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Three Plant Wonders as Pet Soap


THREE-PLANT WONDERS AS PET SOAP3Three-Plant Wonders: Madre De Cacao(GliricidiaSepium)Malunggay (MoringaOlifiera) and Makabuhay(TinosporaRumphiiBoerl) asPet Soap

By:Dela Cruz, Kent P.Firmalan, Rayna Mae D.Mabunga, Jessabel M.Rocha, Mary Mae M.Tansiongco, Glydel B.

ABSTRACTBased on the study the write-up proves to be effective and show sufficient basis for the usefulness of herbal plants_ Makabuhay, Madre de cacao and Malunggay leaves. The materials and method employed was successful because it gives positive result. Successful in the sense that we have applied and tried it to cure dogs with severe scabies. After making the pet soap using the three wonder plants eventually this indicated relevance to the current need because it can supplement to medic medicine. As a proof, after a week of treatment the dogs skin became better and the dogs hair were smooth when touch for bathing daily within the period and the scabies healed. We compare our product pet soap to the dog soap bought in the drugstore using the same process of curing. It was found out later it shows sign of changes, however, those using dog soap from the drugstore remain the same, scabies are still there. The products that we made are now in demand because they have tested using this pet soap to their dogs having scabies. With hands on, we meet the goal of success and arrived the peak of achieving our endeavor. And now we are promoting this product in the market.

INTRODUCTIONBackground of the Study

This study brings awareness to every individual that herbs help most to cure diseases. As of today many are trying to seek solution on how to control diseases by means of using herbal plants. Herbal plants serve as substitute to medic medicines to cure many cases of diseases/ailments. This is the reason why experiments are done and tried in many laboratories. Scabies is highly contagious in dogs skin condition that is caused by infestation of a very infectious tick and flea which is referred to as SacroptesScabie.Scabies in dogs is alternatively called canine scabies and can be easily identified using clinical signs and confirmed through microscopic examination of the skin scrapings. The condition is worse when it affects to puppies since they are susceptible to the disease due to their developing immunity. Secondary skin infections can cause scabies in puppies to be worse and often cause fatalities.The most common observation is the sudden loss of hair that is usually accompanied by severe itching. If your dog is showing this kind of signs, you should be aware and suspect it as canine scabies as one of the probable cause of this hair loss and itching. Thats why we choose this research because we appreciate the usefulness of our own herbal plants. It may also help us to save money, cause herbal plants can be seen anywhere. We can use them immediately and safely without paying thousands of money. This soap is safe for their skin. It is made from madre de cacao leaves; malunggay leaves and makabuhay stems. We all know that these herbal plants, as evidenced, proved to be one of the safest and effective herbal plants not only for people but also for the animals.

Statement of the Problem

General ObjectiveTo know the efficacy of the three plants wonder soap in curing scabies.

Specific ObjectivesTo know if the three plant wonder soap is effective in curing dogs scabies.To know if the three plant wonder soap is effective in reviving the skin and hair loss of dogs.

Significance of the Study

In order to cure this disease we used the combination of makabuhay, madre de cacao and malunggay which is less expensive. It is relevant to the current needs since the dogs are suffering from scabies. Nowadays, some of them die because of severe itching and weakening of their health. It is also relevant to the current needs because it can supplement to medic medicine.

Scope and Limitation

The respondents of this study are the dogs that are affected by the scabies. The dogs that are suffering from scabies and their skin is damaged and having some hair loss. The variables are the times of use and the length of time of the soap it was used/applied. In this study the pet soap is effective because dogs suffering from scabies can be cured.

Review of Related Literature

Scabies is a common parasitic infection caused by the miteSarcoptes scabiei..Mite burrows within the skin which are seen as winding, slightly raised gray lines along a dog's skin. The female mite may be found at one end of the burrow, as a tiny pearl-like bump underneath the skin. Because of intense itching, burrows may be obscured by scratch marks left by the victim. The most common locations for burrows at the sides of the fingers, between the fingers, the top of the wrists, around the elbows and armpits, around the nipples of the breasts in women, in the genitalia of men, around the waist (beltline), and on the lower part of the buttocks. Babies may have burrows on the soles of their feet, palms of their hands, and faces. Scratching, however, seems to serve some purpose in scabies, as the mites are apparently often inadvertently removed. Most infestations with scabies are caused by no more than 15 mites altogether. In order to cure scabies we use the three plant wonders soap. One of the ingredients of the these soap is the madre de cacao, according to My Green Living Ideas(2013) this is one of the immediate treatment of scabies (dermatatis). Another ingredients of the soap is the malunggay, according to the blogspot about the health benefits of moringa oleifera (2011) entitled the health benefits of moringa oleifera the malunggay can help restores skin condition. The last but not the least ingredient of the soap is heavenly elixir or makabuhay. There are many researches about the makabuhay that cure scabies one of these research is the study of Nelia P. Salazar (1990) entitled Tinosporarumphii Boerl. (Makabuhay) in the Treatment of Scabies it was found out that there is scabicidal property of crude extracts of Tinosporarumphii (makabuhay) although concomitant antimicrobial action cannot be ruled out.Makabuhay is another medicinal plant that can help remove scabies. It has many medicinal effect and used for malaria , athletes foot and pesticide.


The participants needed in this experiment are 3 dogs with scabies.

Apparatus and Materials

The materials needed in this experiment are 250 ml of madre de cacao leaves, 250 ml cup of malunggay leaves, 250 ml of caustic soda, 250 ml of makabuhay stem,1000 ml of cooking oil, molder, mortar and pestle, 4 beakers, and strainer.

The information will be gathered by giving a questionnaire by rating every questions. The excellent rate 1.0-1.99, the very good rate 2.0-2.99, the good rate is from 3.0-3.99, the fair rate 4.0-4.99 and the poor rate is 5.0. The analysis and computation of data will be determined by using Descriptive Means.











Pour it into the molder. After 4-5 days remove it from the molder and let it cure for a month.

RESULTSWe evaluated the data by the use of mean variation. Table 1Overall Mean Score:




32.4Very Good

42.4Very Good

52.1Very Good

Grand Total1.94Excellent

Dog #1

Dog #2

Dog #3

Dog #4

Dog #5

In dog number 5, we compare our product pet soap from the dog soap bought in the commercial store using the same process of curing. We applied our product to dog that was earlier washed by the commercial soap and the scabies was not cured, but by using our product we found out that the scabies of the dog was healed.

DiscussionAfter conducting our experiment, we found out that the physical appearance of the dog became better. The hair loss of the dog was lessened and the hair growth increased. The skin became better and the ticks and fleas were diminished.It was also emphasized that the pet soap can cure dog with severe scabies than those dog soap sold in commercial store. It was stated that the pet soap can treat scabies through bathing daily within a week.The computed descriptive mean is 1.94 ranked as Excellent. It means that the Three Plant Wonders is excellent in curing and reviving the hair and skin of the dog.ConclusionWe therefore conclude that the Three Plant Wonders Soap is effective in curing the scabies of the dogs and it is not a harmful soap. It is also effective in terms of reviving the hair loss and skin of the dog and in reducing the number of ticks and fleas in the dog. The pet soap is also more effective than commercial soap and can treat scabies in a week. Three Plant Wonders Soap needs an additional ingredient that will result more bubbles and to have a good fragrance. The soap can reduce the number of ticks and fleas, we suggest adding other herbal plant or chemical that contains a pesticidal property. We suggest that future researchers will have a study concerning the production