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IOM Yogya (JRF Project)

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    Media Information MaterialsIOM Yogyakarta (JRF Project)

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    IOM Yogyakarta

    As IOM wraps up its Yogyakarta-Central Java post-earthquake operation funded by the JavaReconstruction Fund (JRF), it is my pleasure toshare with you a snapshot of recent project eventsthrough this final Inside IOM Yogya newsletter.Having effectively surpassed a target of recovering4,300 micro-enterprises affected by the May 2006 Java earthquake, recent weeks have been bothintense and fun for the IOM team in Yogyakarta,now focusing all its remaining energy onoverseeing proper handover and closing incoordination with government, donors andbeneficiaries.

    Attention was also consumed by a big marketingand networking event in Jakarta in early May tosupport the projects Micro- and Small Enterprisebeneficiaries, on the theme Partnerships forSustainability. In the spirit of partnership, and tomark the closing of the overall livelihood recoveryprogramme, the JRF will host a reception on 20June 2011.

    As a final note, and on behalf of the IOM CountryOffice in Indonesia, I thank the JRF and itscontributing donors, namely the European Union,the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the AsianDevelopment Bank, Canada, Denmark andFinland, as well as the Indonesian Government, forgenerous funding support and professionalassistance throughout the implementation of thisproject.

    On 11 May 2011, IOM Yogyakarta hosted a overall strong recovery process that hash i g h - p r o f i l e ' P a r t n e r s h i p s f o r taken place across the earthquake-Sustainability' event in Jakarta, with good affected region. We are grateful to the IOMattendance of the JRF Secretariat, donors, and the JRF donors for supporting thegovernment officials, the private sector livelihoods aspect of this recovery. Many ofand beneficiaries. This event aimed to the concepts and models adopted by thisscale-up networking, partnerships and project will be emulated in our ownmarket access opportunities for the micro- livelihood development initiativesand small enterprise (MSE) beneficiaries of planned for Central Java in the near future."the IOM-JRF Livelihood Recovery Project asa final major marketing initiative prior toproject closing in June this year.

    During the event, IOM presented theachievements and business potentials ofcommunities that had been affected bythe 2006 Yogyakarta and Central Javaearthquake. The event featured a MSEproduct exposition, fashion show anddiscussion session. The fashion show waspar ticularly popular, with modelsshowcasing the results of a collaborationbetween Yogyakarta fashion designersand project-assisted MSE from the batik,lurik, agel and silver craft sectors.

    IOM also invited decision-makers fromCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR)programmes, as well as senior officialsfrom national and regional government.Pak M. Natsir Noor Effendy of the CentralJava Regional Disaster ManagementAgency (BPBD) noted: "The feasibility andsuccess of this event is a reflection of an

    Looking to the Future:IOM Holds Partnerships for SustainabilityEvent to Promote Potentials of Assisted MSE

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    Looking to the Future:IOM Holds Partnerships for Sustainability Event to Promote Potentials of Assisted MSE

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    JRF Manager Inaugurates 'Kebon Indah'Product Show Room in Kebon Village,Central Java

    ISSUE 9 May - June 2011

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    Welcome Message

    Johan GrundbergHead of OfficeIOM Yogyakarta



    Until we meet again

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