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  • It doesn't make sense Author : G. E lan Heinr ichs, RN, BSN, CEN, Gulfport , M iss iss ipp i

    Taste the bitter salt at the back of our throats,

    await ing the arrival

    Hear the sirens, the clatter of equipment,

    the cries of the family.

    Smell the drying mud on the tiny form;

    the sweat from caregivers; the salty scent of blood.

    Trembling hands now steady with a task; Move to retain life; touch the cool skin.

    Our eyes search the scene, look for hope- -

    met with young eyes now glazed, staring at nothmg.

    G. Elan Heinrichs is a Staff Nurse, Emergency Department, Memorial Hospital, Gulfport, Mississippi. J Emerg Nurs t998;24:296. Copyright 1998 by the Emergency Nurses Association. 0099-1767/98 $5.00 + 0 1819189037

    Tragedy steals another future.

    Minds now numb, our bodies weak; we work

    automatical ly

    Restock for the next time. Prepare for another.

    The st ing of hot tears wash tracks of pain down our cheeks.

    Knowing it won ' t be the last time.

    Praying it will.

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    296 Volume 24, Number 3


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