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  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book


    The pr oblem of pr ior i t ies and man aging o ur t ime is especia l ly impo rtant for Christ ians ,

    who want their h ours and days to co unt in the service of their Lord. How can we be con -fiden t, amid a list of unfinishe d tasks, that we ar e m aking the m ost o f our tim e? Smiths

    boo k tackles this problem h ead-on. He offers solut ions based on h is own exper ience,lessons learn ed from his failures as we ll as suc cesses. A rea dab le style and p rac tical sug-

    gestions kee p the p ages turning. Char le s Humm el, author o f T y r a n n y o f t h e U r g en t

    Its About Ti me is an excellent tool for those who would like to better organize theirl ives , and an essent ia l tool for those who kno w they need to. Ken Smith has d one a n

    excellent job o f integrating Gods Wor d into a m eaningful app lication o f everyday tech-niques that can be u sed again and again.

    From the Forewor d by Larry Burk et t

    I t gives me great pleasure to recom mend It s Abou t T i me, written b y on e o f God s faith-ful and ch oice servants. Ken Smith has been dedicated to helping others m anage two of their scarce r esources , m oney and t ime, o ver the past several years . I have k nown Ken

    for at least eight years an d h ave been imp ressed with h is faithfulness to the Biblical pr in-c iples of mon ey and t ime man agement . The pr inciples presented in this boo k are co n-

    sistent with God s Word, po int you to the Savior, an d will resu lt in a m or e effective life

    for an yone who p ract ices them. Heart i ly recom mend ed. Ron Blue , author of The Deb t Squeeze an d M a n a g i n g Y ou r M o n e y

    Ken Smiths new b oo k Its Abou t Ti medeals with t ime m anagemen t in a su perb wayand n ever m akes a s ta tement that cannot be b acked u p with the Word of God. Read i t !

    Ted DeMoss, past President, CBMC of USA

    To days soc iety is super time-con scious. And yet no on e, including Christians, seems tohave time to do wh at is nec essary. This book will be a great help to all who want to learn

    how to m anage their t ime. Here are the answers all in one p lace!

    Herbert E. Ell ingwood , former Special Coun sel to President Ronald Reagan

    Having had dynamic life-changing experiences through Ken Smiths seminars, it isindeed r eassur ing to kn ow his pr inciples of l ife m anagemen t are no w available through

    his equal ly powerful book , Its Abou t Ti me. Tho usands h ave bene fi ted from his one-on -one teachings in the sem inars ; with this new boo k, mil l ions wil l no w have the o ppo rtu-

    nity to d ram atically chan ge the ir lifestyles.

    The Honorable Mark D. Si ljander ,form er mem ber of the U.S. House of Representa tives

    Ken Smith ha s written a very practical and useful bo ok for guiding Christians in faith-ful stewar dsh ip of Gods m ost p recio us gift to u s, the gift of time .

    Alden M. Hathaway, Bisho p, Episcop al Dioce se of Pittsbu rgh

  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book


    I highly recom men d Its Abou t Ti me for every Christian. It will be especially helpful tothose experiencing the f rustra tion of disorganization an d o verco mm itmen t , which maybe r obb ing them o f the peace an d joy of the Lord . Ken Smith has pr ovided a blueprint

    which, if followed , will lead to a very pr odu ctive and fulfilled life that brin gs hon or andglory to ou r Hea venly Father.

    Wilmer Vinegar Bend Mizel l, ba sebal l legend an dform er m emb er o f the U.S. House of Representa tives

    In the 31st Psalm David cried out, My times are in Your hands, and indeed, it isthrough the or der ing o f our dai ly act ion s that we uncover His plan for o ur l ives . In ItsA bo u t T i mewe are given a r ich reference to guide us thro ugh the p rocess o f get ting ourlives in or der. This bo ok will be the starting place for m any of an exciting jour ney toward

    a life of peace, order, and entrusting the Lord with the time He Himself has given us.

    Beverly LaHaye, Presiden t, Con cern ed Wom en for Am erica

    For people who want to be more organized, I recommend you keep this book handywith boo km arks in the sect ions on how to say no, punc tuali ty, se t ting goals , making the

    crucial to do list, and how to organize both your disgustingly cluttered desk and yourhop eless ly messed-up fi le cabinet . The sect ion on procr ast inat ion is worth the pr ice of

    the boo k a lone. I kn ow six people who need this desper ate ly!

