iOs or Android App Store Optimization for maximum downloads

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iOs or Android App Store Optimization for maximum downloads of your app.


  • App Store Optimization

    Suppose youve developed a brilliant website. Whats the possibility that your website will be ranked in 10th page of Google or any search engine? You must use some traffic generation strategy to get it ranked. Same thing happens to app. You can develop a wonderful app and submit to app store. If you dont apply some traffic generating strategy, your app wont be ranked.

    Surprisingly many companies & developers do this mistake. They spend good amount of time and money to develop an app. After that they just publish it to Apple app store and/or Google Play store. As a result they become frustrated for not getting enough traffic. As a marketer, you know the value of traffic. You already know-

    more traffic= more money

    People find and install apps in three different ways:

    They find by keywords They are referred by their friends They read reviews before purchasing and/or installing an app

    Therefore if you put effort in these three steps, your app will be ranked on the top of any category.