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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 1/254</p><p>The pr oblem of pr ior i t ies and man aging o ur t ime is especia l ly impo rtant for Christ ians ,</p><p>who want their h ours and days to co unt in the service of their Lord. How can we be con -fiden t, amid a list of unfinishe d tasks, that we ar e m aking the m ost o f our tim e? Smiths</p><p>boo k tackles this problem h ead-on. He offers solut ions based on h is own exper ience,lessons learn ed from his failures as we ll as suc cesses. A rea dab le style and p rac tical sug-</p><p>gestions kee p the p ages turning. Char le s Humm el, author o f T y r a n n y o f t h e U r g en t </p><p> Its About Ti me is an excellent tool for those who would like to better organize theirl ives , and an essent ia l tool for those who kno w they need to. Ken Smith has d one a n</p><p>excellent job o f integrating Gods Wor d into a m eaningful app lication o f everyday tech-niques that can be u sed again and again.</p><p> From the Forewor d by Larry Burk et t</p><p>I t gives me great pleasure to recom mend It s Abou t T i me, written b y on e o f God s faith-ful and ch oice servants. Ken Smith has been dedicated to helping others m anage two of their scarce r esources , m oney and t ime, o ver the past several years . I have k nown Ken</p><p>for at least eight years an d h ave been imp ressed with h is faithfulness to the Biblical pr in-c iples of mon ey and t ime man agement . The pr inciples presented in this boo k are co n-</p><p>sistent with God s Word, po int you to the Savior, an d will resu lt in a m or e effective life</p><p>for an yone who p ract ices them. Heart i ly recom mend ed. Ron Blue , author of The Deb t Squeeze an d M a n a g i n g Y ou r M o n e y </p><p>Ken Smiths new b oo k Its Abou t Ti medeals with t ime m anagemen t in a su perb wayand n ever m akes a s ta tement that cannot be b acked u p with the Word of God. Read i t !</p><p> Ted DeMoss, past President, CBMC of USA</p><p>To days soc iety is super time-con scious. And yet no on e, including Christians, seems tohave time to do wh at is nec essary. This book will be a great help to all who want to learn</p><p>how to m anage their t ime. Here are the answers all in one p lace!</p><p> Herbert E. Ell ingwood , former Special Coun sel to President Ronald Reagan</p><p>Having had dynamic life-changing experiences through Ken Smiths seminars, it isindeed r eassur ing to kn ow his pr inciples of l ife m anagemen t are no w available through</p><p>his equal ly powerful book , Its Abou t Ti me. Tho usands h ave bene fi ted from his one-on -one teachings in the sem inars ; with this new boo k, mil l ions wil l no w have the o ppo rtu-</p><p>nity to d ram atically chan ge the ir lifestyles.</p><p> The Honorable Mark D. Si ljander ,form er mem ber of the U.S. House of Representa tives</p><p>Ken Smith ha s written a very practical and useful bo ok for guiding Christians in faith-ful stewar dsh ip of Gods m ost p recio us gift to u s, the gift of time .</p><p> Alden M. Hathaway, Bisho p, Episcop al Dioce se of Pittsbu rgh</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 2/254</p><p>I highly recom men d Its Abou t Ti me for every Christian. It will be especially helpful tothose experiencing the f rustra tion of disorganization an d o verco mm itmen t , which maybe r obb ing them o f the peace an d joy of the Lord . Ken Smith has pr ovided a blueprint</p><p>which, if followed , will lead to a very pr odu ctive and fulfilled life that brin gs hon or andglory to ou r Hea venly Father.</p><p> Wilmer Vinegar Bend Mizel l, ba sebal l legend an dform er m emb er o f the U.S. House of Representa tives</p><p>In the 31st Psalm David cried out, My times are in Your hands, and indeed, it isthrough the or der ing o f our dai ly act ion s that we uncover His plan for o ur l ives . In ItsA bo u t T i mewe are given a r ich reference to guide us thro ugh the p rocess o f get ting ourlives in or der. This bo ok will be the starting place for m any of an exciting jour ney toward</p><p>a life of peace, order, and entrusting the Lord with the time He Himself has given us.