It is all about being happy.

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It is valuable be happy all the day to live more days.


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    Happy people don't just feel good, they are good for other people too. Studies show that happypeople give more and practice universal virtues more. Feeling happy is good for us too- improvingour health by improving the body's chemical balance. Science confirms what spiritual leaders andphilosophers have always known, happiness can be learned. Try these 7 easy steps to be happiernow.

    1. Develop close relationships with friends and family.

    Scientist have shown that a social network including some close relationships and a large varietyof other relationships is one of the strongest correlations for a happy life.

    2. Choose work you like to do and is meaningful to you

    We can generate those exhilarating, peak moments by engaging fully in something with cleargoals that we are good at and that challenges us. When our accomplishments can be used tobenefit others or to generate a paycheck, they can be doubly satisfying.

    3. Choose hobbies you enjoy

    Just like work, our hobbies can generate those peak moments and satisfying engagement too.

    4. Choose your thoughts

    We become what we think about most often. Happy people actively choose to appreciate whatthey have, look for solutions more than problems, and express gratitude and forgiveness.

    5. Choose to Give

    Study after study has shown that happy people are more likely to give to others and that giving toothers makes us happy. In fact, we often find we are attracted to people who give to others.

    6. Choose a Spiritual life

    Studies have shown a strong correlation between strong spiritual beliefs and higher lifesatisfaction. Churches also become communities that provide people with rich social connections.Even without an organized church, every major religion in the world values many of the samevirtues like compassion and appreciation and these positive emotions are all closely associatedwith happiness.

  • 7. Manage your health and your money enough to stay in good health and out of chronic pain andpoverty.

    Rich people and middle class people, healthy people and unhealthy people all report about thesame level of happiness, but people in chronic pain or living in poverty are less happy.

    These easy steps show you how to be happy by making happier choices for your life. You will behappier by leaving work on time and meeting your friends than staying late to chase that raise orbonus. Choose a job you enjoy that involves work you are good at instead of one that you dislikejust because the money is a little better. Or, if you have an unsatisfying job, find hobbies that useyour talents and strengths. So now that you know how to be happy, make some choices for ahappy life today.

    For more tips on how to be happy, explore Susan McMillin is thefounder of Happy Life U, a website dedicated to helping you be happier now.

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