far we have come in a year. So many projectsJanuary arrived, I was all too eager startedso many small and big successes, learningto get back to my passion, curves and lives touched in irreversible ways. It was aNOURISH, &amp; to really kick-start this blessing to see that we have been effective inyear into high gear and get the ball implementing positive change in people androlling on all our projects again. communities and nature, which has always been our goal. So a 49 page missive, (but those of you that know mewill know that I write as much as I talk... which is ALOT!) containing photos and stats and stories of all the projects we have started and completed. Should you want a copy- email nourish.org.za@gmail.com and I will email you one or click on http://www.slideshare.netnourish_npo/nourish-annual-report- 2011-2012white </li> <li> 2. Jan/Feb Newsletter 2013And before you ask; yes, its that time of year. I am sitting typing this atThuthuzela Aid Community Centre in Alexandra Township. Last yearNourish provided support by giving the house mother (Lizzy) almost amonth off for the first time in years. This year we are again able to offernot money--- but timeand love. And so it is, that for 3 weeks I will bespending my time learning to be octo-mom bathing 8 children at a time,waking up early to administer ARVs, dredge up science memories to dohomework...and all in all offer all the love and support we can to such aworthy orphanage. Once again- we are asking you to SWING for CHARITY ...as we have Nourishs Annual Golf Day coming up. This will be held at Kyalami Country Club (on their beautiful greens!) on the 24th April 2013. Lots of fun to be had by all, great And there shall be TREES! We prizes, and weekends away to be won. kick-started our Travel Trees R 400 per player project this year as we partnered with Backroads Africa R 1 600 per 4-ball team. (www.backroadsafrica.com) who will now be sponsoring a tree for Come support us on the day, have fun and every person travelling with them all the profit goes to a good cause. on their adventures. .. For more information email nourish.org.za@gmail.com </li> <li> 3. The Alexandra Township Photography project has got wheels turning, as we started our active presence last week with monthly photography lessons at Ma AfrikaTikkun, a community centre and after school programme for children and youth in the urban slum of Alex. We are also offering these courses to unemployed youth in the hopes of inspiring and creating a skill that may one day lead to entrepreneurship and income. It is an exciting start for us and we are looking forward to seeing the photos these young children take with open eyes of their own township, as well as seeing how their skills develop. Keep track of us on www.facebook.com/alexandraphotographyproject...We also sponsored 8beautiful leafy indigenous Also we are looking for digital cameras, old or new, that youtrees to South African just arent using any more... if you have one you can bear to partMedical Expeditions to with please contact us as we are desperate to get them HANDSplant on the site for their ON and practicing on their own cameras!community centre whichwill offer medicalassistance to HIV orphans The recycled crafting is still continuing as well as a feeding faithfully driven by Miriam and Priscilla,scheme. We look forward local women from Welverdiend village.to seeing those trees We just took in a gorgeous hand wovenflourish and sitting under carpet of the bright South African flag their shade one day! We done by Miriam. Although this tookare also looking forward to many a month, I commissioned itbeing involved with privately for my house, and am over theAshtons Transfers, Odie moon with my funky eco-friendly AfricanAir, Jemax Aviation, and piece. Lets hope placing these crafts inCaptured in Africa this lodges and local craft stands will getyear! these women the recognition and financial support they deserve. </li> <li> 4. A visit to the Nourish site on Orpen road showed us exactly how much rain the region has had recently asthe bush and grass have flourished and are thick and green (even some of our hard work clearing has beenundone with all the rain!),but its still looking great! A Spring of Hope (aSoH) (www.aspringofhope.org ) hasbecome involved and will hopefully be able within this year to drop a borehole on the site, which is anexciting development for us. We are keeping fingers and toes crossed for the funds to be raised and this tobecome an actuality. Kobus, one of the aSoH members, visited us in February on one very hot sunny day,and we spent the morning with him learning the very fine art of divining water... or as he explaineddivining the landscape of earth under the surface that are indications of divides where water might be. Itwas an interesting process to watch and be a part of, as well as thoroughly enjoying his knowledge of localtrees. Thank you Kobus, Joanne and Brittany from aSoH for giving us the HOPE that a borehole will soongrace the Nourish land and offer its water and life to our project and the community. We also had an amazing day as we went with SAME to a community crche in the rural village of Keyelane and handed out colourful hand knitted teddies from the Mother Bear project. The children ADORED their teddies and each child came personally to hug and thank me. How I wish I could pass on that feeling of gratefulness! Such a small thing making such a profound statement of love </li> <li> 5. The Dress 4 Success project spent early Jan busy buying school uniforms for orphans from Keyalane andAcornhoek village. Seeing a little 5 year old in his first uniform, so tiny and proud, brought tears to my eyes.Working with SAME to identify the pre-schoolers, and with the community chief we distributed over 33school uniforms in early January. Lots of shopping, hot African queuing- but very rewarding knowing that 33more children will be able to attend school this year, because Nourish was able to provide support! Thankyou to Arc for Africa, as well as private donors for making this possible! On an AACOSIDA note last year we received government building specifications that we needed to adhere to in order to register the crche. Well with a R 10 000 goal set in order to finish our dream, the fundraising began. We set FEBRUARY aside as the month of love. We decided to sell Valentines Hearts, which we will paint on the wall of the crche- with a loved ones name in- .to be remembered for years to come. Each heart cost R 50 with a goal of selling 200. We are happy to announce we sold 162 hearts! We are thankful to every single person that made this possible, you are too numerous to name here. Know that your love will create ripples~~ ~Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. </li> <li> 6. Our adrenalin this year came from just that: environmental education, as wehad the treat of being able to go on a bush walk with a CHEETAH at TshukuduGame Lodge near Hoedspruit. The walk for 2 was sponsored by Martin Meyer(www.martinmeyerphotography.com). We selected 2 children from the Grade7 class of Sihlekisi primary school. The class ran a fun arts competition withthe theme What we love about the Bush. Inventive, fun and amazingpictures with real sand glued on and incredible perspectives...and it wasdifficult for us to choose only 2. In the end Zelda and Nyiko as well as theirteacher spent an incredible morning immersing themselves in the beautifulbush, learning about dung, porcupine quills, cheetah (obviously) and animalbehaviour. I have a sneaky feeling we may just have invested in these childrenmore deeply than we can even imagine. To Tshukudu for an amazingexperience, Martin Meyer, and Sihlekisi Primary School THANK YOU. </li> <li> 7. This year for Nourish the focus really is on driving environmental education to the youth of ruralvillages that are marginalised by big reserves. The children of our Acornhoek, Welverdiend andSigagule villages should know the value of their bush heritage, the uses of traditional trees, haveinstilled a respect and love for nature and see the value of an elephant other than as a source of.meat or money (through poaching) With poaching in South Africa reaching unprecedented heights,we push harder than ever to open eyes, hearts and minds and create understanding of sustainability,conservation, anti-poaching, and tourism as a viable livelihood. We believe by changing mindsets wecan change the future generation. We aim this year to start giving monthly/weekly environmentalclasses at local schools and giving children exposure to animals through a visit to a game reserve or aweekend bush school. Should you be able to assist or fund this in ANY way please get in touchnourish.org.za@gmail.com And so we end off another fun-filled and busy 2 months in a year which just seems to be flying by. May I just thank everyone who has been so supportive, from Australia, Germany, the UK, America and n locally too- you are all amazing and we could not keep up our work without you! ~ Happiness is not a state to arrive at, rather, a manner of travelling. Samuel Johnson </li> </ul>