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    DATE: December 22, 2014

    WARD: 43

    NAME: Caroline Vickrey

    VOTING ADDRESS: 436 W. Webster

    HOME PHONE: 773-860-0602 BUSINESS PHONE: 773-710-8088

    CAMPAIGN ADDRESS: 719 W. Wrightwood, Chicago, Illinois

    CAMPAIGN PHONE: 773-710-8088 FAX: n/a

    CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: Carolinefor43.com EMAIL: caroline@carolinefor43.com

    CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Matt Perez (matt@caroline for43.com)


    Please provide the foll owing background information:

    A. Elective or appointive public and/or party offices previously held including dates.

    Local School Council Member, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, 2006-2013

    B. Other elective offices for which you have been a candidate.


    C. What is your primary occupation?


    D. Briefly list your civic activities of the past ten years.Oz Park Advisory Council Board Member, Local School Council Member/Vice-President/BudgetChair, MidNorth Association Board member

    E. What subjects have you studied and what experience have you had which will be most helpful to you in theoffice you seek?

    I am an attorney familiar with legislation, litigation, and parliamentary procedure. I am also a

    mother of three in the public school system and have worked with many aldermen in our

    community in the past to improve various aspects of our community.

    F. What candidates have you supported in past elections? Please be specific in describing your role in each


    My husband and I worked on Dick Simpsons campaign for Congress in 1992. We also supportedPhil Andrews campaign for the Illinois House 57thDistrict in 1994.

    G. Please list all endorsements you have received so far.

    Don Rose, Columnist, Chicago ObserverH. As concisely as possible, state why you feel you should be endorsed over the other candidate(s). What goalsfor the office you seek are most important to you personally?

    I represent a truly independent voice for the 43rdWard. I am independent of political parties or

    special interests. I support common sense legislation, fiscal responsibility to ensure our citysstrong future, independence from special interests, complete transparency in all decisions and the

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    highest ethical standards possible in our city. I have been public in my positions against Mayoral

    decisions in our ward, and will always vote for what is best for the 43 rdWard, and for what Ibelieve to be best for he City as a whole.

    I. What is your campaign budget? How much have you raised to date?I have raised about $60,000 to date, with no corporate donations and primarily a wide spectrum

    of small donors. My budget is whatever it takes to win this election! It is currently budgeted atabout $300,000, and donations have experienced upward momentum as of late.

    J. How many people are on your campaign staff? How many volunteers are on your list?

    I have two political consultants, and two paid full time campaign staffers. I have a committee ofabout 20 fully dedicated volunteers working around the clock, a broader list of about 100

    volunteers, and a list of about 900 friends and supporters who are being called on in differentcapacities to help the campaign, to walk and do phone banking.

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    Most questions on this questionnaire can be answered by checking either YES or NO. Others are essay questions and allhave the option of answering in greater detail. Just hit enter at the end of the question and begin typing your answer in theadditional space.


    YES NO


    x Do you favor maintaining the current number of City Council committees?


    Which committees, if any, would you combine or eliminate?The 2011 reduction of the number of committees was a positive step, butmore reductions are necessary. There are a staggering number ofcommittees, particularly if one includes all of the "Joint Committees".Moreover, many of such committees include most Aldermen (Committees,Rules and Ethics boasts 50 members; Budget and Government Operations has35; Finance has 35). The Joint Committees are even worse in terms of size(Finance/Transportation and Public Way has 43 members; Aviation/Financehas 40; Rules and Ethics/Capital and Technology Development has 48). Such

    large, unwieldy committees defeat the rationale for having committees in thefirst place: to facilitate greater analysis, dialogue and creativity than couldbe achieved by the larger body the City Council as a whole. Further, asaddressed below, the current committee structure has been abused.

    Logical choices for consolidation include combining (1) Pedestrian and Traffic

    Safety with Public Safety, and (2) Health and Environmental Protection with

    License and Consumer Protection. Much more could be done, and if elected, I plan

    to elicit specific recommendations for consolidation from Dick Simpson and other

    respected City Council observers.

    2. ESSAY

    What reforms are necessary in the City Council's committee rules and structure?Reform is necessary to prevent the Rules Committee from becoming the place

    where good legislation goes to dieby preventing proposed ordinances and

    resolutions from reaching the City Council for hearing or vote. I am in favor of

    robust debate and public airing of all issues. Also, I support Alderman Fiorettis

    idea of holding meetings on more important issues at night in order to facilitate

    greater public participation and transparency.

    3. xWould you give the Inspector Generals office independent subpoena power or other compulsoryprocess that can be directed against city officials, agencies and employees without necessitationthe approval of the Mayor or Corporation Counsel?

    4. xShould the Inspector General be able to initiate his or her own investigations of Aldermen withouta complaint from outside the office?

    5. x Should the Inspector General be able to pursue anonymous complaints?6. x Do you support patronage in hiring and promoting public employees?

    7. xWill you employ or have you employed staff, in your office who hold other public sector jobsconcurrently?

    8. xWill you employ or have you employed staff, in your office who have either outside employment orcontracts with entities which do business with the City?

    9. x Will you vote for an ordinance mandating that the City contest unemployment claims by former

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    employees who were fired for cause?

    10. xWill you vote for an ordinance forbidding the City to hire or contract the services of anyonepreviously fired for cause from the City or any other unit of government?

    11. x Will you support an ordinance to reduce the number of wards?12. Have you joined or will you join:

    x The Paul Douglas Caucusx The Independent Progressive Caucusx Both

    13. xDo you support changing the state statute to return to filling aldermanic vacancies by specialelection, rather than Mayoral appointment?

    14. xWill you vote for an ordinance requiring redistricting of the wards to be based on non-partisancriteria and not to benefit any specific individual or political party?

    15. xWill you or have you accepted campaign donations from current or potential suppliers oremployees?

    16. xWill you or have you accepted campaign donations from people or businesses seeking zoningchanges in your ward?


    x Do you support public financing of municipal campaigns?


    Please explain your position.Ideally all candidates who collected a threshold number of petition signatures

    would receive public funding for their campaigns, to open up the field of possible

    candidates to all of those qualified rather than just those who have access to large

    donations. Public engagement in elections would be far more robust and

    candidates would be more independent in their positions. However, in a time when

    public treasuries are stressed to the limits, public financing of campaigns is not the

    most optimal way to spend public money. What I do hope to see much of, and will

    in this election, are ample public debates and press coverage of the race, which will

    overcome much of the benefit that money can bring to a race.

    18. ESSAY

    Who are your top 5 contributors and how much has each contributed to your campaign?My top five contributors are myself (my husband and I, $11,080), my parents

    ($10,500), Bill Wangerin ($5000, fellow Oz Park Advisory Council member),

    Wendy Gill ($5000, friend from Lincoln School), and Craig Varga ($2500, a friend

    from Lincoln School and the MidNorth Association).


    What changes would you support to the redistricting process?There should be an independent council set up to redraw districts. Requests can be

    made by Aldermen, but geographically contiguous districts will be best for the

    residents of Chicago. Logical boundaries between communities already exist andshould not be straddled for political reasons.


    20. x Will you vote to hire independent analysts to conduct a forensic audit of past City spending?Will you vote for a budget ordinance which would require:

    21. xpublic questioning of city departmen