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Page 2: James' uk film magazines


Empire is published once a month. The content of the magazine covers the big

blockbuster films. The magazine costs £3.99. The magazine is published by Bauer

Consumer Media who are one of the biggestpublishers of magazines.

The target audience is aimed at peoplewho enjoy blockbuster films18-45.

Name Empire suggests dominance and is in a san serif font, the font is a 1930’s style.

The star of the featured movie is usually onthe magazines front cover.

Page 3: James' uk film magazines

Total Film

Total Film is published once amonth.

The magazine content covers blockbuster films. The magazine costs £3.99. It is published by Future Publishing which is a large

publisher of magazines such as simply knitting. The target audience is men and women aged around

15-45. The name Total Film suggests the magazine is

definitive and that the magazine is exclusively aimed at film.

Page 4: James' uk film magazines

Sight & Sound

Sight & Sound is published once a month. The magazines content covers a combination

of blockbuster films and smaller low budget films.

Sight & Sound costs £3.95. It is published by the British Film Institute

who are a charity The target audience is 20-50 people who enjoy

film theory and the academics behind the films. Sight & Sound is a charity and governed by

Royal Charter.

Page 5: James' uk film magazines


SFX is published once a month. The magazines contents is all to do with Science

fiction movies & Fantasy films. SFX will cost you £4.50. The magazine is published by Future plc who also

publish Total Film. The font of SFX is futuristic and looks like it is

made out of chrome and out of a sci-fi film. The front covers for this genre are normally

very dramatic to catch the audiences attention this magazine follows this trend.

The target audience is people who enjoy science fiction and fantasy films, the target age range is 16-35 and is aimed at both men and women.

Page 6: James' uk film magazines

Little White Lies

Little White lies is published twice a month. The magazine covers a mix of blockbuster.

films and smaller films. Little White Lies costs £6. The Church Of London publish the

magazine who also publish huck. The target audience of the magazine is men

and women aged 18-50 who enjoy graphic design and features of a film.

The magazine features one main film which is normally on the front cover.

Little White Lies is in a niche market and is heavily designed throughout.

Page 7: James' uk film magazines


Uncut magazine is published once amonth.

The target audience is 24-45 andis mainly aimed at men.

It is a hybrid magazine of music & film. This appeals to two types of fans and helps with thesales of the magazine.

Uncut costs £4.80. Uncut is published by IPC Media who also publish NME

and Nuts magazine as well as a variety of other magazines. Uncut covers all the big film releases, so people who

mostly enjoy the blockbuster movie reviews will want toread this magazine.

Page 8: James' uk film magazines


Film magazines look to be a dying breed as they can be accessed easier online and through lots of other medias for cheaper such as videos.

Most film magazines cover the big blockbuster films as this is what most people want to read about, a select few magazines do cover smaller more specific films which a small proportion of the population will want to know about.

The colour schemes on the magazines usually change to the colour scheme of the film they are covering.