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  • 8/6/2019 ITC Chola Factsheet


  • 8/6/2019 ITC Chola Factsheet


    ITC Grand Chola expresses the glory o the

    most striking o Southern Indias empires

    the greatest maritime power o all time, and

    possibly the only one to extend its territory

    across the seas, beyond the stretch o present

    day Indian shores.

    ITC Hotels agship property in the Southern

    region o India, ITC Grand Chola has been built

    to recall the grandeur o this golden era in

    Indian history. Situated in the city o Chennai,

    the capital o cultural and economic activity in

    Southern India, ITC Grand Chola, a magnicent

    edice with three separate wings, eatures a set

    o luxurious serviced apartments, among the

    largest banquet and exhibition spaces in the

    country, a sprawling retail arcade, spectacular

    recreational acilities, the nest o ne dining

    and accommodation that is truly lavish.

    During the peak o its power, the Chola dynasty

    achieved unprecedented renement in the arts.

    This reected in their temple architecture, their

    literature and the now amous Bronze Age

    arteacts that emerged rom this period

    including the Nataraja all o which have played

    a part in the rich abric o historical inspiration

    in this hotel.

    From regal abrics and arteacts that adorn

    the spaces, to richly layered motis, intricate

    detailing o interiors and lavishly grandiose

    spaces, ITC Grand Cholas luxurious ambience

    is well balanced by the employment o

    environment responsible technologies and

    systems, so that when you stay with us, you

    partake o Responsible Luxury.

    Grand Staircase

  • 8/6/2019 ITC Chola Factsheet


    Banqueting, Exhibiting &Conerencing Facilities andAuditorium

    ITC Grand Chola, oers the most

    lavish options or banquets, meetings,

    conerences, symposiums, exhibitions

    and perormances.

    Rajendra, its enormous 30,000 sq t

    banquet area, can either be divided into

    three separate spaces with their own

    private preunction and break out areaswith the use o sound proo collapsible

    banquet partitions, or used as one

    contiguous space to accommodate rom

    25 up to 600 guests. Whats more, the

    banquet area has its own VIP entrance.

    The grand exhibition hall allows or a

    range o activities including auto expos,

    which it has a special automobile-elevato

    Additionally there are one high tech boa

    room and 4 meeting rooms spread over

    two oors..

    Kalai, the 2625 sq t auditorium is the ide

    place to hold intimate perormances or



    Arrive in style in a private helicopter, at

    your exclusive accommodation in ITC

    Grand Chola. The Helipad, makes it

    convenient to travel at your leisure or a

    bespoke experience o our hospitality.


    ITC Grand Chola eatures a sprawlingexpanse o world class retail space

    spread over more than 27,000 sq t whic

    includes a spacious lobby and luxurious

    sitting area.

    With state o the art security, a dedicated

    entrance rom the Valvan, an additional

    5000 sq t o retail and oce space on

    the ground oor and parking space or

    1000 cars this venue promises to redefn

    luxury retail in the city.

    Spa & Wellbeing

    Kaya Kalp The Spa, spread across

    23,000 sq t o sheer luxury, oers a unique

    and delightul menu o therapies rom

    across the world or a complete body and

    mind experience, in an ambience that is

    indulgently lavish.

    In addition, three spacious ully-equipped

    gyms and swimming pools one each or

    the towers block, the ITC One block and

    the Serviced Apartments block ensure

    that whatever your choice o room, there is

    a personalised pool and gym at hand.

    WelcomArt GalleryITC Hotels prides itsel in its impressive

    art collection, eaturing among others,

    the biggest names on Indian art. The

    WelcomArt Gallery at ITC Grand Chola will

    house an elegantly curated selection o

    spectacular pieces rom this collection.


    The 600 keys at ITC Grand Chola include

    the 4380 sq t Grand Presidential Suite

    the largest in the city, the 2870 sq t

    Presidential Suite, 14 Standard Suites

    each spread over 1164 lavish sq t,

    the large 615 sq t ITC One rooms, the

    spacious 405 sq t Towers rooms and

    Eva rooms which have been speciallydesigned or lady travellers.

    Each o these luxurious rooms comes

    with a complement o services and

    acilities particular to the category to

    which they belong so that you enjoy the

    indulgence o our hospitality.

    In addition, the accommodation at

    ITC Grand Chola includes the option

    o 78 lavish one, two and three-

    bedroom serviced apartments, withtheir own gym and swimming pool

    along with a complement o other

    services and acilities.

    The image on the cover depicts a the Temple o Tamilnadu

  • 8/6/2019 ITC Chola Factsheet


    nd Chola Facade

  • 8/6/2019 ITC Chola Factsheet


    Cuisine and more

    ITC Grand Chola brings you the most

    comprehensive selection o ne dining

    and F&B, options which include ITC

    Hotels world renowned, award winning

    cuisine brands, along with oerings that

    are unique to the hotel.

