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Issue 8 - Saturday 8th August 2014

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Text of Issue 8 - Saturday 8th August 2014

  • Shaping Lives

    THE DAILY Issue 8 Saturday 9th August 2014The Official WINGS2014 Newspaper

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    Fresh News Daily

    WINGS WeatherSaturday 9th AugustAM Midday PM

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    18o 22o 13oThere is a 78% chance of tea today.

    Party goers make lasting friendships at WINGS2014

    From the friends you meet to the skills you gain, Scouting and Guiding can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life. We wanted to know your stories and experiences.

    James, Oscar and Joe from 84th Reading, love Scouting: Weve been given loads of opportunities including learning to light fires, pitch tents and go camping; many of these we would never have been able to try otherwise.

    Ukrainian Guides Nastya and Polina think that Guiding is a priceless experience that will remain with them throughout their lives. We love how we can walk through this campsite and shout high 5 or free hugs and everyone responds without any questions being asked! Only Guides and Scouts would do that because everyone is one big family, they said.

    Guiding and camping has also taught them how to live independently: Coming to WINGS2014 has shown us lots of cultures; Guiding opportunities like this let us see the new faces and places!

    Vicki, a staff member, told us how being a Scout leader has shaped her career dramatically. After becoming a Young Leader and learning to work with children she consequently trained to be a primary school teacher. She has also met many international friends through Scouting who have given her the opportunity to travel the world.

    As a result of friendships made at WINGS2009, Claire has continued to meet new people within Somerset Network and their local county: Guiding and Scouting has helped me with my career too; my boss is a Scout Leader and my CV stood out to him because of my Guiding background.

    Banstead Explorer leaders Phil and Tom have both been a part of Scouting for their entire lives. They told us how it has given them the confidence to go on to other things which they would struggle to do otherwise: When I became a leader I had to learn to be able to stand up and talk to groups of people which is a skill I now use at work every day, Phil told us.

    International events have also been a crucial element of their Scouting lives so far. Tom as an Explorer sailed across the North Sea which he would never have dreamed of doing otherwise. Phil told us that one of his most treasured memories was looking at the view from the top of the mountain at Kandersteg International Scout Centre, It was really a once in a lifetime opportunity. Its these Scouting experiences which have given me the motivation to do something special with my life.

    Tea With Brendan Hey GuysAs WINGS2014 draws to a close, read our interview with camp chief Brendan Booth.

    Lily, Zoe and Guides from Washington inspire an English / American translation.

    I sat next to the Duchess at tea;It was just as I feared it would be.

    Planning something special?Let us know and well include it in our Dont Miss section.

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    By The Vaggmeister General

    Photograph by Matthew Woolley

    As Old As You FeelMeet the oldest and the youngest participants here at WINGS2014.

    Thank You All So MuchI would just like to thank you all to the WINGS2014 Staff, Troop and Unit Leaders and most importantly - the Guides, Scouts, Senior Section and Explorers, for such a Brilliant WINGS camp again.

    I have been to all the WINGS camps, and signed a lot of challenge books during this week! each camp is different and the Scout and Guide County Commissioners of the early 1990s who had the vision of a joint Scout and Guide International camp, the late Roger King and Janet Shurmer, would be so proud of you all, in achieving so much and giving so much over these past years.

    A special thank you to Brendan and Kate and their teams, Hamish Stout and Jenny King, your current County Commissioners and all their support teams. Also to our Berkshire Trefoil Guilds in their help in staffing roles and daily support roles in the retail shops, and also to the Scout Active Support teams as well. Thank you to all the volunteers here at WINGS2014 and the Brownie and Cub leaders who supported WINGS on Wednesday.

    I have also been delighted to see so many Young Leaders in both the staff roles and in the Unit and Troop roles, the future of our wonderful movements are safe in their hands.

    I have also been most impressed with our young members behaviour and kindness to their fellow campers, well done!To our International Visitors, it has been a delight to meet so many of you, we must never forget that we are all in a Huge International Family, we wish you a safe journey home to your lands, and please take our special Royal Berkshire good wishes to all your members abroad and in your homes. So see you and many others in 5 years time,Go Well and Safely.

