Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technologies Market (2012-2017) (Molecular diagnostics, infectious disease testing, blood screening, cancer research, rapid testing)

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  • Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technologies Market(2012-2017) (Molecular diagnostics, infectious disease testing,blood screening, cancer research, rapid testing) Report Details:Published:October 2012No. of Pages: 144Price: Single User License US$4650

    The research analysis titled Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technologies (INAAT)discloses the promising trends in Nucleic acid testing and their applications in moleculardiagnostics and laboratory research on a global scale. The World Health Organization (WHO)proposes that, an ideal diagnostic test that is suitable for developing countries, should beAffordable, Sensitive, Specific and User-friendly (simple to perform in a few steps with minimaltraining), Robust and rapid (results available in minutes), Equipment free and Deliverable to theend user (ASSURED). Nucleic acid amplification tests targeting pathogen markers have highsensitivity and specificity, but generally fail to meet the ASSURED guidelines in terms ofaffordability, rapidity, and being equipment free. However, INAAT has recently attracted thescientific community due to their operation in single temperature and distinct features by meetingthe ASSURED guidelines. With fine-tunings in the amplification methodology, a variety of INAATtypes are discovered each being independent, driving the diagnostic platform towards Point-Of-Care (POC) testing at low resource settings. This research report provides in-depth details about technology evolution, and innovation trendsacross the industry, technology investment potential and competitive market landscape. Theanalyses ensuing out of this research service may provide, useful insights for end users, whileprioritizing the appropriate choice of modality for nucleic acid testing in research and diagnostics.In brief, this research report provides:A detailed description of the global technology developments and evolving trends, in the INAATfield with key prominence on product innovations by industries, and collaborative efforts by theacademic research institutions. A comprehensive picture of the different types of INAAT platforms available with an exhaustiveoverview of their application prospective. An impact analysis of major drivers, restraints and challenges influencing the adoption andgrowth of INAAT during the period from 2012 to 2017. Market size - Global market forecast for the next 5 years, including demand side analysis andstrategic recommendations for technology/product developers.

  • Prioritized INNAT types through the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) based on competitivebenchmarking, technology management strategies and technology roadmap. Competitive landscape based on the analysis of key patents and research publications that givesan insight into prominent activities and global participants.

    Main Driver:Global prevalence of infections and cancer: An effective diagnosis of diseases is the first steptowards personalized medicine. Over 1 billion people are afflicted owing to infectious diseases and cancer especially in the tropical/developing countries where access to diagnostics labs arelimited.

    Main Restraint:Conservative mindset for INAAT usage: Most of the end users perceive PCR to be morereliable standard for detection. This is true for some of the developing and developed countries.Owing to the lack of knowledge or awareness about the advances in the latest technologicaldevelopments in INAAT. This is perceived as a restraint for INAAT market

    Main Challenge:Market penetration of INAAT: Penetrating new markets in China, India and Middle could becompetitive for INAAT based players due to high competition from players who are alreadysuppliers of PCR based products. However this could be a big advantage for PCR diagnosticproduct manufacturers, since they have capability to adopt these new technologies.

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 1.1 Key Take-Aways 1.2 Report Scope 1.3 Research Methodology 1.4 Key Data Sources2 Executive Summary 3 Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technologies (INAAT) Technology LandscapeAnalysis 3.1 Technology Overview 3.2 INAAT Vs Conventional Methods Competitive Advantages 3.3 Technology Value Chain Analysis 3.4 Comparative Analysis Of INAAT Types 3.5 Applications 3.5.1 INAAT - Molecular Diagnostics Infectious Disease Diagnostics Blood Screening 3.5.2 INAAT - Research Applications

  • Laboratory Research Cancer Research 3.6 Product/Technology Innovations - Applications4 Technology Investment Potential 4.1 Investment Climate Assessment 4.1.1 Public Funding Bodies 4.1.2 Philanthropic Bodies 4.1.3 Private Investors & Venture Capital Firms 4.1.4 Insights On Current And Future Tech-Investment Trends 4.1.5 Some Of The Funds And Investments On INAAT 4.2 Investor Network 4.2.1 Investment Opportunities Evaluation Of Technologies Available For Licensing & Acquisition For Stakeholders Analysis Of Potential Application Areas For Technology Investment Using OSE Grid 5 INAAT - Market Landscape Analysis 5.1 Market Segmentation 5.2 INAAT Market Share In Molecular Diagnostics (MDX) 5.3 Global Market Forecast 5.3.1 By Geography 5.3.2 By Applications 5.4 Market Dynamics 5.4.1 Drivers 5.4.2 Restraints 5.4.3 Challenges 5.4.4 Current And Emerging Opportunities 5.5 Demand Side Analysis6 INAAT Technology Adoption Potential And Development By Geography 6.1 Technology Adoption & Development Key Findings 6.2 North America 6.3 Europe 6.4 ASIA 6.5 Rest Of The World 6.6 Regions With High Technology Adoption7 Competitive Landscape 7.1 Mergers & Acquisitions (2007-2012) 7.2 Partnerships & Collaborations (2007-2012) 7.3 New Product Development Initiatives 2012 7.3.1 List of NEW approved INAAT products 2012 7.3.2 INAAT products IN Pipeline 7.3.3 Research Innovations 8 Patent Analysis And Research Trend (Publications) 2007-2012 8.1 Patent Landscape Analysis (2007-2012)

  • 8.2 Research Landscape (2007-2012) 9 TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS (USING AHP) AND ROAD MAPPING10 Analyst Insights And Recommendations 10.1 Strategic Recommendations For Technology And Business Management 10.2 Key Invitations & Opportunities11 Company Profiles 11.1 BECTON, DICKINSON AND COMPANY (BD) 11.2 BIOHELIX 11.3 BIOMERIEUX 11.4 EIKEN CHEMICAL CO., LTD. 11.5 HOLOGIC GEN-PROBE 11.6 LUCIGEN 11.7 MERIDIAN BIOSCIENCE INC 11.8 NEW ENGLAND BIOLABS 11.9 NOVARTIS DIAGNOSTICS 11.1 NUGEN 11.11 QIAGEN 11.12 TWISTDX 11.13 USTAR BIOTECHNOLOGIES (HANGZHOU) LTD.12 Appendix 13 Glossary

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