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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

News Article

The Resurrection is a major Christian belief. Many things happened before the resurrection. The following things preceded the resurrection: the Lords Supper, Jesus prays, and Good Friday (crucifixion). Jesus called his 12 disciples to him to have one more dinner before his death-this is called the Last Supper.

Among Jesus was his 12disciples named SimonPeter,Andrew,James,Zebedee,John,Philip,Bartholomew,Thomas,Matthew,James,Alphaeus,Thaddaeus,Simon,Zealot and, Judas. He gave to them bread and said This is my body, eat in remember of me. Then he gave them wine and he said this is my blood drink it in remembrance of me.Jesus prays to his Father and asked him to rescue him from his death. This place is called The Garden of Gethsemane. This is the last place Jesus prayed before his death. While Jesus was praying one of his disciples betrayed him for filthy pieces of silver. When he came from the Garden Of Gethsemane he was arrested by the chief priest and they took him to jail. The following day was Friday which is referenced in the Christian faith as Good Friday. As the morning sunrise came upon Jesus, a guard awoke him for the Crucifixion. The Crucifixion to Christians is the biggest sacrifice to the Christian faith. Jesus was nailed by the guards to the cross and was beaten to death. Jesus gave his life for the sin of man .Jesus dying on the cross helped man reconnect with God.On the third day Marry went to go see if Jesus was in his tombstone and when she saw that he was not there she began to break down in tears. An angel came to her and said cry not Jesus has risen from the dead. When she was on her way to the disciples to tell them that Jesus had risen from the dead Jesus appeared to Mary. When Mary saw Jesus she rejoiced. When Mary seen Jesus he told her to inform his disciples that he has risen from the dead.

Jesus rose from the dead over 2000 years ago. His resurrection is celebrated every year on Easter. It is a Christian Holiday yearly. Christianity


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4/13/2014 Its the day before Passover. I am so glad! My mother is in the kitchen making the flat bread. Dad is out getting the red wine. I am supposed to be in the kitchen seasoning the lamb. My brothers are sleeping like always. I just want to be at school. Mom doesnt like me to go to school during Passover she says. This is time to thank Adonai for everything he has done for us, helping to free our ancestors, and answering our prayers. The Passover is tradition and I love it, being Jewish we have a lot of things to do and give thanks to, but Passover is my favorite holiday you just feel the thankfulness in the home. As my father says to my brothers, That Moses helped our ancestors so we have to continue gods word for he is the one that is our savior, our creator ,and our one and only Adonai. To be honest my father is a great man of Adonai. He has helped me see the good in the world and help lead me to Adonai by saying that will be there in good and bad he may not always be happy with what I do he will always love me and will never leave my side. Sarah

4/14/2014 Well, Passover is officially here we just got done eating the dinner. I am stuffed we are about to take some to the homeless under the bridges. I always feel bad for them but my mother says not to for that god has blessed them with life and will bless them when they really need it. To me they seem like they really need it. I really wish there was something I could do that just feed them, but thats my blessing to them for today. Today has been quite nice I have gotten to see my family we have been eating flatbread all day. I really wish grandmother was here. I can't believe she passed over a year ago she was 73, so I guess it was time for her to go home. This is the first Passover without her. Its different without her here. We used to sing together and have a great time, but now I am just sitting on the couch alone listening to everybody laugh. I wish she was here. She was my best friend, but I still have my cousin shes here. She was the one that told me about the Jewish traditions. She taught me that life is short and we should live it fully in Adonai image. I have to keep her teachings strong. Well I'm going to see my cousin now, bye. Sarah

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Short answer CER Sikhism is a peaceful and clean religion. the website religious tolerance says that ," The Sikh Code of Conduct states, "A Sikh must not take hemp, opium, liquor, tobacco, or any intoxicant." Drinking of alcoholic beverages or smoking is thus forbidden." It also says that "The goal of every Sikh is to build a close, loving relationship with God." So in conclusion the reasoning is that sikhism is a relogion that only wants to be in peace they keep there bodies ' detoxified'