    Jane Bingham , County President,Girlguiding Royal Berkshire and Berkshire Trefoil Guilds.

    Thank you

    My friend Rachel and I are doing a blind folded run for the Royal London Society for Blind People. It would mean the world to us if you could help us raise money.

    The run we are doing involves me being blind folded and Rachel guiding me for 10k. To sponsor us please text NRBR792 to 70070 or change the 2 to any amount you are will to donate.

    You can track our progress and how our training is going on our page at Thank you so much from 1st Dunmow Explorers.

    We, in the Security team, would like to say a huge thank you to Brian Burden. For those of you who don't know him, Brian has worked tirelessly for the last 18 months to manage registrations and ensure the wrist band system made life as easy as possible of us. The smooth arrivals process was testament to his hard work.Amy and Catherine would like to thank the Splash It! zone for an amazing range of activities to keep them cool in the heat and being particularly smiley, happy people.

    Amiele and Lucie of 4th Taplow Hitchin Guides would like to say thank you to the Trabki ZHP unit from Poland who have stayed with them this week, making new friends and being patient when trying to communicate across the language barrier.

    Emily and Maia would like to thank their leader Kevin and his team from 101st Odiham Scouts for organising for them to attend WINGS2014 and for giving up a week to bring them to what has been an amazing week.

    Suomi Scouts from Finland would like to thank everyone for an amazing week but particularly the Technology sub camp team for being friendly and helpful and providing a programme of extra activities for participants.

    A letter to The Daily Brew

  • Fresh News DailyHer rumblings abdominal Were simply phenomenal,

    The Daily Brew has met a lot of very lovely people this week but there are some that quite simply have made our week with their kindness, generosity and the extent to which they embody the spirit of Guiding and Scouting.

    Matthew Buchanan for tirelessly getting us the perfect picture for any story and special congratulations to him for achieving a Distinction in his Foundation Degree. Charlie Booth for being the friendliest security bod weve ever met. Cyd & Jo,

    the angels of Site Ops for being unfailingly positive under the greatest of pressure. Annick, our International Liaison super star who has worked with us to encompass the international nature of WINGS2014 within our pages. Mick Stocks for arriving

    Page 2

    Closing Ceremony

    At the end of a Jamboree there are goodbyes to be said and celebrations to be had. Last night the closing ceremony took place to what has been another fantastic WINGS camp.

    After a comical and entertaining lip sync video put together by the WINGS2014 photography team, Danny and Martin were welcomed to the stage by an enthusiastic crowd, who especially enjoyed their pink sparkly jackets. Melissa, 13, sang beautiful to the crowd, who clearly enjoyed the performance, followed by a cast dance to Absolutely Everybody.

    Throughout the week, participants have been learning

    a carnival dance within their sub camps and everyone joined forces for a mass dance with 7000 people.

    Thanks was given by Jenny and Hamish, the Berkshire County Guide and Scout Commissioners, who thanked all staff, leaders and participants for contributing to a fantastic week. Followed by a energetic dance by the fantastic cast who danced to One World, One Vision; a poignant song for what Scouting and Guiding aim to achieve.

    Following a farewell and thanks message from Camp Director, Brendan Booth, the Scout and Guide flags, along with the WINGS2014 flags were lowered and

    handed to Brendan to pass on to the next Camp Leader for WINGS2019.

    Participants came to demonstrate their skills they had learnt this week in Fling It! LED pois and fire caused much amazement from the crowd, followed by a video of memories from the week. Requests from participants caused the return of the red button, which was pressed for one final time to prompt a spectacular array of fireworks that filled the sky above the stage, kicking off the carnival party for one last celebration of fun, frivolity and friendship.

    An American Day Out

    Lily and her friends popped off to Windsor in the jolly lovely sunshine on Thursday for a spot of afternoon tea with crumpets. On their lovely little jaunt towards Her Majestys residence they discovered how frightfully pretty Windsor Great Park really is. Blimey, exclaimed Lily, 13, from Washington. Heavens, added George.

    Upon reaching Windsors principle shopping arcade, the marvellous little group bumped into Bened

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