IT Services 25-11-2009 Centrally Funded Workstations 2009 - 2010

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Text of IT Services 25-11-2009 Centrally Funded Workstations 2009 - 2010

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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 Centrally Funded Workstations 2009 - 2010
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 Agenda Introduction What does the scheme do? How flexible is the scheme? What does the scheme not cover? What will it mean for me? What do I need to do? FAQs What help will you give me? What are the timelines? Other services Demonstration Questions
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 What does the scheme do? Provides computing to all staff funded by the University who need a computer No direct charges to the Schools or Professional Service for base offering Workstation of sufficient power to meet the needs of the majority Handles disposal of old computers Repairs and maintains for the life of the machine [48 months] Gives Heads of Schools / Professional Services control over distribution
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 How flexible is the scheme? PC based workstations with the option of a wide screen. Upgrades available : Mac Laptop PC / Mac Insurance and security Second monitor
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 What does the Scheme Not Cover? Phones Printers Netbooks Peripherals [e.g. webcams]
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 What will it mean for me Replacement service of core computing requirements New machines provided on an annual allocation [see sheet provided] Reliable maintained and supported computing for daily work Includes disposal of machines which have reached end of life [but not exceeded it]
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 What do I need to do? Decide who should get replacement machines, and the specification required Decide how many additional workstations are required. Await delivery of your eVouchers after this meeting. Log on to the web site Select your eVoucher, and allocate it to the individual of your choice Upgrades will be driven through the web site and require a charge code Decide if the old workstation is to be re-allocated or disposed of
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 FAQs Can I have more workstations? Yes How is the allocation derived From census data this November, next year from May census data [see your sheet] What about printing free connection to the nearest network printing device Can I opt out No What software will be supplied ? - core business software, non core will need to be transferred from old machine or purchased Can I be Administrator of my machine yes if you wish How are various devices attached? ITS will spend up to a day attaching all devices (if unsuccessful in this time we will ask you to get a support contract with the supplier)
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 What help will you give me? If requested, assistance with the online allocation of the first eVouchers Advice concerning any requests for upgrades for example appropriateness or cost Advice on allocation Possible methods of approach if you wish to do this yourself Suggestion of allocations for you to approve
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 What are the timelines We will arrange install dates with the person allocated a machine on receipt of your eVoucher We expect to have distributed all workstations by the end of February 2010
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 Other Services Phones - advice and setup Netbook - recommendations on purchase, set up and use
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  • IT Services 25-11-2009 Demonstration Questions