Is 6619 1972 Safety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment

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  • 7/28/2019 Is 6619 1972 Safety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment







    Reaffirmed 2001

  • 7/28/2019 Is 6619 1972 Safety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment


    Is:6619-1972Indian Standard


    Power Convertors Sectional Committee, ETDC 31Chairman

    SHRI A. K. KHOSLAMembers

    RepresentingHeavy Electricals ( India ) Ltd, Bhopal

    SHRI M. S. SRINIVA~AMURTRY ( AItnnatr toShri A.-K. Khosla )ADDmori.%L CHIEF ENGINZER Directorate General of Posts & TelegraphsDIRECTOR OF TELEQRAPH~ ( X ) Department, J abalpurI Alternate 1DI~IONAL ENGINEER ELEGRAPHS( XE ) ( Allcrn& jSHRI P. K. BANERIEE Hindustan Steel L imited, RanchiSHRI S. L . BH~TIA ( Altcrnats )SHRI M. G. BHAT Automatic Electric Private Ltd. BombaySHRI S. D. J INSIWALE Alternate)SHRI J. CHA~ERJ EESHRI S. G. SARDAR ( Alternate)

    Usha RectiEer Corporation ( India), FaridabadSHRIP. CHAWLASHRI S. K. MALI K ( Aitzmate ) The Fertilizers Corporation of India Ltd, NangalDEPUTY DIRECTOROF IKSPE~TI ON Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals

    SHRI R. K. DHAWAN (Alternate) ( Inspection Wing )DIRECTORSTANDARDS (ELEC)DEPUTY DXRECYORSTANDARDS Railway Board ( Ministry of Railways )( ELEC 3 ) ( Alternote )DIRECTOR (TED) Central Water & Power Commission ( Power Wing)DEPUTY DIRECTOR ( TED ) ( Alternafc )SHRI M. W. DUKLE E. Ruttonsha Private Ltd, Bombay

    SHRI M.S. PATWARDHAN (Alternate)SHRI T.K. GHOSE The Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd,CalcuttaSHRI P. K. BHA~TACHARJ EE Al!ernatc )DR S. K. HAJELASHRI S. T. PILLAI ( Altcrnotc ) Indian Telephone Industries Ltd, Bangalore

    SHRI R.G. GSWANI Asia Electric Compar:y, CalcuttaSHRI P. T. BUDITNANI Alternate )SRRI S. M. &IER Hind Rectifiers Ltd, BombaySHRI R. MANMOHAN Elvoc Private Ltd, CalcuttaDR J. K. CROUDHURY (Alfernate )

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  • 7/28/2019 Is 6619 1972 Safety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment


    Is:6619-1972( Cmtinwdfrom page 1)

    Members Re@ent&SERI T. K. h&RA Siemena India Ltd, BombaySHRIA. v. CEIINDARKAR &tnnfItcSHRX S. P. PROTHIA Research & Development Organization for ElectricalSaRr v. s. RAO

    Industries, BhopalChi&Dg;py of Electronics, Ministry ofSHRI . K. MANI ( Ahmate )SERI D. IV. SEN Martin Burn Ltd, CalcuttaSHRI R. K. DWI-T AlternoteSmu M. S. SURANASHRIM. B. TAMBAKED Hindustan Aluminium Corporation Ltd, RenukootNGEF Limited, BangaloreSHRI A. N. TANDON (Alternate)SHRXK. K. TANEIA Directorate General of Technical DevelopmentSHKI G. L. K&wiun (Altcmafe)Smu Y. S. VENKAIZSWMUN, Director General, IS1 ( &-&& Member)Director ( Elec tech )

    sccre!ugSHRI R. C. JAINAs&ant Director (Elec tech ), ISI







  • 7/28/2019 Is 6619 1972 Safety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment


    Is : 6619 - 1972Indian Standard


    0. FOREWORD0.1 his Indian Standard was adopted by the Indian Standards Institutionon 11 May 1972, after the draft finalized by the Power Convertors Sec-tional Committee had been approved by the Electrotechnical DivisionCouncil.0.2 This safety code for semiconductor rectifier equipment lays down thebasic requirements for reasonable safety to persons and property and coversvarious forms of the fire hazards to property and life or injury to persons.0.3 This safety code does not cover specific requirements or deviations thatmay be specified or permitted by applicable codes for specific industries orprocesses.0.4 This safety code does not cover specific additional requirements thatmay be specified to meet unusual service conditions, examples of whichare:

