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  • JeopardyCelebritiesIslamic ContributionsIslamIslamicEmpiresPhysiographics1 bead2 beads3 beads4 beads5 beads1 bead1 bead1 bead1 bead2 beads2 beads2 beads2 beads3 beads3 beads3 beads3 beads4 beads4 beads4 beads4 beads5 beads5 beads5 beads5 beadsFinal Jeopardy

  • 1 bead Question from C1Fearing for his life, he fled from Mecca to Medina.

  • 1 bead Answer from C1Muhammad

  • 2 bead Question from C1This Ottoman Empire reached its height under this Sultan.

  • 2 bead Answer from C1Suleyman I

  • 3 bead Question from C1This man of Persia wrote a book of poems know as the Rubaiyat.

  • 3 bead Answer from C1Omar Khayyam

  • 4 bead Question from C1This man made Shiism the official religion of the Safavid Empire.

  • 4 bead Answer from C1Esmail

  • 5 bead Question from C1This man discovered how to diagnose and treat smallpox.

  • 5 bead Answer from C1Ar-Razi

  • 1 bead Question from C2The Muslim world gave us this type of Mathematics.

  • 1 bead Answer from C2Algebra

  • 2 bead Question from C2A scholarly and beautiful city in what is now Spain.

  • 2 bead Answer from C2Cordoba

  • 3 bead Question from C2A device Muslim astronomers adapted from the Greeks, which helped astronomers make new discoveries.

  • 3 bead Answer from C2Astrolabe

  • 4 bead Question from C2An educational institution in Baghdad that was founded by the Abbasids.

  • 4 bead Answer from C2House of Wisdom

  • 5 bead Question from C2Because it was believed that human images would distract worshipers from praying to Allah, Muslim artists used this type of art.

  • 5 bead Answer from C2Geometric and Floral Design.

  • 1 bead Question from C3The second pillar of Islam requires Muslims to pray______ times a day.

  • 1 bead Answer from C3five

  • 2 bead Question from C3Islamic laws

  • 2 bead Answer from C3Shariah

  • 3 bead Question from C3Abu Bakr was the first Islamic leader, or _______.

  • 3 bead Answer from C3Caliph

  • 4 bead question from C3This text refers to the way Muhammad lived.

  • 4 bead Answer from C3The Sunnah

  • 5 bead Question from C3Giving a yearly donation to charity is which pillar of Islam.

  • 5 bead Answer from C3Third

  • 1 bead Question from C4Shah Jahan, of the Mughal Empire, built this famous structure.

  • 1 bead Answer from C4The Taj Mahal

  • 2 bead Question from C4This empire, under Mehmed II, conquered the Byzantine Empire.

  • 2 bead Answer from C4The Ottoman Empire

  • 3 bead Question from C4The Ottoman Empire did what to women.

  • 3 bead Answer from C4Limited their freedom

  • 4 bead Question from C4This Muslim empire was located in India.

  • 4 bead Answer from C4The Muhgal Empire

  • $500 Question from C4The Ottoman Empire captured Christian boys and made them soldiers, or

  • 5 bead Answer from C4Janissaries

  • 1 bead Question from C5A large majority of the Arabian peninsula is

  • 1 bead Answer from C5desert

  • 2 bead Question from C5This feature of the Arabian peninsula made it an important center for trade.

  • 2 bead Answer from C5Its crossroad location

  • 3 bead Question from C5The biggest benefit of belonging to a nomadic tribe.

  • 3 bead Answer from C5Protection

  • 4 bead Question from C5Towns sprung up around these physical features.

  • 4 bead Answer from C5Oases

  • 5 bead Question from C5People who settled in towns lived this type of lifestyle.

  • 5 bead Answer from C5Sedentary

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  • Final Jeopardy AMuslims referred to Jews and Christians as ___________ because their holy books taught many of the same ideas.

  • Final Jeopardy Answer A

    people of the book

  • Final Jeopardy BThis group of Muslims believe that Muhammads successor should be a descendant of Ali.

  • Final Jeopardy Answer B


  • Final Jeopardy CIslam spread through conquest and________.

  • Final Jeopardy Answer C