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2. 00:45-5:25 3. a student learns, at least in part, through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace and at a personalized instructional sequence BLENDED LEARNING 4. To identify the students overall reading ability and individual skill ability, the difficulty of the items presented changes with every student response. How Does Computer Adaptive Testing Work? Answers correctly, given a more difficult item Student is given an item Answers incorrectly, given a less difficult item 5. ISIP Espaol adapts throughout year 6. ISIP Early Reading Subtests 7. ISIP Advanced Reading: subtests vary by difficulty according to student 8. ISIP SUMMARY PRIORITY STUDENT SUMMARY Check ONCE/MONTH, after ISIP Assessment for Progress Monitoring & to inform individual/Class Instruction. Check ONCE/WEEK for skill & tier groupings and for intervention lesson resources. Check ONCE/MONTH. Share in discussions on individual student performance & progress 3 REPORTS 9. Number & % of students at each instructional tier, for each skill assessed, during most recent assessment. Grouped by risk level. Overall instructional tier level and fluency rates provided for each student. Instructional tiers displayed for Overall Reading and for each skill assessed. ISIP Summary Report 10. Hover over each color in each bars to display how many students in each level of specific tier (Tier 1= Blue, Tier 2 = Yellow, Tier 3 = Red). Graph Overall performance of students in class + how they collectively performed in each skill they were assessed. May help inform you when to re-teach a skill to whole-class Run this report monthly after ISIP for progress monitoring and to inform instruction. 11. Youre able to see: Skills theyve been assessed listed in column headings. See each students Overall Ability Score (ISIP Assessment performance). See Reading Correlations Overall Tier Skill Tiers for each skill student was assessed. ISIP SUMMARY Subtest Performance Beneath SUMMARY Tier Graph: View Individual Student ISIP Performance For Entire Class 12. Click (+) signs to view Individual Student ISIP History 1. To view an individual students performance on monthly ISIP assessments, click on the (+) plus sign. 2. To see how students answered on the subtest, click the (+) beside the subtest. ISIP SUMMARY: Individual Student Subtest Performance 13. To see how students answered on subtest, click (+) beside it. Listed on Activity Detail: Questions asked on subtest Multiple choice options given Correct answer Answer student gave Response Time ISIP Summary Activity Detail View Individual Student responses to ISIP Assessment Questions Activity Detail. [Select student & Selected Subtest] 14. Identify an individual students data that you would like to analyze. What do you observe? 15. PRIORITY Report Locate in file lesson level for intervention appropriate for student(s). For example, if the student is Tier 3 with skills on Vocabulary, locate Tier 3 lesson (b/c Tier 2 & 1 lessons will be too rigorous for Tier 3 Vocabulary Student). Identifies students that need further intervention -- face-to-face intervention lesson in Small Group. Grouped by skill deficiency, or areas of need based on ISIP or DDAI. Printable PDF Scripted Teacher Directed Lessons are provided. Run this report weekly or as needed to plan for instruction and document interventions. 16. PRIORITY Report Allows for documentation of interventions done w/each student in small group. Do following: 1. Teach lesson w/students in small group. 2. On Priority Report, locate boxes beside each students name. 3. Place check mark in box & click Intervention Lesson Delivered. This tracks & saves your documentation of intervention for each student. *If you wish to type notes inoptional Intervention Note Box, you may. These CANNOT BE DELETED once typed. 17. Student Intervention History shows history of identified skill weaknesses for current & previous school years. Each recommended teacher directed lesson listed with level of difficulty student had with identified skill(s) & date alert was first listed. If check box for Intervention Lesson Delivered was clicked, name of teacher, date delivered, & any notes added display. Provides detailed intervention documentation across school years for RTI, ARDs, IAT, 504,& more. PRIORITY Report- Student Intervention History 18. Locate a suggested intervention on the Priority Report where more than one student is identified as needing intervention. Identify by tier level which students are in need of more intensive intervention and those in need of moderate intervention. 19. Student Summary Handout: Parent Teacher Conference Report Provides summary of student performance for current school year. View monthly and as needed to monitor & share in discussions on students progress. Individual student performance data from the most recently completed ISIP assessment. Displays visual trajectory of individual skill growth and ISIP assessment scores. Analyze & determine skill deficiencies. View questions & response time for further analysis. 20. Student Summary Handout: Parent Teacher Conference Report 21. Student Summary Handout: Parent Teacher Conference Report Summarizes information about each student and shows performance over time, tier level, ability scores, percentile rankings, and grade equivalencies. Shareable in conferences & committee meetings, or student-teacher discussions to demonstrate progress & growth over time. Live clickable Graphs -- Drill down to compare monthly ISIP scores. Report can be printed in English or Spanish 22. 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