</p><p> Beverly LaHaye, Presiden t, Con cern ed Wom en for Am erica</p><p>For people who want to be more organized, I recommend you keep this book handywith boo km arks in the sect ions on how to say no, punc tuali ty, se t ting goals , making the</p><p>crucial to do list, and how to organize both your disgustingly cluttered desk and yourhop eless ly messed-up fi le cabinet . The sect ion on procr ast inat ion is worth the pr ice of </p><p>the boo k a lone. I kn ow six people who need this desper ate ly!</p><p> Leonar d E. LeSourd, Associa te Pu bl isher , Chosen Books</p><p>As one who has been intr igued by a l l aspects of personal t ime management , I amdelighted with this helpful, meaningful, Biblical treatise on using our time in a redemp-</p><p>tive, pr o-active mo de. Ken Sm ith is a re cogn ized expe rt in this discipline, and his bo ok s</p><p>pract ica l, Scr iptura l suggestion s and pr inciples will be o f great help to a l l whetherbusiness person, profess ional , laborer , homemaker , or s tudent . Here is a book f i l led</p><p>with eminently practical suggestions for everyone who wants to honor Christ in everyaspect of life.</p><p> Ted W. Engstrom, author and President Emeritus, World Vision</p><p>Ken Smith b egins this book with a gr ipping accou nt of how the Lord rescued h im from</p><p>alcohol ism and brou ght him into a new l i fe of comm itted obed ience to Chris t . Over theyear s Ken has d evelop ed a splen did self-discipline of the steward ship oftime. This boo kis a strategy and tactics manual beginning with basic principles, then moving to nitty-gr i tty suggestions ab out ho w to p ut an effect ive t ime-managem ent pr ogram into prac-</p><p>t ice . Abun dant s tor ies and case s tudies i llus tra te his points . I reco mm end this bo ok for</p><p>people serious about improving their time-effectiveness. John W. Alexander, Preside nt Emeritus, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship</p><p>Ken Sm ith r ightly urg es us to see su ccess in term s of obe dience to Jesus Christ. He offersman y pract ica l ideas on ho w we can b e obed ient to the Lord with ou r t ime, whether we</p><p>are a homemaker or an execut ive . D oug She r m a n , c oau t ho r o f Yo u r W o r k M a t t e r s t o G o d </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 3/254</p><p>ITSABOUTTIMEKen Smith</p><p>CROSSWAY BOOKS WHEATON, ILLINOISA DIVISION OF GOOD NEWS PUBLISHERS</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 4/254</p><p>Its About Time.</p><p>Copyright 1992 by Christian Stewardship Ministries (CSM).</p><p>Published by Crossway Books, a division of</p><p>Good News Publishers, 1300 Crescent Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.</p><p>All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by anymeans, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise,without the prior permission of the publisher, except as provided byUSA copyright law.</p><p>Cover design: Dennis Hill</p><p>First printing, 1992</p><p>ISBN: 0-89107-666-2</p><p>Printed in the United States of America</p><p>Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations are taken fromHoly Bible:New International Version, copyright 1978 by the New York International Bible</p><p>Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.