ISU Alumni Association Online Store May05-39 Dr. Srinivas Aluru, CprE ISU Alumni Association Faculty Advisor: Client: Jon RuhnkeAndrew Kirpalani Jordan

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  • ISU Alumni Association Online StoreMay05-39

  • Presentation Outline

  • Introductory MaterialJon Ruhnke

  • Important DefinitionsMicrosoft Desktop Engine Freely redistributable version of Microsoft SQL Server that integrates well with Windows and the .NET Framework.MSDESubversion - a version control system for controlling access to a software project and its files.SVNCascading Style Sheets - a simple format for attaching style information to HTML and XML documents.CSSMicrosoft-created, object-oriented programming language similar to Java, with many features designed specifically for the .NET Framework.C#Newest version of ASP, with many significant improvements over classic ASP.ASP.NETActive Server Pages - a Microsoft technology that allows web pages to be dynamically generated.

    ASPProvides a common set of tools for developers on the Windows platform..NET Framework

  • AcknowledgementsDr. Srinivas Aluru, for his support and guidance as the project advisor.

    Kate Bruns and the staff at the ISU Alumni Association, for guidance as well as origination of the project.

  • Problem StatementGeneral Problem StatementISUAA Online Store exists to promote the university and its alumniCurrent implementation is vastly outdated and inefficientComplete redesign of the storefront and new implementation of administrative tools is needed

    General Solution ApproachNew store and tool suite to be implemented by building upon existing C#, ASP, and .NET knowledge.Careful focus on efficient database design and centralized control of administration

  • Operating EnvironmentServed from existing Alumni Association serverWindows 2000.NET frameworkMSDE database system

    Public and Administrative access from any modern web browser on the internetInternet Explorer, Netscape, etc.

  • Intended Users and UsesIntended UsersOnline Store CustomersAlumni Association Staff

    Intended UsesCustomersBrowse catalogPurchase productsManage shopping cartComplete ordersAdministratorsAdd, remove, and update productsProcess ordersView reports

  • AssumptionsTechnical AssumptionsUser is using a modern web browserUser has access to a sufficient Internet connectionClient server has sufficient system resourcesClient server has ASP.NET 1.1 (or later) installed

    Non-Technical AssumptionsUsers have previous experience with online storesAlumni Association staff have sufficient experience and ability to operate web-based administrative tools

  • LimitationsAccess to a dedicated database serverWanted to use server maintained by the ISU FoundationTechnical difficulties prevented use of the server

    System resources available on clients server

    Team members proficiency with ASP.NET

  • End Product and DeliverablesOnline store capable of:Presenting merchandiseAccepting ordersMaintaining security

    New database that eliminates duplication of work

    Comprehensive suite of administrative tools to allow:Managing product catalogEasily processing customer ordersGathering store data

  • Project Activity DescriptionKeith Dahlby

  • Present AccomplishmentsOnline store with ability to:Browse product catalogAdd items to a shopping cart

    Administrative interface to:Add categories to the catalogAdd products to the catalog

  • Approaches ConsideredProgramming Language: C#Official language supported by ASP.NETMany built in classes and functionsDatabase: MSDEIntegrates well with the operating systemMany windows tools availableSeamlessly integrates with ADO.NETDatabase: MySQL (not used)Robust, free, and widely supportedDoesnt integrate as seamlesslyPlatform: Windows 2000Windows best supports ASP.NETExisting server operating system, yet we suggest upgrading to Windows 2003 when possible

    Most of these approaches were design constraints from client

  • Project Definition ActivitiesRequirements and technical considerations initially well-defined by client

    Detailed design questions resolved during project design, in consultation with client

  • Research ActivitiesDatabase systemDecision between MSDE and MySQLConsiderations:Integration with Windows 2000 Server and ADO.NETInterface for database design and configurationFuture upgrade path

    ASP.NET.NET Framework v2.0Performance questions:CachingEfficient access to database

