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We Put You In Control by solving your Audio Visual Problems

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    PHONE: 876.398.7340





    Island Integrators has developed

    into a leading Custom Solution

    Audio-Visual Design Provider. We

    Design & Implement a myriad of IP

    and RF based Audio-Visual


    Our aim is always to Exceed Our Clients Expectations. Our services reflect unique designs, which are not just an offering of products but Complete Customized Solutions.

    Mission For Our Client:

    To execute your vision through the delivery of

    Customized Solutions and

    Services while exceeding

    your expectations.

    To become one of the most

    qualified full service

    integration providers in the


    Why Choose Us: Our Expertise, Experience, Training and Relationship with our Authorized Solution Partners have equipped us with a wide range of selected compatible products for use in the implementation of our innovative solutions. Whether you need new technology or advice on how to best integrate into your existing infrastructure, our team can get you there. We are committed to providing solutions which can be easily scaled to meet the growing needs of your organization. Our team of experienced technical staff is trained to provide the necessary service, support and maintenance for all systems delivered.

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    Interactive Presentation Media is playing an

    increasingly significant role in themed

    environments. From Kiosks, Interactive

    Displays and Conference Rooms, there is

    often a need to integrate various technologies

    into a seamless system.

    Go Bold & Vibrant! We provide the

    Digital Signage platforms for rich media

    experiences. Gone are the days of

    paper post-its and out of date print

    advertisements. Engage your customers

    and employees in an entirely new way.

    Bridge the distance with innovative


    Position your organization as truly professional.

    Provide your clients and remote partners with an

    engaging experience during your presentations.

    Island Integrators audio-visual systems will

    transform your meeting spaces into interactive,

    collaborative, & visual environment which will

    result in enhanced productivity.


    Implement our High Definition solutions and

    transform your Learning Environment. Help your

    instructors maximize the student's interactions

    and engagements, then increase your offering

    by bringing collaboration into your classroom

    with the use of our HD Video Conferencing


    We Listen and work with your team to develop the

    solution required to realize your concept and match

    your budget.

    Improve the quality of training, patient care and

    information delivery. Take advantage of convenient end

    to end communications. Provide live video for real-

    time evaluation and

    diagnosis of patients.

    Leverage research through

    multiple organizations using



    We let you focus on the service not the

    technology. Be it Operation Centres, Court

    Houses, Meeting Rooms, etc., we implement

    Screens, Projectors, Document Cameras,

    recording technologies and illustrative aids to

    ensure that the message intended is whats

    being delivered.


    Let us enhance the experience for your

    congregation with better views and audio quality

    for a more participative worship

    We focus on Integrating,

    Implementing and Supporting

    a myriad of RF and IP based

    Multimedia Solutions for

    Corporate Organizations,

    Educational Institutions,

    Hotels, CATV Companies and


    Service is a core value at

    Island Integrators. We are

    Thorough and efficient;

    honouring manufacturer's

    warranty on all equipment.

    Our Experiences, Training

    and Relationship with our

    Authorized Solution Partners

    has equipped us with a wide

    range of select compatible

    products for use when

    implementing our innovative


  • Island Integrators offers

    comprehensive system

    installation for all dealership

    products. We have the right

    equipment to do any job. We

    go to great heights to ensure

    your job is completed to our

    impeccable standards.

    Make the technology work for you. Let us deliver a better user experience in your meeting spaces. The last thing you want to worry about is how to Lower the projection screen, Turn on the projector/LCD TV, Adjust the volume or display your presentation from anywhere. Automated rooms allow you to conduct your meetings with the confidence, Knowing that our High Definition solution is providing your audience with the most immersive and engaging video communication experience. Our solutions have superior clarity and excellent motion handling, which translate into no motion going undetected; no gesture misread and our crisp, crystal clear audio keeps the audience attentive resulting in unforgettable experiences.

    Island Integrators provides innovative

    mounting and rack based solutions that

    guarantees to complement the multimedia

    technology they support.

    Flat Panel Mounts.

    Projector Mounts.

    Desktop Monitor Mounts.

    Tablet Mounts

    Carts, Stands & Kiosks


    Professional AV systems are designed to meet

    a particular set of user requirements.

    Overcoming the challenges faced by you the

    customer is our goal. We support a wide variety

    of products to accommodate the need to split or

    switch signals before reaching their target, be it

    a speaker, projector or flat screen.

    Videoconferencing allows persons to interact and work together regardless of their

    location. We use it every day! Benefits of videoconferencing include: Reduced

    travel related expenses, improved efficiency with faster turnaround time and support

    for environmental practices (lower carbon footprint). LifeSize (A division of

    Logitech) is our partner for

    state-of-the-art Video

    Conferencing Solutions.

    Engage us, and we will

    meet your organization's

    collaborative needs.

    Furniture Designs That Communicate

    Tired of unsightly wires? Use our Interface plates. In the

    same way you plug an appliance in, our Interface Plates

    allow the users of the technology to connect with the

    presentation medium. These interfaces can be wall-

    mounted, ceiling-mounted or furniture mounted. .

    Our Enclosures offer a perfect

    blend of sophistication and

    practicality; they provide a simple,

    convenient and inconspicuous

    means to store and provide access

    to the Audio-Visual System.

    Interfacing, Switching & Control

    ZeeVee - HD encoders & RF Modulators

    Professional AV Solutions

  • Thanks for your time! Contact us for additional information.

    421 2nd Lobster Way, Braeton, St. Catherine, JAMAICA W.I. Phone: 876.398.7340