Italy 1500s-Present By: Haley Gantt, Shannan Swaim, Caty Drewniak, and Sarah Cuellar

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Text of Italy 1500s-Present By: Haley Gantt, Shannan Swaim, Caty Drewniak, and Sarah Cuellar

Italy 1500s-Present

Italy 1500s-PresentBy: Haley Gantt, Shannan Swaim, Caty Drewniak, and Sarah Cuellar1Top 10 Events#1-1915-Event: Italy enters WWISignificance: Sided with Allies because of Treaty of LondonWhy top event: Didnt get what they were promisedled to Italy siding with Axis in WWII

2#2- 1935-Event: Invasion of EthiopiaSignificance: Italy is expelled from League of NationsWhy top event: Italy sides with Axis powers in WWII#3- Italian Renaissance= Rebirth of Greco-roman art and literature, great time for the arts(Da Vinci, Michaelangelo,Raphael)Humanism, Secularism and Individualism were formed (Petrarch=humanism)Result of trade that brought wealth to merchants(wealth=leisure time, able to be patrons of the arts)

3#4-Renaissance Men = Leonardo Da Vincis career Excelled in art literature, and science along with inventingConstructed machines never seen beforetitle of Premier Painter and Engineer and Architect of the King by Francis I in France#5 Wars on Italian Soil (French Invasion ) Early 1500s, Italy was the middle ground, created problems for the Italian statesbetween the French, Spanish, Swiss and Imperial armies.culmination in the sack of Rome 1527

4#6-1656 Plague in Rome spreads to Sardinia and Naples.Plague stayed in Naples for over 5 months before it was finally expelledOver 40,000 people est. diedMany fled to the country if they could others fled to the infected capital#7-1804: Napoleon declares himself King of ItalyKept army stationed in Italy, conquered much Italian soilItaly is ruled by foreign king.Italy could no longer last as republic. Created unrest in Italy.

5#8- Italy is unified under Victor Emmanuel thanks to Cavour and Garibaldi.#9-1861: Kingdom of Italy proclaimedCavour seized much of North ItalyGaribaldi conquered S. Italy, Kingdom of Two SiciliesGaribaldi turned conquests over to Victor Emmanuel IIKingdom of Italy announcedSignificance: First time Italy was fully united in one country

#10 Medici ruler tied himself to Charles V in 1539 to Elenora of Toledo, daughter of a Spanish viceroy.Formed the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1571

64 Rulers..Medici-Cosimo I Medici(1569-?)Cosimo IBecame the head of the Medici family after their return to power, but he would lose the familys prominence once again. Cosimo rid the House of Medici and the city of Florence from the foreign entanglements and from the interference of his ministers, two areas of control .He became the 'Grand Duke' after conquest of the neighboring areas in 1569.He had little popularity with the people; he brought stability but took away freedom. The successors couldnt hold control.4 EventsAnti-Medici factions prepared to attack Florence in 1532, following the Medicis rise(again) to powerJuly of 1537, the Duke celebrated his firstPolitical victory when he successfully crushed the invasion of the anti-Medici exiles at Montemurlo.Tied himself to Charles V in 1539 to Elenora of Toledo, daughter of a Spanish viceroy.Formed the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1571

7Ruler Victor Emmanuel IIReign as King of Italy: 1861-1878Young and inexperienced to beginAssisted by Cavour and Garibaldi

8Mussolini Years in office: 1925-1943 Bio:Initially against WWI (but changed his mind)Leader of National Fascist Party in 1921Declared war on Allies in 1940 Events:March on RomeWorld War IInvasion of EthiopiaWorld War II

9Nicola Mancinoborn in 1931, being the President of the Senate, took the substitution of President Scalfaro on May 15, 1999. He exercised the powers until May 18, 1999. He had a short time in power but still influential.




13World War I Map:

World War II Map:

14Explanation..The divided Italian states had experienced the Renaissance due to great trade wealth.Italy was not unified under a central ruler or power until the time of Garibaldi and finally Cavour. Italy today consists of The entire state minus Rome, that is its own state. Italy proved to be indecisive for some time during WWII after Mussolini. Present day Italy has a prime minister and president in government.

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