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Exhibition of Population and Social Issues

Institute for Population and Social Research Mahidol University www.ipsr.mahidol.ac.th

Building Exhibition 1 : Prachasangkom Udompathana


Exhibition of Population and Social Issues


Exhibition of Population and Social IssuesExhibition of Population and Social Issues is a part of the learning process on both academic aspects and social activities of the Institute for Population and Social Research. Although the exhibition shown in this room is always limited by the area size, it is hoped to be a little sparking stone that can light a huge fire of further study on a particular issue. Only one researcher in Social or Population Science born by the inspiration from any exhibition in this room will be counted as a great success and worthwhile. Exhibition1:PrachasangkomUdompathanaBuilding


Prachasangkom Udompathana Building means the building with high prosperity for population and social research.4

26 .. 2552 H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn made auspicious marking on the stone plate of the new building on June 26th, 2009.5


12 .. 2509 14 .. 2514

The birth of the Institute for Population and Social Research : IPSR, formerly Population and Social Research in the Faculty of Public Health, was set up by the Order of the Prime Minister Office on July 12th, 1966. The objectives of the center were to do research study on population change and health among people in Thailand. The Order of the Prime Minister Office dated November 14th, 1971, raised the status of IPSR up to be equal to a faculty in Mahidol University.6

12 1-10 .. 2526 Presenting IPSR research reports in the 12th National Book Week, August 1-10th, 1983.

H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorns Royal Grace to IPSR.7

From Phayathai to Salaya

3 15 .. 2526 The office of IPSR was originally at Building 3 of the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University at Phayathai, Bangkok. IPSR moved her office to Social Science Building in Mahidol University at Salaya, Nakorn Pathom on March 15th, 1983.8

1 .. 2554 On May 1st, 2011, IPSR office moved to Prachasangkom Udompathana Building in Mahidol University at Salaya, Nakorn Pathom.9

6 l l l / l l l

Dynamics of Life to Conceptual Research FrameIPSR has been playing an important role in studying on population and social phenomena. The research results from many projects of IPSR have been used for social problem solving guideline and formulating national policies. At present, IPSR has 6 research missions: l Population, family and social changes l Elderly l Sexuality, gender, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS l Population, environment and health l Migration, urbanization and labor studies l Emerging policy-issues


4 l l l l Produce New Researchers with Quality IPSR has 4 graduate programs: lMaster degree on Population and Social Research lMaster degree on Population and Reproductive Health Research l Master degree on Population and Social Gerontology lDoctoral degree on Demography


Learning Organization for CommunityIPSR has been working in co-operation with governmental and private organizations, to enhance the learning in all social sectors, through the process of community-based research, academic services, and dissemination of population and social information in various media. In addition, IPSR is supporting the education opportunity of community at all levels.

Stepping forward to InternationalThe next step of IPSR is to strengthen new and existing network, for a stronger international co-operation in research, academic activities, teaching and training, including the expansion of research to cover ASEAN and Mekong Sub-region.

Countries in IPSR/ Academic Network

Organization in IPSR Academic Network

From global to local and from local to global


Posters of IPSR

200 Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Rattanakosin.14

Posters of IPSR


.. 2523 Population and Development Newsletter, since 1980

1 1 - 2523 Volume 1 Year 1 October-November 1980

1 32 - 2554 Volume 1 Year 32 October-November 2011


.. 2535 Mahidol Population Gazette, since 1992


.. 2548 IPSR Annual Conference Book, since 2005


.. 2546 Thai Health Book, since 2003


Websites of IPSR





Homepage of IPSR Center



. 3.2 x 7.4 40 (coding) (questionnaires) (card punching machine) (computer tape) ( ) (mainframe) * : *Source : Mahidol Learning Center