    Madras Pavilion

    A three meal semiormal restaurant (BLD)

    with show buet and local Ala Carte cuisine.

    Cae Mercara

    The coee house eaturing a ne selection

    o hot and cold beverages and a choice o

    gourmet snacks.


    The gourmet shop stocked with artisanal

    groceries in addition to oven resh

    boulangerie. A pastry selection and ood

    rom the Kitchens o India.The Pub

    The hottest pub in town where you can

    expect un music, an electric ambience and

    plenty o good cheer!

    Cheroot Lounge

    The ideal place or a quiet sit back with an

    aromatic cigar, ne malts and good


    Banquet Space Specications

    Venue Banquet Banquet Theatre Theatre Cocktail Classroom Classroom Area in Cooling L XB

    Back Front Back Front Back Front Square HeightProjection Projection Projection Projection Projection Projection Feet (Metres)

    (Full Moon (Full Moon

    Seating) Seating)


    Hall 1a 70 120 160 275 300 65 100 2986 19.5 40 x 69ConventionHall 1b 70 120 160 275 300 65 100 2986 19.5 41 x 69ConventionHall 1c 70 120 160 275 300 65 100 2986 19.5 41 x 69ConventionHall 1 total 210 360 480 825 900 195 300 8958 19.5 122 x 69ConventionHall 2a 60 110 150 250 275 60 90 2768 19.5 44.5 x 62ConventionHall 2b 60 110 150 250 275 60 90 2767 19.5 44.5 x 62ConventionHall 2c 60 110 150 250 275 60 90 2767 19.5 44.5 x 62ConventionHall 2 total 180 330 450 750 825 180 270 8302 19.5 133.5 x 62ConventionHall 3a 120 205 270 465 515 110 190 5114 19.5 71 x 66.6ConventionHall 3b 125 215 280 480 530 115 195 5300 19.5 71 x 71.9ConventionHall 3 total 245 420 550 945 1045 225 385 10414 19.5 138 x 70.5ConventionHalls 1&2 390 690 930 1575 1725 375 570 17260 19.5Convention

    Halls 2&3 425 750 1000 1695 1870 405 655 18716 19.5


    Halls All 635 1110 1480 2520 2770 600 955 27674 19.5Proposed Capacity Chart With Standard Specifcation As Per Size Available


    ITC Grand Cholas oasis o tranquillity an

    elegant bar where luxury and renement

    make or a winning combination.

    Modo Mio

    An exclusive Italian restaurant that eatures a

    magnicently large live counter where you

    can watch your east being prepared rom

    wood red pizzas, to elaborate antipasto andan astonishing variety o artisanal pastas,

    cheeses and wines.

    Pan Asian

    Indias nest Asian cuisine restaurant,

    eaturing an award winning repertoire o

    culinary delights rom Japan, China,

    Mongolia, Korea, Thailand and more.


    Presenting the simple yet delectable cuisine

    o the North West Frontier, Peshawri oers a

    delightul range o tandoor grilled meats,

    vegetables, kebabs and breads in an artully

    rustic ambience.

    Royal Vega

    An exclusively vegetarian restaurant eaturing

    a ne collection o signature vegetarian

    dishes rom across India.

  • 8/6/2019 ITC Chola Factsheet


    Places to Go

    Fort St. George & St. Marys Church

    Indias oldest surviving Britishconstruction, this impressive 17thCentury ort now houses theSecretariat and the LegislativeAssembly o Tamil Nadu. It alsoeatures St. Marys church the rstEnglish church in Chennai.

    Government Museum &National Art Gallery

    A treasure trove o arteacts and otherinvaluable historical objects romthe Chola, Hoysala, Vijayanagar andChalukya dynasties, it also includesan impressive collection o Cholabronze art.

    Local Area Highlights

    # 63, Mount Road, Guindy

    CHENNAI - 600 032


    tel +91 44 2220 0000

    The National Art Gallery eatures a necollection o paintings, handicrats andbronze arteacts.

    Vivekananda House & Museum

    Dedicated to Swami Vivekananda,who stayed in this historic building in1897 on his way to Calcutta, ater hisacclaimed speech at Chicago or theParliament o Religions, this museumhosues photographs and memorabiliaassociated with his lie and bookswritten by him.

    Marina Beach

    A 12 km stretch o golden sand kissingthe shores o Chennai, Marina beachis a vibrant part o Chennais appeal.

    Mamallapuram 60 km

    Originally an ancient Pallava portbuilt in