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  • IOS Software Solutions

    Your Cisco Cloud Builder

    Razvan Velican

    Executive Director

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • Agenda

    • IOS Software Solutions – Cisco Cloud Builder

    • Create a Private Cloud „Virtual Desktops Empower Students” Cloud Computing Case Study - Paris Institute of Political Studies

    • Adopting Public Cloud – „First School in Cloud”

    • IOS Software Solutions – Cloud Services

    • Q & A

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • IOS Software Solutions – Cisco Premier Partner

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

    IOS Software Solutions is a system integrator

    that provides IT&C consultancy, implement custom

    solutions and provide to customers extensive

    support services.

    As system integrator IOS Software Solutions has

    expertise in consulting, audit, design,

    implementation, optimization, maintenance and

    support for complex projects since 2006.

    The strength of the company is to develop

    creative solutions for ensure integration, optimization

    and efficient use for all internal processes or

    external activities for our clients.

  • IOS Software Solutions – Cisco Premier Partner


    - Doing business since 2006

    - Advanced Routing & Switching Specialization

    - Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization

    - Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization (* ongoing)

    - IOS Cloud Services ( august 2014)

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • IOS Software Solutions – Our Team

    Cisco Certifications

    • 2X CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert)

    • 2 X CCNP(Cisco Certified Network Professional)

    • 1 X CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional)

    • 2 X CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)

    • 7 X CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

    • 1 X CRSFS( Cisco Routing and Switching Field Specialist)

    • 1 X CRSDS( Cisco Routing and Switching Design Specialist)

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • IOS Software Solutions – Our Team

    • 1 X CCADS (Cisco Collaboration Architecture Design Specialist)

    • 1 X CUCUCSS (Cisco Unified Communications on Unified Computing Systems Specialist)

    • 1 X CWDIS (Cisco Webex Design and Implementation Specialist)

    • 1 X CVNS (Cisco Video Network Specialist)

    • 1 X CSSDS (Cisco Security Solutions and Design Specialist)

    • 3 X CSE (Cisco Sales Expert)

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • The „Cloud” concept

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

    Hype clycle 1950 - The underlying concept of cloud

    computing dates back to the 1950s, when

    large-scale mainframe computers became

    available in academia and corporations.

    1960 - John McCarthy opined in the 1960s

    that "computation may someday be organized

    as a public utility.„ (* Singapore – wifi project)

    1990 - In the 1990s, telecommunications

    companies, who previously offered primarily

    dedicated point-to-point data circuits, began

    offering virtual private network (VPN) services

    with comparable quality of service, but at a

    lower cost. 1999 - Founders launch in small San Francisco apartment. 2000 - After the dot-com

    bubble, Amazon played a key role in the

    development of cloud computing by

    modernizing their data centers, which, like

    most computer networks, were using as little

    as 10% of their capacity at any one time, just

    to leave room for occasional spikes.

  • Cloud Delivery Models


    Infrastructure as a Service

    Compute, storage, networking, etc

    Ex.: IOS Cloud Services ;

    Platform as a Service

    Middleware, directories, etc

    Ex.: Google App,Open Shift

    Software as a Service

    Applications, collaboration, etc

    Ex.: Exchange, Lync,

    Data Center as a Service

    Data center facilities, power, cooling

    Ex.: IOS Cloud Services ;




    Cloud Delivery Models

  • IT A d

    m in


    IT O p

    e ratio

    n s

    Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud with Cloupia

    P artn

    e r Eco

    syste m

    Pod Physical Infrastructure Virtual


    Compute Network Storage Customer Choice


    Infrastructure Management

    vCloud Director



    End Users

    Cloud Service Providers

    Self Service Portal Hybrid Cloud

    • Enterprise-Wide Orchestration

    • Extensible Service Catalog for IT Governance

    • Integration with IT Operations & Management Tools




    For Cloud





    DC Core

    Nexus 1000v


  • Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

    • Web-based self-service portal and service catalog

    • Service delivery automation

    • Operational process automation

    • Resource management

    • Lifecycle management

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • Adopting cloud Virtual Desktops Empower Students – Case study Paris Institute of Political Studies

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • Challenge Established in 1872, the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Institut d’études politiques de Paris or, more familiarly, Sciences Po) is one of the world’s most prestigious social science higher education institutions, traditionally educating France’s political and diplomatic elite. Catering for such an exclusive student body poses a challenge in IT terms, however.

    • „Bring your own device” - For a start, most students expect to be able to bring their own mobile and computing devices onto campus, and to use these to access Sciences Po systems and applications. At the same time, the students and faculty spend a lot of time working and publishing via web-based tools, and thus expect high levels of application performance and availability.

    • „Fast response for business needs”- These circumstances were problematic for Sciences Po, given the relatively small size of its IT team and the limitations of its traditional data center technology. For example, deploying a physical server could take up to six weeks. The institution needed to upgrade its data center infrastructure to one that would support a secure bring-your-own-device (BYOD) ethos, while at the same time improving IT performance and helping enable easier delivery of services.

    • Efficiency was also important, given the restrictions of the Sciences Po data center facilities.

    Franck Epaillard, head of user services in the Sciences Po IT Systems Department, says:

    “The answer to these issues would be to provide people with a virtual desktop infrastructure

    to allow access on demand.”

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • Cisco – Unified Computing System

    Cisco Unified Computing System is an integrated system that is configured through unified, model-based management to simplify deployment of enterprise-class applications and services running in bare- metal, virtualized, and cloud- computing environments.

    (c) IOS Software Solutions

  • Solution

    A Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solution, based on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), was the solution.

    The Institute used Cisco Catalyst® 4500 Series Switches and Nexus® 7000 Series Switches to connect its network to the data center, so when it decided to implement a Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS™) architecture, plugging the latter into two Cisco UCS 6100 Series Fabric Interconnects was relatively easy. In concert with this, Sciences Po deployed three blade chassis with a mix of UCS B250 M2 Blade Servers and B200 M2 Blade Servers, all equipped with Intel® Xeon® 5600 Series Processors.

    Together with Citrix XenApp, UCS delivers virtual desktops to 1200 users, along with virtual servers for teaching and social sciences applications. Virtualization is enabled by Citrix XenSource and XenServer, Oracle VM, and VMware.

    A host of other services run on the Cisco UCS platform, including print servers, Samba services, Apache web servers, Lightweight Directo

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