  • Design ActivitiesDesign ConstraintsPrimary audience using modern web browser with sufficient bandwidthInternet Explorer 5.0 or laterNetscape 6.0 or laterSafariMozilla FirefoxUsers with non-traditional or legacy web browsers require a functional user experienceWeb applications present inherent limitations on user experienceSystem resources available on existing client serverLimited to Windows 2000 Server running IIS and ASP.NET

  • Design Activities (cont.)Design Overview

  • Design Activities (cont.)Database Schema

  • Design Activities (cont.)Primary Use Case

  • Implementation ActivitiesItem OptionsProblem:Custom fields for certain itemsFuture items with unknown optionsParameter choices affect priceChanges:Options stored as serialized objects in databaseOrganized items in the cart by itemSimplifies management of item optionsSimplifies administrative metrics

    ObjectsProblem:Re-conceptualized object oriented structure needed to better fit presentation requirementsChanges:Cart ObjectPicture ObjectCreditCard Object

  • Testing ActivitiesTesting performed throughout developmentTest pages while creating new objectsHigh-level custom web controls boundary conditions tested with sample pagesDatabase tested with concurrent development of administrative interface pages

    Client testing and feedbackIndividual components released to staff membersProblems exposed by non-dev usersFeedback acquired

    Future testingRelease private version of store to entire ISUAA staffComprehensive testing/feedback on a larger scale

  • Other Significant ActivitiesAlumni member login integrationLack of proprietary ASP.NET module to retrieve user informationUnable to test member functionality

    Site redesignNo styling information provided to groupUnable to match appearance with other Alumni services

    Upcoming releases (could enhance implementation)SQL Server Express 2005Visual Studio 2005ASP.NET 2.0

  • Screenshots, Resources, and SchedulesJordan Jump

  • ScreenshotsOriginal Front Page

  • Screenshots (cont.)Original Item Description Page

  • Screenshots (cont.)Original Shopping Cart Page

  • Personal Effort Requirements

  • Other Resource Requirements

  • Financial Requirements

  • ScheduleFall 2004: Project Schedule

  • ScheduleFall 2004: Revised Project Schedule

  • Schedule (cont.)Fall 2004: Project Deliverables

  • Schedule (cont.)Spring 2005: Project Schedule

  • Schedule (cont.)Spring 2005: Revised Project Schedule

  • Schedule (cont.)Spring 2005: Project Deliverables

  • Project Evaluation

  • Closing MaterialAndrew Kirpalani

  • CommercializationCommercialization for this product is not considered, as it is a specific customized upgrade to an existing system

  • Additional RecommendationsMultiple product imagesExtended category structuringFrequent use of stored proceduresDatabase backup/recreation scriptWindows Server 2003 upgradeIntegration of administrative functionality with administration of other Alumni web applications

  • Lessons LearnedWhat went well?Meetings with Alumni Association staffGood brainstorming, solid designGood scan of technology options, proved useful when original database was found to be inadequate

    What did not go well?Slow development early onDuplication of work due to changes in system

  • Lessons Learned (cont.)What technical knowledge was gained?New development skills with C# and ASP.NETWeb-based development experience

    What non-technical knowledge was gained?Small team development interactionsLong-term project planning

    What would be done differently?More discipline and vigilance in adhering to schedule

  • Risk and Risk ManagementAnticipated potential risksLoss or corruption of codeSVNBreakdown of communicationRecurring scheduled meetings and direct contact info

    Anticipated risks encounteredSecond semester communication and missed meetingsEmail meeting info, and other avenues of communication

    Unanticipated risks encounteredRestricted access to ISU network from off-campusVPN software set up

    Resultant changes due to unanticipated risksUse of VPN software, moving to campus location otherwise

  • Closing SummaryRe-designed Iowa State Alumni Association Online StoreRaises money and promotes ISUAttractive and functional storefrontStreamlined administrative back-endNew efficient database

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