IPSR Heritage of memory. as told by Professor Pramote PrasartkulA hard paper at the size of 3.2 x 7.4 inches a card on which research data was recorded, had been used by us at IPSR 40 years ago since the Institute was first founded. We did coding, to transform responses from the questionnaires into numeric codes. These codes were then put into computer cards by cardpunchingmachine. We would see IPSR researchers of the first generation carrying boxes of computer cards, or rolls of computertapes (look like movie film rolls, with diameter at about one foot) into which data from cards were transfered, to do data processing at the mainframe computer machine at Nang Loeng Horse Racing Tracks or the National Statistical Office at Sapan Khao. Nowadays, we have a handy drive at the size of little finger, notebook, laptop and many other types of PC. The pictures of boxes of computer cards or rolls of data tapes, card punching machine, mainframe computer center have been gradually fading out. Only memories of them left.


card punching machine

handy drive

computer card box

computer tape23

.. 2529 .. 2529 ChuayJaiKhunJum (Help your mind remember) a small notebook produced for friends of IPSR as a New Year gift annually since 1986.



Variety of flowers in Prachasangkom Udompathana Anchan Krisana

Variety of flowers, which become names of meeting rooms in Prachasangkom Udompathana Building, are blooming freshly and beautifully. Rosukont 203 Sattabongkot 306 Krisana 317 Chaunchom 318 Anchan 319 Rajpreuk 322 Supanikar 323 Saranrom 324 Fuangfa 325 Rajavadi 326 Chomanad 401 Tantawan 403 Lilavadi 505 Intanin 512 Maisitong 523 Chompu-puka 622 Moke-Khoon 623












Miscellaneous things in IPSR


Souvenirs from IPSR friends


1 .. 2554 Stamps commemorating the Opening of Prachasangkom Udompathana Building on September 1st, 2011. 29

1 .. 2554 Stamps commemorating the Opening of Prachasangkom Udompathana Building on September 1st, 2011. 29

IPSR Photo Contest

- Prachasangkom Udompathana Building-daytimeFirstPrize Miss Porta Boonyatearana


1 FirstRunner-up Miss Chutima Yousomboon

2 SecondRunner-up Mr. Atichat Monthatip

HonorableMentionAward Miss Kulwathoo Wajanasara


Miss Chatchada Ratanachan


Mr. Atichat Monthatip


HonorableMention Award Mr. Anusorn Udplong

The building with the name

Mr. Atichat Monthatip


1 FirstRunner-up

Miss Porta Boonyatearana

2 SecondRunner-up Miss Sirinya Kaikeaw

HonorableMention Award Miss Kulwathoo Wajanasara

HonorableMention Award Mr. Piyawat Katewongsa

HonorableMentionAward Mr. Pasakorn Boonkhum

HonorableMentionAward Mr. Anusorn Udplong


- Prachasangkom Udompathana Building-nighttime

Mr. Atichat Monthatip


1 FirstRunner-up

Miss Sutthida Chuanwan


Miss Kulwathoo Wajanasara


Mr. Singha Thanasupanuwech


HonorableMentionAwardMr. Pasakorn Boonkhum

Miss Porta Boonyatearana


Mr. Atichat Monthatip



Special Awards for Photographers Impression




Miss Chutima Yousomboon

Miss Sutthida Chuanwan



Mr. Anusorn Udplong

Miss Porta Boonyatearana

Mr. Piyawat Katewongsa

Mr. Jettapon Sangkla


Mr. Suphachai Jansarikij

Miss Paradee Kungwong

Miss Kulwathoo Wajanasara

Miss Sutthida Chuanwan

Miss Raksiri Suvarnapradip

Miss Porta Boonyatearana


Working members of Exhibition of Population and Social Issues.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Associate Professor Dr.Sureeporn Punpuing Associate Professor Dr.Kritaya Archavanitkul Associate Professor Dr.Amara Soonthorndhada Associate Professor Dr.Sirinan Kittisuksathit Associate Professor Dr.Aree Jampaklay Associate Professor Dr.Kerry Richter Professor Dr.Pramote Prasartkul Professor Dr.Aphichat Chamratrithirong Associate Professor Dr.Rossarin Gray Assistant Professor Dr.Kanchana Tangchonlatip Supanee Pleumcharoen Porta Boon