    Leonar d E. LeSourd, Associa te Pu bl isher , Chosen Books

    As one who has been intr igued by a l l aspects of personal t ime management , I amdelighted with this helpful, meaningful, Biblical treatise on using our time in a redemp-

    tive, pr o-active mo de. Ken Sm ith is a re cogn ized expe rt in this discipline, and his bo ok s

    pract ica l, Scr iptura l suggestion s and pr inciples will be o f great help to a l l whetherbusiness person, profess ional , laborer , homemaker , or s tudent . Here is a book f i l led

    with eminently practical suggestions for everyone who wants to honor Christ in everyaspect of life.

    Ted W. Engstrom, author and President Emeritus, World Vision

    Ken Smith b egins this book with a gr ipping accou nt of how the Lord rescued h im from

    alcohol ism and brou ght him into a new l i fe of comm itted obed ience to Chris t . Over theyear s Ken has d evelop ed a splen did self-discipline of the steward ship oftime. This boo kis a strategy and tactics manual beginning with basic principles, then moving to nitty-gr i tty suggestions ab out ho w to p ut an effect ive t ime-managem ent pr ogram into prac-

    t ice . Abun dant s tor ies and case s tudies i llus tra te his points . I reco mm end this bo ok for

    people serious about improving their time-effectiveness. John W. Alexander, Preside nt Emeritus, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

    Ken Sm ith r ightly urg es us to see su ccess in term s of obe dience to Jesus Christ. He offersman y pract ica l ideas on ho w we can b e obed ient to the Lord with ou r t ime, whether we

    are a homemaker or an execut ive . D oug She r m a n , c oau t ho r o f Yo u r W o r k M a t t e r s t o G o d

  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book




  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book


    Its About Time.

    Copyright 1992 by Christian Stewardship Ministries (CSM).

    Published by Crossway Books, a division of

    Good News Publishers, 1300 Crescent Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by anymeans, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise,without the prior permission of the publisher, except as provided byUSA copyright law.

    Cover design: Dennis Hill

    First printing, 1992

    ISBN: 0-89107-666-2

    Printed in the United States of America

    Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations are taken fromHoly Bible:New International Version, copyright 1978 by the New York International Bible

    Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

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  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book


    To my mother Katherine, my wifePat, my sons Ken Jr. and Robbie, and

    my cousin Jim. M other prayed meinto the Kingdom, Pat encouraged meto enter (and remain in) full-time min-

    istry, Kennie and Ro bbie were my

    guinea pigs for many years, a nd Jimprovided the impetus and the meansw ithout w hich this book would not

    have been w ritten

  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book


  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book



    Acknowledgments ix

    Forewordby Larry Burkett xiii

    Preface xv

    Introduction: From Chaos to Order xix


    1 Obedience: The Key to Fulfillment 33

    2 The Importance of Dai ly Time with G od 45

    3 G od H as a Pla n for Your Life 57


    4 Planning: An Essential Ingredient of Success 73

    5 A Schedule: The Key to Making the Day Flow Smoothly 87

    6 A Look at Some Typical Schedules 113

    7 H ow t o Brea k Free fro m O vercommitment 131

    8 Organizing the Home143


    9 Whats Importa nt in Your Life? 157

    10 Finding Time for Yourself and Your Family 163

    11 Looking a t Your Job and Your Min ist ry 177


    12 D ea ling with Interruptions 193

    13 Improving Your Life Through Self-discipline and

    Accountability 203

    14 Lookin g Fa r int o th e Fut ur e 219

    15 The Jo urney Begins! 229

    Forms for Personal Use 239

    Index 251

  • 7/30/2019 It's About Time Book



    Figure 1: Procrastination Worksheet 60

    Figure 2: Things to Do Today 80

    Figure 3: Things to Do This Week 81

    Figure 4: M ajor Activities 95

    Figure 5: Anchor Activities Schedule 100

    Figure 6: Dividing the Day 105

    Figure 7: Major Activities Schedule 106

    Figure 8: Typical ScheduleHusband 116

    Figure 9: Typical ScheduleWife in the Home with Small