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ISU Drammen. Høgskolen i Buskerud og Vestfold. Four campuses: Drammen Kongsberg Ringerike Vestfold We are: 8000 students Four faculties: School of Business and Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Technology and Maritime Sciences Faculty of Humanities and Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISU Drammen

Hgskolen i Buskerud og Vestfold

Four campuses:DrammenKongsbergRingerikeVestfold

We are:8000students

Four faculties:

School of Business and Faculty of Social SciencesFaculty of Technology and Maritime SciencesFaculty of Humanities and EducationFaculty of Health Sciences

Where we are:

HBV Campus DrammenWe are more than 1,300 students.Papirbredden- is a modern building that you hardly find anywhere elseCool architecture and a modern libraryUnion Scene Drammen International Cultural Centre place for concerts and students meetings

Who we are? One team!

Our board members:The President - Amit Kumar Singh (India) The Vice-President - Karine Gazieva(Russia) The General Secretary - Mia Rgeberg (Norway) The Treasurer Irma Husic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) The Public Relations Officer - Soohyun Kim (South Korea) The Academic and Welfare Officer Oleksandr Yasko (Ukraine)

Our goals:Connect




Promote Our activities:Trip to SpiralenDone!Free Yoga ClassDone!Halloween partyComing!Speed-datingComing!Norsk JulComing!Trip to TheSilver MinesinKongsberg Coming!International Day Coming!And lot of others! Coming! Coming! Coming!

8Trip to Spiralen

Trip to Spiralen

Free Yoga Class

Free Yoga Class

Free Yoga Class

We are having Norwegian classes!

Vi snakker litt norsk!

We support #stopskolepenger!

Cooperation Needed Thank you very much.