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Ishmael Beah: A Long Way Gone Chapters 2 and 3

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Ishmael Beah: A Long Way Gone Chapters 2 and 3. Mr. Rush/ Mr. Farrell Go Muskies!. What you will do today!. What you will do. Objectives. Solutions to contemporary problems Explain how scarcity influences decision making. Quia- Chapter 1 Discussion book so far Chapter 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Ishmael Beah: A Long Way Gone Chapters 2 and 3

  • Ishmael Beah: A Long Way Gone Chapters 2 and 3Mr. Rush/ Mr. FarrellGo Muskies!

  • What you will do today!What you will doQuia- Chapter 1Discussion book so farChapter 2Chapter 3- Attack on Mattru JongAfrica Map ReviewObjectivesSolutions to contemporary problemsExplain how scarcity influences decision making

  • GradesMissing Work ends in losing points.More than 2 days missing, your grade drops.Expectation SheetsCollins/ Graphic Organizers all dueHelp Sessions- every day after school.

  • Chapter 1ReactionQuestionsDescribe life in Sierra Leone prior to the war.What does this tell us about the culture of Sierra Leone?What advice does his grandmother give him?Do you agree with this? Why/ Why not?

  • While ReadingKeep your head up.Be on the correct page.Pay attention. Ask questions.Dont call out.

  • Chapter 2What is PTSD? What are flashbacks?How does he experience this in this chapter?

  • Chapter 2How might someone like Ishmael Beah be helped when he has these experiences?

  • Chapter 3Who is about to attack Mattru Jong?What happens when they attack? (Graphic Organizer)

  • Countries in AfricaSierra LeoneLiberiaSudanNigeriaSenegalTunisia (Know these 6 countries and 14 more= 20 total- any more you get an additional .5)

  • Map of

  • Quiz1. What does Ishmael Beah experience at the beginning of Chapter 2? he meets with his motherHe wins the rap competition in Mattru JongHe first joins with the other child soldiersHe experiences flashbacks from his war experiences

  • Quiz2. The rebels send a messenger to Mattru Jong. What did they do to the messenger to inform the people not to resist the rebels?They gave him money to bribe the local chiefsThey cut off his fingers to show the villagers not to mess with the villagersThey killed all of his family so that he would tell them to fleeThey gave him extra food to give to the villagers

  • Quiz3. When did the rebels attack?The next dayThey never did attack(x) Several weeks later They passed over the town

  • Quiz4. Why didnt the rebels want the people to flee the town?They wanted to use them as human shields against the militaryThey wanted them to work for themThey needed food for the soldiersThey needed them to help cultivate cocaine

  • Quiz5. At the end of the chapter, what happened to Ishmael and his friends?They ran away and escapedThey were recruited into the armyThey reunited with their familyThey were given food and shelter from the rebels