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<ol><li> 1. IT Dashboard User Instructions for the IT Dashboard Version 2.2 By Mark Mahre For Mr. Wayne, Global IT CFO Mahre Consulting, Inc. October 2004 By Mahre Consulting, Inc. </li><li> 2. IT Dashboard User Instructions IT Finance Group, Page 2 8/23/2007 Introduction UWhat is a Dashboard? A Dashboard is a powerful, web-based tool capable of providing a consolidated view of organizational performance to executive level management using a balanced scorecard approach. By customizing a dashboard to measure and understand the key performance indicators and performance metrics, collaborative data analysis is made available resulting in optimum decision-making strategies. IT Dashboard Navigation Shown below is an example of a standard page layout that allows users to select from the six main global and regional pages found on the Navigation Bar located on the left-hand side of the frame. To learn more about these different views, look further in this document. Navigation bar offers links to allow quick and easy access to other pages within the IT dashboard. Date indicates how recent the financial information is within the dashboard. Shown is the title of the particular dashboard screen chosen from the navigation bar. The filters section allows for Currency, Year &amp; Period options The Data Tables or Charts &amp; Graphs for the chosen view </li><li> 3. IT Dashboard User Instructions IT Finance Group, Page 3 8/23/2007 Financial View The Financial View presents the target business plan including the financials for the entire IT division of Optimus. This view reveals crucial comparisons of the Fiscal Year Budget and the Quarterly Forecasts by category, YTD Actuals to YTD Budgets by region, Fiscal Year Forecast to Fiscal Year Budgets by region, and total headcount for IT by region. The Financial View displays Quarterly Board Report measurements depicting the financial health of the IT organization as a whole. Executive and management teams are empowered to make timely proactive decisions In lieu of reactive solutions by analyzing the cost data created by Dashboard tracking on several regional and/or global categories. Notice the currency is USD, the Full Year is 2005, and the Period is 3. This data will only reflect that set of criteria for the global level. Notice the Global Charts title and the currency, year and period. All four charts shown on this page will follow the pull-down criteria. </li><li> 4. IT Dashboard User Instructions IT Finance Group, Page 4 8/23/2007 Services View The Services View Dashboard displays the IT group benefits provided to the business customer. Cost categories associated with infrastructure services, application support, project costs, Approved Variations and Tracked Voice &amp; PC costs are illustrated. The Services View portrays the costs related to various business groups enabling management to view, calculate, and understand the internal rates IT services and support on a global or regional level. Notice the Services View Global was selected. This data will represent all regions. If you would like to filter the information by regions, select the Services View Regional link, than use the filer boxes. At present time, there are two services bar charts to provide a visual for comparing services types or Current Forecast by regions. </li><li> 5. IT Dashboard User Instructions IT Finance Group, Page 5 8/23/2007 IT PM View The IT Portfolio Management PM View makes it easy to take advantage of a balanced scorecard approach by displaying costs and spending conditions of the top 10 global and regional projects by approved project budget. There are two charts representing the project costs and projects by category for all approved and active projects. This IT PM view provides a consolidated tracking view of the top projects by costs. The IT PM view allows the IT management team to quickly review and understand the spending conditions that directly impact the projects estimated costs and completion schedule. Here is a screen shot from version 1.2 of the IT PM Summary. This screen looks at the top-10 projects on a global level and using then using a filter the regional level. Version 2.2 will provide this view once the IT PM Register is updated and the numbers are extracted for this view. This version 2.2 update should be sometime after November 15 th . </li></ol>


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