</p><p>00 99 98 97 96 95 94 93 92</p><p>15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 5/254</p><p>To my mother Katherine, my wifePat, my sons Ken Jr. and Robbie, and</p><p>my cousin Jim. M other prayed meinto the Kingdom, Pat encouraged meto enter (and remain in) full-time min-</p><p>istry, Kennie and Ro bbie were my</p><p>guinea pigs for many years, a nd Jimprovided the impetus and the meansw ithout w hich this book would not</p><p>have been w ritten</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 6/254</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 7/254</p><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS</p><p>Acknowledgments ix</p><p>Forewordby Larry Burkett xiii</p><p>Preface xv</p><p>Introduction: From Chaos to Order xix</p><p>PART I: THERES NOTHING YOU AND GODTO GETHER CANT D O</p><p>1 Obedience: The Key to Fulfillment 33</p><p>2 The Importance of Dai ly Time with G od 45</p><p>3 G od H as a Pla n for Your Life 57</p><p>PART II: PLAN AHEAD: BECOME ORGANIZED</p><p>4 Planning: An Essential Ingredient of Success 73</p><p>5 A Schedule: The Key to Making the Day Flow Smoothly 87</p><p>6 A Look at Some Typical Schedules 113</p><p>7 H ow t o Brea k Free fro m O vercommitment 131</p><p>8 Organizing the Home143</p><p>PART III: GETT ING YOUR PRIORITIES IN O RDER</p><p>9 Whats Importa nt in Your Life? 157</p><p>10 Finding Time for Yourself and Your Family 163</p><p>11 Looking a t Your Job and Your Min ist ry 177</p><p>PART IV: PUTTING IT TOGETHER ON A DAILY BASIS</p><p>12 D ea ling with Interruptions 193</p><p>13 Improving Your Life Through Self-discipline and</p><p>Accountability 203</p><p>14 Lookin g Fa r int o th e Fut ur e 219</p><p>15 The Jo urney Begins! 229</p><p>Forms for Personal Use 239</p><p>Index 251</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 8/254</p><p>LIST OF CHARTS</p><p>Figure 1: Procrastination Worksheet 60</p><p>Figure 2: Things to Do Today 80</p><p>Figure 3: Things to Do This Week 81</p><p>Figure 4: M ajor Activities 95</p><p>Figure 5: Anchor Activities Schedule 100</p><p>Figure 6: Dividing the Day 105</p><p>Figure 7: Major Activities Schedule 106</p><p>Figure 8: Typical ScheduleHusband 116</p><p>Figure 9: Typical ScheduleWife in the Home with Small</p><p>Children (One Under 6) 120</p><p>Figure 10: Typical ScheduleCollege Student 123</p><p>Figure 11: Typical ScheduleSingle Parent/Working Spouse</p><p>with Children 126</p><p>Figure 12: Typica l ScheduleShift-w orker 128</p><p>Figure 13: Current C ommitments &amp; Activities Inventory 140</p><p>Figure 14: Proposed Commitments &amp; Activities Inventory 141</p><p>Figure 15: Revised Commitments &amp; Activities Inventory142</p><p>Figure 16: New Commitments 212</p><p>Form 1: Personal Procrastinat ion Worksheet 240</p><p>Form 2: Things to Do Today 241</p><p>Form 3: Things to Do This Week 242</p><p>Form 4: Major Activities 243</p><p>Form 5: Anchor Activities Schedule 243</p><p>Form 6: D ividing the Day 244</p><p>Form 7: Major Activities Schedule 244</p><p>Form 8: Current Commitments &amp; Activities Inventory 245</p><p>Form 9: P roposed C ommitments &amp; Activities Inventory 246</p><p>Form 10: Revised Commitments &amp; Activities Inventory 247Form 11: New Commitments 248</p><p>Form 11: D aily Schedule 249</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 9/254</p><p>ix</p><p>ACKNOWLEDGMENTS</p><p>My heartfelt thanks goes out to the following men and women,</p><p>without whose encouragement, loyalty, and wisdom this book</p><p>w ould ha ve never become a reality. When you try to tha nk every-</p><p>one, the absence of some names is painfully obvious to whoever is omitted.</p><p>If your name should have been included here and it w asnt , please fo rgive me</p><p>and please let me know. Ill find a w ay t o make it up somehow.</p><p>First, I w ould like to thank the present and pa st members of the Christia n</p><p>Stewardship Ministries Board of D irectors. N ot only ha ve these friends been</p><p>responsible for the policy a nd d irection of CSM , but they have been a source</p><p>of t remendous strength and encouragement to me personally thro ughout the</p><p>years this book has been on the drawing board .</p><p>Present Boa rd members are M ark Brehm, C hris Call, Steve Craven, Bar t</p><p>Fleming, Steve Gaskins, John Keith, Bill Peterman and Edie Rittinger.</p><p>Past B oard members are Ed Prichard, Frank D eierhoi, D avid Jones, Jerry</p><p>Tiahrt, Carl Meyer, David Barnett, and Jim McIlvaine.