    a) exposure to damaging fumes;b) exposure to excessive moisture;c) exposure to excessive dust;d) exposure to abrasive dust;e) exposure to steam;f) exposure to oil vapour;g) exposure to explosive mixture of dust or gases;h) exposure to salt air;j) exposure to weather or dripping water;

    k) exposure to abnormal vibration or shock, or both;m) exposure to unusual transportation or storage conditions.NOTE 1 - Unusual service conditions, where they exist, should be called to the manu-facturers attention as rectifier equipment used in such cases may require specific cons-truction or protection.NOTE 2 -For the performance requirements of the type of rectifier equipment coveredin the code, reference shall be made to IS: 251 l-1963*, IS : 3136-1965t, IS : 3895-1966$and IS : 4540-19688.

    *Specification for polycrystalline semi-conductor rectifier stacks.tSpecification for polycrystalline semiconductor rectifier equipment.fSpe&cation for monocrystalline semiconductor rectifier cells and stacks.$Specification for monocrystalline semiconductor rectilier assemblies and equipment.





  • 7/28/2019 Is 6619 1972 Safety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment


    IS:6619=19720.5 While specifying the various requirements of this code, it is assumedthat the rectifier equipment are properly applied, installed and maintained.The supply circuit or rectifier equipment or both are provided with properprotection against short circuit and earth-faults. It is further assumed thatsuitable disconnecting means are provided in the supply circuit of rectifierequipment and suitable provisions are made for earthing.0.6 This standard is one of a series of Indian Standards on power conver-tors. A list of standards published so far in this series is given on P 14.0.7 In the preparation of this standard, assistance has been derived fromNEMA Pub No. RI l-1968 Safety code for semiconductor rectifier equip-ments issued by National Electrical Manufacturers Association, New York.0.8 For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of thisstandard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, express-ing the result of a test, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS : 2-1960*.The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value shouldbe the same as that of the specified value in this standard.

    1. SCOPE1.1 This safety code applies to complete rectifier equipment for general,industrial and commercial applications using rectifier cells and stacks ofgermanium, selenium or silicon.1.2 This safety code does not apply to rectifier equipment of the followingtypes:

    a) Rectifier-type arc-welding machines,b) Equipment built for railway traction,c) Motion-picture arc and exciter lamp power supplies, andd) Equipment in which the output voltage exceeds 5 000 V dc.

    2. TERMINOLOGY2.1 For the purpose of this standard, definitions given in IS : 1885 ( PartXXVII )-1969-t shall apply.3. GENERAL3.1 Applications - This safety code covers rectifier equipment used forthe following applications:a) Electroplating and electrochemical processes;

    *Rules for rounding off nume-rical values ( rmiscd).tElectrotechuka1 vocabulary: Part XXVII Static power convcrtora.






  • 7/28/2019 Is 6619 1972 Safety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment


    IS : 6619 1972b) Charging industrial truck type batteries;c) Charging general purpose communication and centralbatteries;d) Cathodic protection;e) Aircraft ground power supplies;f) General purpose power conversion equipment for all dcvoltages, including regulated and non-regulated types.

    3.2 Construction



    3.2.1 Enclosure - A rectifier equipment shall be provided with an enclo-sure which shall house all live parts operating above the safe voltage. Ade-quate precautions shall be taken as agreed to between the purchaser andthe supplierto avoid accidental contact with the exposed live parts by anyunauthorized person.3.2.2 Door or Cover - A door or cover giving access to uninsulated liveparts shall be provided with means for holding it securely in place exceptfor those parts which are operating below the safe voltage. If designed togive access to fuses or other parts whose normal functioning requires rene-

    wal or replacement, a door or cover shall be either hinged or sliding, orsimilarly attached so as to prevent its being easily removed.3.2.3 Steel Sheet Thickness - The minimum thickness required for steelsheet enclosures varies with the size of the enclosure. Based on the useof solid steel sheet without any openings other than those required for ope-rating handles or shafts or for ventilation, the thickness shall be not lessthan that given below and not less than 0.90 mm at points where rigidconduit is connected:

    Maximum Panel Width Minimum Thickness(see Notes 1 to 3 ) of Steel Sheetmm mm125 0.63250 0.90500 1.60750 2.00

    1 500 2.502 000 3.15

    NOTE 1 - The width is the smaller dimension of a rectangular panel.NOTE 2 -The maximum width implies the width of a rectangular panel supported atall four edges. Adjacent panels may have edge supports in common and be made ofsingle sheet. Supported at the edge means fastened to, resting against or otherwisehaving a relatively solid support, stiffening member or adequate reinforcement so as to