</p><p>The distinguished, dedicated, and godly men who have served on theCSM Board of Reference also deserve a very special thank you. They are</p><p>John Alexa nder, Bill Bright, La rry Burkett, (who not o nly offered to w rite the</p><p>Foreword but has been a friend and encourager from the beginning), Reid</p><p>C a r p e n t e r, H erb Ellingw oo d, Ted Engstro m, D ick H alverson, Alden</p><p>H athaway, C harlie Hummel, and M ark Siljand er.</p><p>The follow ing friends of mine serve on the ministrys Advisory Council</p><p>and have provided valuable insight into the overall direction of the ministry.</p><p>To t hem, too, goes my deepest tha nks and appreciation: Chuck Annis, R on</p><p>Boehme, Sandy Bow en, Da ve Boyd, Ed Br itton, Vince Buchinsky, Andy Buist,</p><p>Frank C erutti, Tom C lark, M argy C leaver, M ary Ann Co chran, Armand</p><p>D auplaise, D an D errick, Amos D odge, Jim Eckhardt , Jon Elliott, Bill Findler,Beth Fleming, Frank Foley, Dick Franklin, Joe G rieco, Bud H arper, Larry</p><p>H offman, Ron Jenkins, Ed and Libby Koepenick, Len Larson, Frank</p><p>Lewa rk, Glenn and Arlene M cG ee, Tony M cG raw, G ene M cG uire, G erry</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 It's About Time Book</p><p> 10/254</p><p>x</p><p>M oore, Bob Mulligan, John Mumford, Roger Penn, Burton Pierce, Mike</p><p>Riley, Dick Schwaab, Bruce Scott, John Sellers, Jay Schabacker, Mark</p><p>Siljander, Katherine Smith, Pat Smith, Steve Skancke, Linda Spruill, Steve</p><p>Templeton, Jerry Tiahrt, John Viccellio, John Vogt, Tom Wa rtha, Brenda</p><p>Wilberger, C harlot te Wiles, M ike Woodruff, Da vid Yeakel and R ay Z ook.</p><p>I wo uld also like to tha nk the follow ing men and w omen who ha ve</p><p>w aged w ar in the heavenlies for the ministry and for the completion of this</p><p>book. They are the members of the CSM Intercessors Ministry. Their faith-</p><p>ful prayer support has meant more than any of them could know, and my</p><p>love and thanks go to each of them: Georgenne Assur, Eric Assur, Roy</p><p>Benson, Sharon Boo ts, Ma rjorie Bottorff, Margaret C leaver, Pat Da lzell, Da n</p><p>D errick, Ted Farmer, Debbie Farmer, Susan G ladw in, Helen Ha milton, Bud</p><p>Hancock, Phil Herrell, Rob Huey, Josey Ingley, Marilyn Kirk, GordonKlooster (my friend and confidant), Roberta Klooster, Lydia Lopez, John</p><p>M cKendree, Na ncy McKendree, Vickie M cNama ra, Ed ward Mullins, La urie</p><p>Porter, Marilyn Schw ankoff , G ig Settle, Annette Settle, Becky Shamess, Bob</p><p>Shamess, Pat Smith, K atherine Smith, Tamy Smith, Scott Smith, Bill Spengler,</p><p>Malachy Vance and Lester York.</p><p>I would also like to thank the following friends who contributed their</p><p>time and expertise to help improve the manuscript in all of its many shapes</p><p>and sizes: John Alexander, Chuck Annis, David Barnett, Ivy Barnett, Ron</p><p>Boehme, C hris Call (who se wif e Callie proved t o be a w onderful model), D an</p><p>D errick, Amos D odge, Ted Engstro m, Lou Enoff , Ted Farmer, Bart Fleming</p><p>(who provided especially helpful suggestions on content), Steve and JanGaskins, John Guernsey, Tom Hall, Velett a H all, D avid H arper, C harlie</p><p>H ummel (w hose booklet Tyranny of the Urgentw as very meaningful to me</p><p>as a young Christian), Ron Jenkins, John Keith (whose good judgment has</p><p>made the difference numerous times), Joe Kitts, J. C. Lasmanis, Sandy</p><p>Lesourd, Len Lesourd (w ho served a s an encourager and an expert advisor</p><p>t h rougho ut each sta ge of the ma nuscript), Sheila M acP herson, Jim</p><p>M cIlvaine, Mike Mintor, Ka thie Nee (w ho devoted many long hours to edi-</p><p>torial w ork), Bruce Newell (w ho has been my friend and confid ant fo r many</p><p>years), Dick ODriscoll, Bill Peterman, Suzanne Peyser, Edie Rittinger,</p><p>Katherine Smith, Pat Smith, Linda Spruill, Jerry Tiahrt (who also con-</p><p>tributed grea tly to the seminars tha t preceded this work), John Viccellio, SallyVogt and J ohn Yates.</p><p>The follow ing men and w omen provided fi nancial assista nce which has</p><p>made this boo k a reality: Vince Buchinsky, C hr...</p></li></ul>